Dizkopolis’s new version of ‘Class Of ‘91’


Kuala Lumpur based retro synth duo Dizkopolis are back with a new version of ‘Class Of ‘91’, a tack we first featured in October last year.

This ‘Part 2’ version relies less on the ChipTune elements of the original and leans more toward a smooth, more French, Disco sound with elements of Dreamwave. The track sees the guy’s skills improving and they become more confident and their sound matures. There’s some seriously slick keys playing going on in this track mixed up with wicked Disco licks. This is a track that’s so densely layered it’s a wonder that nothing gets lost in the mix, but the end result is clean sounding and guaranteed to rock and dancefloor, this tune’ll take people into orbit.

♫ Dizkopolis – Class Of ’91 (Part 2) (Video Rework)

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