Jupiter reMixes Midnight Magic

Midnight Magic

Brooklyn Indie-Disco orchestra Midnight Magic released the track Calling Out back in April as part of their What The Eyes Can’t See mini album. Now the live analog funk track has been given a new lease of life by Parisian ElectroPopsters Jupiter, who bring their unique musical slant to that track, and life everything they touch the reMix comes off sounding effortlessly cool and quirky as hell.

Dropping straight in with a 909 beat, we are soon treated to Jupiter’s own brand of Disco wrung through a C64 as the French duo add a little ChipTune to their eclectic mixing bowl of sounds. Giving the track a nice vintage buzz, and playing with the vocals until the become another instrument, Jupiter drag the track straight to the dancefloor, layering more and more elements until Calling Out becomes a retro dance frenzy. One again Jupiter have proven they aren’t afraid to go against the grain, mix things up a little, and just have fun with their reMixes.

♫ Midnight Magic – Calling Out (Jupiter reMix)

♫ Midnight Magic – Calling Out

Midnight Magic’s What The Eyes Can’t See is out now.

Buy Midnight Magic’s music from:


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