Alpha Boy’s new EP

alpha boy

One of our favourite German producers Alpha Boy releases his brand new EP today titled ‘Follow Me’.

The lead track on the EP ‘It Was All A Dream’ is more of the Alpha Boy we know and love. It’s that blend of SynthWave and ChipTune that Alpha Boy does so well. With an awesome selection of sounds, a beautiful,  almost oriental, lead sound playing off against his bitcrushed electronics, and intertwining melodies, Alpha Boy has chosen a track of dreamlike brilliance to jump listeners into his new EP. reMix duties are performed by the always rad Swiss duo Flashworx, who play up the slight oriental feel and work it into their Moroder groove and rousing chords.

♫ Alpha Boy – It Was All A Dream

♫ Alpha Boy – It Was All A Dream (Flashworx reMix)

‘The ‘Follow Me’ EP is out now on Alpha Boy’s Bandcamp.

Buy Alpha Boy’s music from:


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