[MP3] Stellar Dreams’ ‘Nightvoid’

Stellar Dreams

We first featured Malaysian outfit Stellar Dreams’ brooding SynthWave epic Nightvoid mid last year. Not the track is getting a full single release via Keiz beats with a host of complimentary reMixes. Daryl and Wolf Saga step up for mix duties while the original is put in prime position as the standout of the package.

As we mentioned last time, Nightvoid is an atmospheric, evocative, retro piece. A marching post-Italo epic, multi layers with vintage synth sounds compounded into a soulful opus by Dana Jean Phoenix’s big, authentically 80s, vocals. Belgian Daryl delivers a groovy, jackin’, warehouse version of the track. The vocals in this mix are slightly pitched up. I know! Pitched up! Breaking the now tedious cliché of pitching down vocals for Chicago House track, Daryl flies in the face of convention on turns in an energetic House anthem. Wolf Saga takes a different approach, making his version of Nightvoid a deep unrelenting, SynthWave mix with powerful drums and upping the atmospherics even more. Finally, a solid release for this awesome tune.

♫ Stellar Dreams (Feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) – Nightvoid (Original Mix)

Stellar Dreams (Feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) – Nightvoid (Daryl reMix)

Stellar Dreams (Feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) – Nightvoid (Wolf Saga reMix)

Stellar Dreams’ Nightvoid is released 11th March.

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Voyager’s new single


Voyager are one of the best outfits to come out of the recent explosion of Russian Electro. This new single, released on Kiez Beat in August is a track we heard a few months ago and have been eagerly awaiting the release since.

Edge Of The Universe is deep , cosmic ElectroPop. A track that looks to the stars with it’s mood and works a little house piano and a sweeping SynthWave tone to it’s Electro sound. the track actually has much in common with space age FuturePop such as Code 64, but with more of a musical slant, as evidenced by the soaring solos, and more of a dancefloor friendly groove. The reMixes are actually a little disappointing,  the standouts both coming from fellow Russians The Frost and Folano, who rock ChipTune Disco and Italo sounds respectively. It’s a cool single though, the attention to detail in Edge Of The Universe is impressive, with little musical flourishes and atmospheres that interlock with the track. Cosmic ElectroPop? A new thing? We hope so.

♫ Voyager – Edge of Universe

♫ Voyager – Edge of Universe (The Frost reMix)

♫ Voyager – Edge of Universe (Folano reMix)

Check out more from Voyager on SoundCloud.

Sohight’s ‘Get It Right’

Keiz Beats are once again releasing the new record from the Russia team up of Sohight  and Cheevy. Sohight has been killing it with every release me drops recently, especially when teamed up with Cheevy’s vocals and this new tune, Get It Right, is no exception.

Following on from their last couple of releases, Get it Right certainly gets synthesizer funk right. It’s a flashy mirrorball tune, packed with emotion and heartfelt passion. Occasionally veering into ElectroPop territory, Get It Right brings twisting Moog Funk, slick Disco, SynthWave chords and a catchy as hell vocal to the mix and spits out a Sohight’s best tune to date. reMixes come in the form of Xtrafunk’s laid back beach party Disco sounds, complete with fantastic synth soloing. Follow Me who turn up the SynthWave for a full on ‘80’s Italo fest and La Zebra piano driven ‘90’s House/Disco hybrid alongside work from Patchwork and Stubbs. The Get It Right single package is full of floorfillers and party starters, you should get involved.

♫ Sohight (Feat. Cheevy) – Get It Right (Original Mix)

♫ Sohight (Feat. Cheevy) – Get It Right (Xtrafunk reMix)

♫ Sohight (Feat. Cheevy) – Get It Right (Follow Me reMix)

♫ Sohight (Feat. Cheevy) – Get It Right (La Zebra reMix)

Get It Right is released 23rd July on Beatport and 08th August everywhere else.

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Keith Masters’ new album

Keith Masters

If you are at all a fan of retro Electro you’ll have probably, possible unknowingly, got down to Mr. Keith Masters before. He’s the provider of rhymes on Futurecop!’s track, including the amazing ‘Tonite’s Hero’. This week the man drops his new album, ‘Electromajic: The Remixtape’ on Keiz Beats.

The album, and Keith’s music in general, is a strange beast. It’s genre destroying, that’s a phrase I absolutely hate but in this case it’s actually true. There’s a lot of ways you could describe Keith’s style, but when it comes down to it what you’ve got here is SynthWave and Nu-Disco Hip Hop. And it works, it works so well. There’s two really great elements to what’s on offer here; the music is real slick retro ElectroPop, mixed up with the occasional Hip Hop beat amongst the soaring synths and Keith’s rhymes are so involving. Littered with pop cultural references, hipster commentary and geek Easter eggs alongside the expected raps, all delivered with a laid back flow that suits the music in an unexpectedly perfect way. if you’re looking for something a little different, you could do a lot worse than check out Keith Masters’ ‘Electromajic: The Remixtape’.

♫ Keith Masters – I Love To Floss (Flashworx reMix)

♫ Keith Masters (Feat. Natalie Oliveri) – Let’s Talk About (Produced by Futurecop!)

♫ Keith Masters (Feat. Digikid84) – Rebel  (Produced by Digikid84)

♫ Keith Masters – Gary Busey (Life Good) (Produced by Ren Riz)

Keith Masters’ ‘Electromajic: The Remixtape’ is out now.

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Futurecop! & Flashworx on Disco 2000


Later this month Kiez Beats release their ‘DISCO 2000’ compilation with a line up that looks insanely good.

Futurecop! feature on the album with this collaboration with Flashworx, billed as ‘Karate (Feat. Flashworx) I’m sure this used to be Karate Kids (Flashworx reMix)’. Whatever it’s called it’s a sweeping slice of Dreamwave goodness with some digital bassline heaven and a cosmic lead.

Futurecop! (Feat. Flashworx) – Karate Kids

The rest of the album looks like this:

01. Futurecop! (Feat. Flashworx )– Karate(Original Mix)
02. Codebreaker – Silver Lining (The Outrunners reMix)
03. Minitel Rose – Continue (Russ Chimes reMix)
04. Digikid84 – Supernatural Love (Original Mix)
05. Coupons – Driving To Your House Party (Moullinex & SymbolOne Gesso reMix)
06. Anoraak – Long Hot Summer Night (Original Mix)
07. Justin Faust – Holdin’ On (Original Mix)
08. Beaumont feat. Ill Collins – City Meets Soldier (Clancy reMix)
09. Shelby Grey (Feat.Ricco Vitali) – Echoes Dimensions & Waves (Stephen Falken reMix)
10.FutureFlashs – Summer Love (Pelifics reMix)
11. Keith Masters – Nobody But Me (Ren Riz reMix)
12. Vanish – Don`t Be Afraid (ODahl reMix)
13. Xinobi – Japanese (Original Mix)
14. Fiero – Disco Night (Original Mix)

How amazing does that look?

‘DISCO 2000’ is released 12th August.

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