Dizkopolis reMix OJ Law

OJ Law

The best thing to come out of Kuala Lumpur and our good friends Dizkopolis have dropped a brand new reMix, and it’s as smooth as ever. this time they are tackling fellow Malaysian and Indie singer OJ Law.

reMixing Law’s track Yoñlu, Dizkopolis have delivered a slick slice of Dreamwave as only the can. Consistently producing the most dreamy of retro synth tracks with a Disco edge this production duo conjure nostalgic feelings of good time with each and every one of their tunes. This reMix of Yoñlu is no different, a laid back Disco beat rolls onwards amongst a lush amalgamation of thick, soft, synths and a walking bassline. This makes the perfect backing for OJ Law’s soft spoken Folksy style and produces a track made for lazing around on the beach. Nothing but good times here.

OJ Law – Yoñlu (Dizkopolis reMix)

Yoñlu is taken from Law’s album Yesterday is a Distant Dream, out now.

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Dizkopolis reMixes Pastel Lite

pastel lite

Our favourite Malaysian Disco Dudes, Dizkopolis, are getting their big room sound back-on for this new reMix for fellow Kuala Lumpur based ElectroPop duo Pastel Lite’s ‘Assassin’. It’s only been a couple of month since we last heard from Dizkopolis, but it always leaves us eager for more.

The duo’s take on ‘Assassin’ brings their big retro synths and Nu-Disco grooves to the track. The original is a catchy, slightly musically abrasive noisy ElectroPop track and Dizkopolis smooth it out a little. Keeping Eff Hakim’s sultry, jazzy vocal intact and applying it to liberal helpings of lush, nostalgic synth work and digital slap bass. Dizkopolis have a knack for melding the sweet vintage sounds of SynthWave with the more broken dancefloor vibe of cut-up Nu-Disco and with the reMix they marry the two perfectly with a really emotive voice.

Pastel Lite – Assassin (Dizkopolis reMix)

Check out more from Pastel Lite on SoundCloud.

Dizkopolis’ ‘Class Of ‘91’ video

We love Malaysian duo Dizkopolis’ ‘Class Of ‘91’, so it’s pretty cool to see the track now has a video.

The clip comes courtesy of director Ahmad Faris who was chosen by the TV channel Astro Hitz’ Music Video grant program, and he’s done an awesome job with this real life video game. Malaysia looks amazing!

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Dizkopolis’s new version of ‘Class Of ‘91’


Kuala Lumpur based retro synth duo Dizkopolis are back with a new version of ‘Class Of ‘91’, a tack we first featured in October last year.

This ‘Part 2’ version relies less on the ChipTune elements of the original and leans more toward a smooth, more French, Disco sound with elements of Dreamwave. The track sees the guy’s skills improving and they become more confident and their sound matures. There’s some seriously slick keys playing going on in this track mixed up with wicked Disco licks. This is a track that’s so densely layered it’s a wonder that nothing gets lost in the mix, but the end result is clean sounding and guaranteed to rock and dancefloor, this tune’ll take people into orbit.

♫ Dizkopolis – Class Of ’91 (Part 2) (Video Rework)

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Dizkopolis’ ‘Class Of ‘91’


Dizkopolis are a duo from Kuala Lumpur of all places. Proving that no matter where you are in the world there is some serious Nu-Disco/French Touch talent.

The guys new track, ‘Class Of ‘91’ mixes in a hint of ChipTune into their Electro groove. Underneath it all is a nigh-on perfect rolling Disco bassline that you’ll practically break your neck nodding along to, layered on top of that are piles of 8-bit melodies and big ‘80’s synth sounds. ‘Class Of ‘91’ is some solid, uplifting, Nu-Disco magic.

♫ Dizkopolis – Class Of ’91

Check out more from Dizkopolis on SoundCloud.