[Audio] PWNDTIAC’s ‘Ready’ (+ Douze reMix)



At the end of the month, German Disco demon PWNDTIAC has releases his brand new single. It’s called Hey Girl and it’s a fairly standard Nu-Disco floorfiller with loads of lovely nods to Boogie and Electro Funk. It;s well worth a listen, but it’s the B-side, Ready, that really caught out attention. Featuring the talents of fellow German digitalfoxglove; Ready is a soaring space oddessy.

Filled to bursting point with thick robotic bass and cosmic keys; Ready is a vocoder laden monster that takes both 80s Boogie and French Disco as references and wraps them up in a post-Italo machine Funk. Vocally, the track mixes up some surprisingly soulful vocoder work with little Soul II Soul samples with really nice effect, like a duet between Caron Wheeler and a sad robot. For us, though, it’s that bassline that really draws us in, thick and punchy it seems to evolve through the track. French producer Douze offers his version of the track on the release; upping the B-Boy beats quota. Douze delvers one of his trademark synthetic journeys, mixing up Funk and cinematic SynthWave, he slowly builds the track until an unexpectedly energetic high. The whole release is definitely worth your attention when it;s released later this month.

♫ PWNDTIAC (Feat. digitalfoxglove) – Ready

♫ PWNDTIAC (Feat. digitalfoxglove) – Ready (Douze reMix)

PWNDTIAC’s Hey Girl is released 30th June.

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[Download] digitalfoxglove’s ‘Lifetime Lovers’



Here’s the new one from Germany’s digitalfoxglove, and it’s down to set up your weekend with chill vibes. Busy holed up completing the forthcoming Ride The Universe album, DFG has taken the time to indulge his poolside Disco side with this slick slab of throwback French Touch. This is Lifetime Lovers.

This is one for all you sexy Disco fans, digitalfoxglove works a cheeky little loop, loaded with shimmying nostalgia, and glides that over an infectious House beat. Slipping in one or two samples into the mix to create a little mood, DFG lays down all the ingredients for a tasty dancefloor cake. Strictly for late night parties. Check out digitalfoxglove’s SoundCloud page for a dub version too.

digitalfoxglove – Lifetime Lovers (Original Mix)

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[MP3] digitalfoxglove’s ‘Love You More’



German’s digitalfoxglove is keeping the pressure up these last few weeks, preparing you all for the release of his new EP he’s dropped a brand new track and an awesome reMix of The Knocks & St. Lucia’s Modern Hearts all in the last twelve days. But wait, there’s one more. This is Love You More.

Easing you into it’s groove gently, Love You More kicks off with a laid back clapping rhythm as the filter slowly sweeps int he hook, so by the time the grove launches itself you are already right in there. Taking in Nu-Disco and French Filtered House in equal measures, digitalfoxglove creates a swirling cloud of vintage vocal samples, phased synths, and a vibe you can’t help but nod your head to. If you have a pool, this is what you want playing on the side of it, if you don’t, then this one is for hot summer nights.

♫ digitalfoxglove – Love You More

digitalfoxglove’s new EP is out soon.

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[Audio] digitalfoxglove reMixes The Knocks & St. Lucia’s ‘Modern Hearts’


the knocks

digitalfoxglove tunes. Like busses, if you’ll excuse the cliché. You wait for ages for one then two come along at once. Pulling up to the rear of yesterday’s Daytona comes DFG’s ReDub of The Knocks and St. Lucia’s awesome recent single Modern Hearts. Take your Disco hat off though, this one is going to get deep.

Italo Dub, if you will (and we do!), this reMix get under your skin with a relentless hypnotic groove. Quite Techno in places, the synthetic arpeggios and machine drums pounding out a mid-paced rhythm create an unwavering core for the track. Heavily modulated snatches of the original’s vocal float in and out of the track alongside Dub-like effects bringing a slightly unsettling vibe to the track. It’s no-less compellingly funky though.

♫ The Knocks (Feat. St. Lucia) – Modern Hearts (digitalfoxglove ReDub)

The Knocks’ Modern Hearts is out now.

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[MP3] digitalfoxglove’s ‘Daytona’



It’s been a long time since we heard an original tune from Germany’s finest digitalfoxglove. Mostly, the man has had his attention focused on his work as part of Dreamwave superheroes Ride The Universe, but he still gets the occasional moment to get his solo groove on. He’s gearing up to release a new EP under the digitalfoxglove moniker and last night he dropped our first taste of what’s to come, Daytona.

Daytona is surprisingly SynthWave for producer with some of the slickest Nu-Disco skills on the planet. With not a Disco lick in sight, digitalfoxglove stands shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Mitch Murder and Miami Nights 1984 as he delivers a blistering Outrun tune, a frantic synthesizer speedway loaded with rolling arpeggios and soaring leads. digitalfoxglove takes his pin-sharp production and applies it to the euphoric, emotional rush of a cracking SynthWave tune to soundtrack all your clichéd night drives.

digitalfoxglove – Daytona

digitalfoxglove’s new EP is out soon.

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Figure Of 8’s new single, with The Penelopes and digitalfoxglove

Figure Of 8

We first featured Bittersweet, from prolific Irish dance producer Figure Of 8, earlier this year. Now the track has been given a full singe release, with a cracking B-Side and a whole host of ace reMixes. Dermot is one of Belfast finest exports and always delivers the best slick dance music.

Bittersweet, which features the heartfelt folky vocals of fellow Irishman Jonny Nutt rolls it own with a bit of Dub, a bit of SynthPop, a bit of  Rave and a nice easy going 90s feel. Fjordland one of the single’s two B-Sides (alongside The Difference Between Finite And Infinite) is a pleasing retro rave jam and once again make me feel Orbital are a big influence on Figure Of 8, it’s got that kind of dance music feel you don’t get so much of these days, really complex interactions between elements in a densely layered track. Fjordland  is a meticulously crafted slice of summery House. Amongst the reMixes of Bittersweet come a couple of tracks from two of our favourites these days. London based French ElectroPoppers The Penelopes and Germany’s finest Nu-Disco genius digitalfoxglove. The Penelopes take Bittersweet up a gear, mutating the laidback introspection into a Disco tinged SynthPop floorfiller. And if you need to chill after than, digitalfoxglove takes the track and does what he does best, blends it with his sweet poolside grooves. Bass heavy and sexy, digitalfoxglove’s reMix is a real late night jam.

♫ Figure Of 8 (Feat. Jonny Nutt) – Bittersweet

♫ Figure Of 8 -Fjordland

♫ Figure Of 8 (Feat. Jonny Nutt) – Bittersweet (The Penelopes reMix)

♫ Figure Of 8 (Feat. Jonny Nutt) – Bittersweet (digitalfoxglove reMix)

Bittersweet is out now on Figure Of 8’s  Bandcamp.

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Choose digitalfoxglove’s new EP


Germany’s finest Nu-Disco and Dreamwave producer digitalfoxglove needs your help!

He’s got a big stack of tracks, all in very early demo form, and he just can’t choose what to finish for his new release. Obviously he loves them all, but he want’s your help to decide what gets priority to be finished and morphed into a funky Nu-Disco monsters in the very near future. You can listen to all of his works in progress in one set below and favourite the ones you like. whatever has the most favourites by 30th June get the digitalfoxglove treatment. We’ve got out favourites, but we wouldn’t want to colour your judgement by telling you.

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digitalfoxglove’s ‘Unsteady’


Germany’s digitalfoxglove, easily one of the finest, and most underrated Nu-Disco producers on the planet, spends most of his time these days mucking around with a bunch of Californians as one quater of Dreamwave Supergroup Ride The Universe. Luckily the man can still find time in his busy schedule to sneak in some new digitalfoxglove tunes, or at least dust off one ones and give them a new lick of paint.

As is the case with ‘Unsteady’, a warbling slice of synthetic Disco. The track is actually quite SynthWavey for DFG, the progression and sounds are pretty retro but it’s all held in place with some frantic arpeggios and Disco siren synths. ‘Unsteady’ is a nice mixture of epic cinematic and in-your-face dancefloor action and makes a nice primer to a summer of releases with DFG input including two forthcoming Ride The Universe reMixes, for Quinten 909 and rodent-chomping-monster Jane Balder, and a reMix of She’s The Queen’s ‘Talk To Me’, to be released by, well, me. So, yeah, we’re keeping him busy!

digitalfoxglove – Unsteady

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Young Empires reMixed by digitalfoxglove

Young Empires

Now this is what we’re talking about! Germanys unsung Dreamwave workhorse digitalfoxglove gives Young Empires’ ‘enter Through The Sun’ some of his sweet sweet Disco lovin’.

The results are like a beach party in your ears, and everyone’s invited! Cutting through the song with a bouncy bassline and some seriously soaring lead lines. Whether as digitalfoxglove, Nightdive or as a quater of Ride the Universe, DFG’s productions ate like a stamp of quality, he’s just got a certain clean, crisp and funky sound that is instantly recognisable and generally head and shoulders above his peers. It’s time the spotlight was tuned on digitalfoxglove for good.

Young Empires – Enter Through The Sun (digitalfoxglove reMix)

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digitalfoxglove’s new-old track


digitalfoxglove’s been in a nostalgic and whimsical mood.

He asked me if he put this track on SoundCloud would I blog it, I said ‘if it’s good then yeah’, so he did, so I am. Does anyone remember ‘The Great Giana Sisters’? Of course you do! On the Commodore 64, Amiga and Atari ST, they were like the Mario Brothers, but with tits, and a massive lawsuit from Nintendo. Well, this is DGF’s tribute to the Giana Sisters and one of his very early productions. It’s pretty epic though, full of soaring SID riffs, chainsaw synths and a hint of Daft Punk.

digitalfoxglove – Giana Got Boobs

digitalfoxglove is currently working on a new EP alongside his duties in Ride The Universe.

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