Hot Hot Hawk’s ‘Rise and Down’ reMixes

Hot Hot Hawk

Wearerussians are bringing us the best of Russian synth and Disco once again with the new EP from Hot Hot Hawk. the track itself, Rise And Down featuring the vocals of Ksenia Popova, has been out a while now. We covered it back in August, but now Wearerussians have dropped a full reMix package, for free no less.

Rise And Down, is a piercing vocal Disco track that nicely merges hot Hot Hawks lush, vintage sound with Ksenia’s accented vocals. Adding a little Tropical vibe to Hot Hot Hawks usual output, Rise And Fall has got more than a couple of summer anthem qualities. Phalanxes Of Fingers beef up the ‘80’s Disco side of Rise And Fall’s equation with big synth stabs and a playful lead line whist ElectroPopper Voyager instil the track with a warehouse vibe and some nice early ‘90’s House tones. Moskva-Kassiopeya deliver a pumping Electro track for their version. Starting off gently, Moskva-Kassiopeya gradually build their reMix into a galactic dancefloor monster. The reMix package also comes with work from electronic producer Acid Harbour, and the whole thing is well worth picking up. Russia shows us how it;s done once again!

Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Ksenia Popova) – Rise And Down

Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Ksenia Popova) – Rise And Down (Phalanxes Of Fingers reMix)

Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Ksenia Popova) – Rise And Down (Voyager reMix)

Hot Hot Hawk (Feat. Ksenia Popova) – Rise And Down (Moskva-Kassiopeya reMix)

Hot Hot Hawk’s Rise And Down is out now. You can download the whole package from here.

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Voyager’s new single


Voyager are one of the best outfits to come out of the recent explosion of Russian Electro. This new single, released on Kiez Beat in August is a track we heard a few months ago and have been eagerly awaiting the release since.

Edge Of The Universe is deep , cosmic ElectroPop. A track that looks to the stars with it’s mood and works a little house piano and a sweeping SynthWave tone to it’s Electro sound. the track actually has much in common with space age FuturePop such as Code 64, but with more of a musical slant, as evidenced by the soaring solos, and more of a dancefloor friendly groove. The reMixes are actually a little disappointing,  the standouts both coming from fellow Russians The Frost and Folano, who rock ChipTune Disco and Italo sounds respectively. It’s a cool single though, the attention to detail in Edge Of The Universe is impressive, with little musical flourishes and atmospheres that interlock with the track. Cosmic ElectroPop? A new thing? We hope so.

♫ Voyager – Edge of Universe

♫ Voyager – Edge of Universe (The Frost reMix)

♫ Voyager – Edge of Universe (Folano reMix)

Check out more from Voyager on SoundCloud.