Met Mitchell

Met Mitchell

Dutch SynthWaver Met Mitchell is one have of production duo Legan And Met, who we’ve featured here a once or twice. He’s just dropped a couple of new solo tunes that show his journey into vintage synth music is about to go to the next level.

Folding in a little ChipTune into his SynthWave, Met’s Echoes Like Shadows is a synthetic journey through retro sounds. Taking the soundtrack feel and emotional resonance from SynthWave and the video game sounds of ChipTune and combining them with a solid Italo groove makes for a pretty sweet track. A rich listening experience, Echoes Like Shadows is an impressive solo début. It’s follow up, En Route, is a slightly smoother affair, the synths are still buzzing and piercing, but the overall mood is more relaxed. This pensive track weaves along under a beautiful lead line, using lush synth sounds to thoughtful effect.

Met Mitchell – Echoes Like Shadows

Met Mitchell – En Route

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