Casio Social Club’s ‘Trick Or Treat’


Mullet Records main man Justin Winks, A.K.A. Casio Social Club isn’t going to let us down this spooky season. He’s been busy down in Mullet Records HQ and has now unleashed the fruits of his labour. Trick Or Treat, dancefloor destroying zombie Boogie penned especially for Halloween. This is proper midnight funk, this is how we did Halloween in the 80s.

Trick Or Treat takes Michel Jackson’s Thriller as it’s inspiration, but evolves so far beyond that it’s hard to see the original. All the best bits from Thriller are given a head nod here, the bassline, Vincent Price’s cackling, and are whipped up into a heavy synth Funk tune. Taylor made for Halloween party dancefloors Trick Or Treat hits just the right eerie beats with spine tingling strings and ominous synth stabs crawling across a grave of body moving future Disco beats. So funky it could make the dead get up and dance.

Casio Social Club (Feat. The Laughing Gnome) – Trick Or Treat

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Future Unlimited’s ‘Haunted Love’

Future unlimited

Future Unlimited, those awesome Nashville purveyors of deep ElectroPop, they were never going to let us down on Halloween, were they? Well, sort of, whilst not strictly a Halloween song (thankfully) it has the word ‘Haunted’ in the title and brooding synths. So we can all be really shallow and just call it our generations Monster Mash, at least for today.

Seriously though, Haunted Love is a staggeringly beautiful tale of obsession set to a moody, romantic, electronic backing. With distant vocals that shift around the track like smoke, giving the song a Shoegaze feel to it, and warm, rich synths that rise and fall, ebb and flow, like a living thing. Drums pulsating a slow, steady heartbeat, chords filtering in and out like breathing, Haunted Love is an organic beast. Just with there were some creepy dance moves to go along with it.

Future Unlimited – Haunted Love

Future Unlimited’s album is due out soon.

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Flemming Dalum’s ‘Italoween’ mix

Felmming Dallum

Flemming Dalum – Italoween = Here’s a spine tingling, feet moving hour from Italo legend Flemming Dalum. Deep, Sci-Fi snyths and Fantasy sounds fill this mix. Expect loads of atmospheric retro Electro with a cinematic feel. Flemming has dropped some real nice exclusives in this mix too. Get Involved.

Flemming Dalum – Italoween

The tracklist:

01. Flemming Dalum – Italoween (Unreleased)
02. Heinrich Dressel – Blue Atmosfear
03. Kid Machine – Assault On John Carpenter (Exclusive For Italoween)
04. Don Shelley – Dance To The Music
05. Tomoyasu Hotei – Battle Without Honor Or Humanity (Josh Benzin Sunbird reMix) (Unreleased)
06. Kid Machine & Flemming Dalum – Fantasmi
07. Pastry – Lover Boy
08. The Late Great Fitzcarraldos – Jesu (Flemming Dalum & Kid Machine reMix)
09. Ray Cooper – Breakdown
10. Dilemma – Il Buffone (Bijou Productions) (Unreleased)
11. B.B. Bonsai – Prince Of The Night
12. Emile Strunz – Deception
13. Italoconnection – My Rhythm (Paramour DMT Rmx)
14. Lost Years – The Harbour Heist
15. Kid Machine – Forever In The Stars (Unreleased Demo.)
16. Synthia – Shadow Dancing (Bijou Productions) (Unreleased)
17. Visions – Everybody
18. TBA – Don’t Give Up
19. Starion – Darkstar
20. Army Of God – Salvation (Spaventi D’Azzurro Remake)
21. Casionova – Mystery Desire
22. Mechanical Principle – Cobalt
23. Marc Fruttero (Feat. Polymnia) – Hero
24. Fred Ventura – When I Let You Down (Flemming Dalum reMix)
25. Ghost Of Garrasco – Love Sex For Sale (Exclusive Demo.)
26. Box 20th – Midnight Horror
27. Mario Moretti – Spaziotempo
28. Cherook – Licanthrope
29. Savino D.J. – We Rock You (Unreleased Demo.)
30. The Sweeps – Optimistic Melancholic (Flemming Dalum reMix)
31. Stylar – Blue Cars (Unreleased)
32. D.F. & Pam – On The Beat
33. Retrolazer – Visitors From Space (Unreleased Demo. From Radio Cosmos)
34. City Center – Profondo Rosso
35. Private – Everywhere (Flemming Dalum & Kid Machine Remix)
36. Nouvelle Phenomene – Au Fond De Mon Coeur
37. Fred Ventura – Looking For A Western Beat (Demo ’88)
38. Stylar – Feeding On The Souls (Unreleased)

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Chrome Canyon editing John Carpenter


Chrome Canyon, one of Brooklyn’s finest purveyors of vintage synth Boogie, has taken it upon himself to spice up your Halloween with a funky little re-edit of legendary master of horror, and synthesizer wizard John Carpenter’s theme from his 1978 slash-fest Halloween.

Carpenter is the undisputed king of horror synth. Halloween, Escape From New York, Assault On Precinct 13, all synth classics, with Halloween obviously being the most creepified. So what can you do with that instantly recognisable, flesh-crawling piano line and chords of dread? Well, Chrome Canyon musters up all his electronic trickery to drop a shuffling beat and cuts the track up into dancefloor sized chunks. Building and building a robotic tension until the big Disco synths drop for the finale and the track goes manic, or should that be maniac?

John Carpenter –  Halloween Theme (Chrome Canyon Re-Edit)

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Powerglove reMixes Kristine


It’s been exactly one year since we last featured a track from SynthWave pioneer Powerglove. That dude sure loves Halloween! Then again, his track do tend to have a sinister undertone, all ominous synths and brooding beats. Greek retro-Popper Kristine has enlisted him, along with Mitch Murder and Barretso to reMix her forthcoming new single, Modern Love.

The original has been knocking around for a while now, it’s a really compelling slick of 80s synth rock. Sounding like a track rejected from the first Ladyhawke album for being too retro cool, Kristine’s husky vocal is perfectly period against the bracing synth lines and rolling bass. Powerglove takes this shimmering, and confortable, track and give it a spooky edge. Laced with John Carpenter synths and Kavinsky a style chainsaw power riffs, Powerglove’s reMix is a truly epic slice of SynthWave. Dark, gritty, majestic. Electronic horror at it’s finest.

♫ Kristine – Modern Love (Powerglove reMix)

♫ Kristine – Modern Love

Kristine’s Modern Love is out soon on Tuff ‘Em Up.

Check out more from Kristine on SoundCloud.

Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver’s new EP


We’ve been rocking Ready To Go, the new single from our Finnish faves Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver, round these parts for a few weeks now, just waiting for the time when we could post a track or two. We’ll now the single is out that time has come as the two original tunes and the storming reMix from Belgian Disco tinged House master A.N.D.Y. and fellow Belgian DJ Vicente are available for your listening pleasure.

And a pleasure it is too. Ready To Go is as massive a tune as we’d expect from these two. Mixing up a little Disco, a little big room House and a little stomping Electro, Lamar & Oliver deliver a total crowd-pleaser with anthemic robo vocals. There’s just no way this tune wouldn’t whip up a dancefloor into a frenzy. The B-side, Sins & Secrets, is a more dreamy affair. Adding a piano led Tropical vibe and a touch of Indie to their already bursting mix Lamar & Oliver show a different side to their work. Sins & Secrets’ Indie structure make it the perfect compliment to the banging lead track. After the reMix brings the buzzsaw riffs and pounding drums for the tracks intro, A.N.D.Y. & Vicente soon slip into a relentless House groove with a spiky, almost EBM bassline, and a rousing organ lead line. Popping electro hooks, just the right amount of vocals, nicely twisted, and bringing those grinding synths back in for the build, all perfectly executed in this tune. And when things kick back in after the breakdown, it’s got such punch. that organ gives the track a Halloween feel too, maybe, just sayin’.

♫ Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver – Ready to Go

♫ Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver – Ready to Go (A.N.D.Y. & Vicente reMix)

♫ Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver – Sins & Secrets

Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver’s Ready to Go was out this week on La Valigetta.

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Goin’ Old School: Michael Jackson, Rockwell, Skinny Puppy

Goin’ Old School isn’t a trip down music memory lane, it’s a mugging in the dark alleyway of nostalgia:

We start a trio of Halloween tunes with the don. it’s Quincy Jones’, oh and Michael Jackson’s, Thriller from 1982.

From 1984 Rockwell’s hit Someone’s Watching Me.

Skinny Puppy’s 1989 track Warlock. Probably the nicest tune the ever made.

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Punks Jump Up X Martin Dubka X Saint Saviour X Moonlight Matters

punks jump up

Feels Good, the single resulting from the team up between London noiseniks Punks Jump Up and Martin Dubka, with Saint Saviour, is looking like it;s going to one of the single of they year. We’re certainly loving the entire package, it;s one of a few releases that Kitsuné Music have dropped this year that have knocked it out of the park. Kitsuné have had a confusing couple of years after the resurgence of Electro around 2006-2009 dies down, but this year has seen them totally return to form.

You’ll have to wait to hear the single itself, but for right now get your ears round this dub from Moonlight Matters. Returning the favour after Punks Jump Up reMixed his mind-blowing Come For Me, Moonlight Matters lays down six minutes of raw funk. With an infuriatingly hypnotic lead line and some gritty Korg Acid going on in the background, this is a tune that absolutely demands you dance. No questions asked. With until you hear the original, and the MiGHty mOUse reMix, Kitsuné have done their legacy proud with this one.

Punks Jump Up X Dubka (Feat. Saint Saviour)  – Feels Good (Moonlight Matters Dub Version)

Feels Good is released 5th November.

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Alex Gopher & DJ Falcon

Alex Gopher

French legend Alex Gopher released his new single, Hello Inc. , featuring Parisian vocalist Saint-Michel, earlier this month. It’s a truly beautiful single we’re going pretty crazy for here. It’s a slice of French tinged electronic bliss which has right here been given a bit of a groove-up by the equally legendary DJ Falcon.

Falcon does the seemingly impossible with his ix. He injects the track with a more than healthy does of Disco, a solid groove, but keeps the hauntingly ethereal qualities of the track intact. The pulsing synth bass and swinging beat do their dancefloor jobs perfectly, but don;t take away from the ringing lead, with an almost Balearic tone it to, and the introspective vocals. Whether on a packed floor, or on your headphones, this track is a killer.

Alex Gopher (Feat. Saint-Michel) – Hello Inc. (DJ Falcon reMix)

Hello Inc. is out now, Alex Gopher’s new album is set for an early 2013 release.

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