Future Unlimited’s ‘Haunted Love’

Future unlimited

Future Unlimited, those awesome Nashville purveyors of deep ElectroPop, they were never going to let us down on Halloween, were they? Well, sort of, whilst not strictly a Halloween song (thankfully) it has the word ‘Haunted’ in the title and brooding synths. So we can all be really shallow and just call it our generations Monster Mash, at least for today.

Seriously though, Haunted Love is a staggeringly beautiful tale of obsession set to a moody, romantic, electronic backing. With distant vocals that shift around the track like smoke, giving the song a Shoegaze feel to it, and warm, rich synths that rise and fall, ebb and flow, like a living thing. Drums pulsating a slow, steady heartbeat, chords filtering in and out like breathing, Haunted Love is an organic beast. Just with there were some creepy dance moves to go along with it.

Future Unlimited – Haunted Love

Future Unlimited’s album is due out soon.

Buy Future Unlimited’s music from:

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