Alex Gopher & DJ Falcon

Alex Gopher

French legend Alex Gopher released his new single, Hello Inc. , featuring Parisian vocalist Saint-Michel, earlier this month. It’s a truly beautiful single we’re going pretty crazy for here. It’s a slice of French tinged electronic bliss which has right here been given a bit of a groove-up by the equally legendary DJ Falcon.

Falcon does the seemingly impossible with his ix. He injects the track with a more than healthy does of Disco, a solid groove, but keeps the hauntingly ethereal qualities of the track intact. The pulsing synth bass and swinging beat do their dancefloor jobs perfectly, but don;t take away from the ringing lead, with an almost Balearic tone it to, and the introspective vocals. Whether on a packed floor, or on your headphones, this track is a killer.

Alex Gopher (Feat. Saint-Michel) – Hello Inc. (DJ Falcon reMix)

Hello Inc. is out now, Alex Gopher’s new album is set for an early 2013 release.

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