[Video] Dubka’s ‘Deathwish’


Dubka   Deathwish   YouTube

Tyson and Tesla Boy producer, reMixer extraordinaire and the subject of possible the best Future Music In The Studio With… ever, Dubka is about to release his first proper solo single, Deathwish, on AeroPop Records. A deep house grove with a mantra vocal.

Check out the video, shot by Kiran Jay Babla, which features Bugged Out! staple Alan The Dancing Misanthrope.

Dubka’s Deathwish is released 31st March.

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[Audio] Pandolfo & Del Gado’s ‘Better Than Me’

Pandolfo & Del Gado

Just released on the awesome Mullet Records is the Better Than Me single from Italian groovers Pandolfo & Del Gado. Roping in the soulful tones of Orlando Johnson for vocal duties, here’s the Radio Edit of the track to whet your appetites.

Better Than Me is laid back Boogie in the extreme. The two Italians dish out massive helpings of deep Disco flavours, pulsating synthetic bass and a bit of a Chicago vibe with the percussion and digital keys. The track mostly rests on Johnson’s vocal though, smooth as silk with a perfect soulful House tone. The single comes backed with reMixes from Elijah Collins, Casio Social Club and Stephane Deschezeaux. Excellent stuff!

♫ Pandolfo & Del Gado (Feat. Orlando Johnson) – Better Than Me (Radio Edit)

Pandolfo & Del Gado’s Better Than Me is out now.

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Casio Social Club’s ‘Trick Or Treat’


Mullet Records main man Justin Winks, A.K.A. Casio Social Club isn’t going to let us down this spooky season. He’s been busy down in Mullet Records HQ and has now unleashed the fruits of his labour. Trick Or Treat, dancefloor destroying zombie Boogie penned especially for Halloween. This is proper midnight funk, this is how we did Halloween in the 80s.

Trick Or Treat takes Michel Jackson’s Thriller as it’s inspiration, but evolves so far beyond that it’s hard to see the original. All the best bits from Thriller are given a head nod here, the bassline, Vincent Price’s cackling, and are whipped up into a heavy synth Funk tune. Taylor made for Halloween party dancefloors Trick Or Treat hits just the right eerie beats with spine tingling strings and ominous synth stabs crawling across a grave of body moving future Disco beats. So funky it could make the dead get up and dance.

Casio Social Club (Feat. The Laughing Gnome) – Trick Or Treat

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New single from Aminova


It’s been ages since we last wrote about Cardiff based SynthWave producer Aminova, so with the release of his new double A-side single, ‘Body Double’/’Party Cops’ we thought now was the prefect time to revisit one of the UK’s most underrated producers.

‘Body Double’ is a piercing, driving slice of classic SynthWave. Drawing from both the Outrun and Italo end of things, Aminova crafts a tune that is both full of urgent dancefloor energy and rousing, emotional melodies. The way the lead lines switch from staccato riffs to rushing arpeggios and back again give the all too short track a real feeling for forward progression. the flip side, ‘Party Cops’ is definitely more on the Italo tip. With more of an ‘80’s Electro Funk groove ‘Party Cops’ is a call to dance. The bassline and arpeggios are actually quite reminiscent of mid-‘80’s electronic Soul, but layered with buzzsaw retro synth chords and an Italo beat the whole thing come across as a slightly chaotic, exciting, and again all too short, party starter. This sweet double A-Side single is available for free, you really can’t go wrong at that price, so what are you waiting for, go get it!

Aminova – Body Double

Aminova – Party Cops

‘Body Double’/’Party Cops’ is out now.

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Final DJs reMix Kris Menace


Germany’s Final DJs are at it again, dropping another awesome slice of blissed out SynthWave, just in time for the weekend. This time it’s in the form if a brand new reMix of Kris Menace’s Kiki Twins featuring ‘We Are’.

Final DJs bring their smooth night-drive synthesizer love to the tune, an early entry in the ‘We Are’ reMix competition. I’m sure we’re going to see a flood of ‘We Are’ reMixes but I seriously doubt that many will top Final DJs quality. The tune is loaded with subtle influences, a slight Italo feel, a gently French Touch sheen, all folded into FDJs Synthy goodness. It’s a big diva vocal track, and FDJs never make it compete with the music, the laid back urban Electro acting as a compliment, working in harmony with the vocals to create a deep late-nights-in-the-city groove. They couldn’t resist adding one of their trademark solo in there too, this one is particularity buzzin’.

♫ Kris Menace (Feat. Kiki Twins) – We Are (Final DJs Rmx)

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SaiR’s ‘Bright’


It feels like ages since we heard anything from one of our favourite producers, Portugal’s SaiR, so it’s a good job he made his latest tune, ‘Bright’ an absolutely massive slab of synthesizer Funk.

Clocking in a six minutes, ‘Bright’ is a bit on an odyssey. An audio journey though blissed our Disco moods. SaiR really bring his A-game here in teams of musicality, the arrangement is intricately crafted here with various bass and lead lines weaving in and out of one another as SaiR channels a hint of Herbie Hancock and Moog Funk together with his own Dreamwave tinged Nu-Disco sound. Pure good-time summer vibes here, so grab your boom-box and take this track to the beach, if the weather is fine, if it’s not then just whack it on some headphones, close your eyes and be transported to somewhere sweeter.

♫ SaiR – Bright

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Mitch Murder’s new album

Mitch Murder

If you are at all into Dreamwave, or SynthWave, or Outrun Electro, or, well, y’know what I mean, you’ll already be in love with the music of Mr. Mitch Murder.

One of the originators of the scene, Murder is back this month with his second full length album ‘Current Events’ and it’s a masterpiece. It may have come late in the year, but this eagerly anticipated record is easily vying to our album of the year. From the intro, ‘Looking Back’, this album is everything you could want as a fan of retro synthesizer music. The first track proper, ‘Frantic Aerobics’, sets the tone for the album, DancePop beats, Italo basslines, emotive chords and some seriously cosmic solos. All delivered with a sense of drama. The album plays like to soundtrack to the best straight-to-video ‘80’s Sci-Fi action flick that was never made. There are dark moods where are hero muses on his losses so far, inspirational pieces fit for a training montage, action set-pieces, chase senses and triumphant aftermaths, all played out of classic synth sounds with a slight Disco groove. The story of ‘Current Events’, though, is an document of ‘80’s popular consciousness, from technological progress to fear of nuclear war. I wish Mitch Murder would soundtrack my life!

Mitch Murder – Telefuture Theme

‘Current Events’ is out now and comes highly recommended!

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Darius’ new tune for Shiny Disco Club is brings the tempo down and the sidechaining up.

In Daruis’ hand his samples become mid-tempo pulsating, hypnotic Disco brain worms. They’ll burrow into the pleasure centres of your brain and live there, funking to the thick synths and cut-up madness of ‘Falling In Love’.

Darius – Falling In Love

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Louis La Roché X Shook


And once again Shook rock it. reMixing Louis La Roché’s new tune ‘The Wall’ his laid back DiscoPop slides effortlessly into your brain.

One again Shook employs the Funk style Electric Piano with his beats to produce this smooth, chilled, late 70’s groove that works so well with his Disco basslines. It really is Shook’s playing that is the star of this reMix, I could easily listen to a whole album of his tinkling the ivories.

Louis La Roché – The Wall (Shook reMix)

The ‘Gimme Gimme’/‘The Wall’ single is out 19th September on Ever After Records.

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Edwin Van Cleef’s new EP


Edwin Van Cleef doesn’t release nearly enough music, it seems like years since his last EP, although maybe he takes his time to make things perfect, ‘cos his new EP, ‘Never Be Alone At Night’ completely nails it.

Hitting up Tom Gavin from Chicago’s awesome Gemini Club for vocals is an inspired move the title track is amazingly slick vocal Nu-Disco track that’s backed up by two more original tracks, ‘Triton’ a Tropical-Sci-Fi-Acid-Disco jam and the retro night drive that is ‘I Feel You’. the reMix talent that contributes to the EP is nothing to be scoffed at either. Blue Satellite deliver a beautiful mid-tempo chilled take on the title tune with loads of synthesizer soul with Ugly Kids bring us the straight-up good time Disco version that injects the EP with some added Funk. Pharao Black Magic take on ‘Triton’ and create a head on collision between Moog Funk and the track Acid roots.

All in all this EP is highly recommended.

♫ Edwin Van Cleef (Feat. Gemini Club) – Never Be Alone At Night

Edwin Van Cleef (Feat. Gemini Club) – Never Be Alone At Night (Blue Satellite reMix)

Edwin Van Cleef (Feat. Gemini Club) – Never Be Alone At Night (Ugly Kids reMix)

Edwin Van Cleef – Triton (Pharao Black Magic reMix)

The ‘Never Be Alone At Night’ EP is out now.

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