Alex Gopher & DJ Falcon

Alex Gopher

French legend Alex Gopher released his new single, Hello Inc. , featuring Parisian vocalist Saint-Michel, earlier this month. It’s a truly beautiful single we’re going pretty crazy for here. It’s a slice of French tinged electronic bliss which has right here been given a bit of a groove-up by the equally legendary DJ Falcon.

Falcon does the seemingly impossible with his ix. He injects the track with a more than healthy does of Disco, a solid groove, but keeps the hauntingly ethereal qualities of the track intact. The pulsing synth bass and swinging beat do their dancefloor jobs perfectly, but don;t take away from the ringing lead, with an almost Balearic tone it to, and the introspective vocals. Whether on a packed floor, or on your headphones, this track is a killer.

Alex Gopher (Feat. Saint-Michel) – Hello Inc. (DJ Falcon reMix)

Hello Inc. is out now, Alex Gopher’s new album is set for an early 2013 release.

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DJ Falcon reMixes Justice


Well this is probably the best thing to come out of new-era Justice so far.  Legendary French Touch master and one half od Together, DJ Falcon, has taken on Justice’s new single New Lands from their recent album, Audio, Video, Disco.

In fact, the whole EP is the best thing Justice have released in awhile, reMixes come from A-Trak and SebastiAn too, both top quality, but Falcon’s takes the prize. Slick rolling Disco grooves and warm, lush synths that carry along with the tune. There’s almost a Dreamwave quality to the track, a sunshine optimism, that is until the four minute mark where things get a little more French Electro.

♫ Justice – New Lands (Falcon reMix)

Justice’s New Lands is out now.

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Together reMixed by Viceroy


Ahhh, Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon. Honestly, where would we be now without them? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

In 2002 as Together, the duo had some success with ‘So Much Love To Give’ (which would be completely ripped off three years later) and now the track has been brought right up to date by Viceroy. A due who is knocking out awesome production after awesome production at an astounding rate these days. Viceroy adds just the right amount of Nu-Disco groove to the tune whilst still being respectful of a classic. Nice percussion and piano adds a little Balearic feels to the tune making perfect for long summer nights.

Together – So Much Love To Give (Viceroy reMix)

Putting Together purchase links at the bottom of this post might be a little optimistic. Try eBay?

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