[MP3] Casio Social Club’s ‘Little Luv’


Casio Social Club, the brains behind awesome London Disco label Mullet Records, has just drops his new single this week, Little Luv. Using a sweet bit of Lisa Stansfield’s vocal from Coldcut’s People Hold On, Casio Social Club whips up an amazing slice of pure soulful Electro Boogie, and one of his best tunes to date.

Little Luv is a smouldering slice of deep synth Disco. Filled to the brim with retro stabs and popping electro toms. A laid back groove with the most blissful of chiming hooks, Little Luv works the last ounce of soul out of the vocal sample, the rich pads and haunting horns to temper out an infectious bass riff that compels you to move. We generally look forward to Casio Social Clubs releases, but we feel this one is extra special.

Casio Social Club – Little Luv (Radio Edit)

Casio Social Club’s Little Luv is released 26th February.

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[Audio] Casio Social Club reMixes Phonetica Vs. Soulemotion


Are you ready for an Acid disco oddessy? ‘cos that’s what’s being served up right now in the form of this fresh new reMix from Mullet Records main man Casio Social Club. Latvian collaboration Phonetica Vs. Soulemotion are the targets for this blissful, intoxicating, synth workout.

Bringing a little Balearic feeling to proceedings, Casio Social Club whips up a hypnotic Acid riff, which he works into a groovy backing. His reMix of Impossible Love is hard to resist. Full of lush synths and haunting reverby piano, that both play nicely against the undulating Acid hook, this reMix really is one to loose yourself in, and when it finished you find yourself missing it. Its mind control we tells ya!

♫ Phonetica Vs. Soulemotion – Impossible Love (Casio Social Club ‘Acid Sunrise’ reMix)

Phonetica Vs. Soulemotion’s Impossible Love is released 4th February.

Check out more from Soulemotion on SoundCloud.

Casio Social Club’s ‘Trick Or Treat’


Mullet Records main man Justin Winks, A.K.A. Casio Social Club isn’t going to let us down this spooky season. He’s been busy down in Mullet Records HQ and has now unleashed the fruits of his labour. Trick Or Treat, dancefloor destroying zombie Boogie penned especially for Halloween. This is proper midnight funk, this is how we did Halloween in the 80s.

Trick Or Treat takes Michel Jackson’s Thriller as it’s inspiration, but evolves so far beyond that it’s hard to see the original. All the best bits from Thriller are given a head nod here, the bassline, Vincent Price’s cackling, and are whipped up into a heavy synth Funk tune. Taylor made for Halloween party dancefloors Trick Or Treat hits just the right eerie beats with spine tingling strings and ominous synth stabs crawling across a grave of body moving future Disco beats. So funky it could make the dead get up and dance.

Casio Social Club (Feat. The Laughing Gnome) – Trick Or Treat

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Casio Social Club & Elijah Collins reMix Tad Wily

Tad Willy

The track Garage Love originally appeared on London Funkster Tad Wily’s Right Fit EP on Mullet Records. Now the track is getting a reMix EP of it’s own, headed up by work from Mullet’s own Casio Social Club.

Casio Social Club’s Justin really brings the smooth boogie with this reMix. Whilst keeping it danceable in a robo-synth style, Casio Social Club wash the track in a slick and sexy laid back vibe. Warm vintage synth sounds drift over a choppy synth Funk bassline while stanches of subtly vocoded vocals ebb and flow around the track. It’s well and truly in Casio Social Clubs’ romantic Electro Boogie Disco style and would move any summer dancelfoor. Elijah Collins takes the track down dark, funky, Electro alleyways with ominous robot vocals and a deep groove that reminds us of a modern Cybotron. It’s a B-Boy boogie with a disco beat, the perfect combination.

♫ Tad Wily – Garage Love (Casio Social Club ‘Time After Time’ reMix)

♫ Tad Wily – Garage Love (Elijah Collins’ ‘Computer Love’ reMix)

Tad Wily’s Garage Love reMixed is released 2nd October on Juno, 16th October elsewhere.

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Casio Social Club’s Discokicks


Mullet Records main man Casio Social Club is at it again, giving a fresh Boogie reMix to a dance classic, in this case Pamela Fernandez’ Kickin’ In The Beat. This early ‘90’s piano House monster was ripe for a mix for today’s retro-funkier floors and CSC rises to the challenge with a supreme track.

Discokicks, as the track is now named, was released earlier this month and as a thank you to everyone who legitimately purchased the single, as opposed to pirating it like an asshole, Mullet have dropped the Radio Edit of the track as a freebie. So, if you haven’t already checked it out, treat yourself to four and a half minutes of wicked Disco licks, smooth Boogie basslines and a rising Disco House vibe. Then go buy the reMix package.

Casio Social Club – Discokicks (Radio Edit)

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Casio Social Club’s ‘Crush’

When is a reMix not a reMix? How much of the original needs to remain intact for it to be a reMix, or how little should be there before you can claim it as an original tune, and sell it as such? It’s a debate we had on Twitter this weekend. Honestly we’re not sure, if the entire vocal of a track, verse, chorus, verse, chorus is present with a new backing, is that a reMix or an original? For now, we’re on the fence, but it is something that crosses our minds from time to time. A pertinent discussion as it turns out, as one of our favourite UK producers Casio Social Club, Mullet Records head honcho Justin Winks,  soon releases his track Crush.

The Jets 1985 hit Crush On You is one of our guilty pleasures, it always puts us in a good mood. It has graced these pages on more than one occasion, and reMix or not, we do love a good updating of the tune. Casio Social Club’s new version of the track, Crush,  is pure Electro Boogie joy with a Piano House injection. It’s got that Casio Social Club style we love so much, those retro beats and funky as hell digital bassline, here complimented by an infectious piano line and the sing-along catchiness that is Crush On You. Ahead of the release, Mullet are kindly giving away the Radio Edit of the track. This track is the epitome of summer DiscoPop fun, don’t worry about it, just enjoy.

Casio Social Club – Crush (Radio Edit)

Casio Social Club’s Crush is released 7th August as a Juno exclusive followed by worldwide release on the 14th via Mullet Records.

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Casio Social Club’s ‘Nu Disco Treats Vol. 2’


Casio Social Club – Nu Disco Treats Vol. 2 = The latest mix from Mullet Records main man Justin Winks kicks off with Sare Havlicek (and MC Winksy)’s hilarious and funky Bipolar Duality. From there on it it’s over an hour of serious boogie, taking in Disco and B-Boy Electro and everything in-between.

Casio Social Club – Nu Disco Treats Vol. 2

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Nine Lives’ ‘1985’ reMixes

Jaki Graham

Manchester’s Nine Lives recent Moog bassed Disco jam ‘1985’ is getting a sweet reMix package release, to be released next month on Vendition Records. Bringing together two of the hottest producers in Disco, one more Electro Boogie, one more full on ‘70’s. The original was a slick Funky tune that featured samples from Jaki Graham’s ‘Round And Round’, but the reMixes take it one step further.

First up is the awesome Justin Winks A.K.A. Casio Social Club who’s ‘Back To ‘82’ reMix is the definite standout of the collection. A deep boogie bassline and an old school breakin’ feel. With a bassline straight from an ‘80’s electronic Soul record this is exactly the kind of tune you’d see climbing the club charts in the back pages of  a 1986 issue of Record Mirror. Nostalgic and fresh, always the best combination. Sweden’s Drop Out Orchestra also make their mark on the track with their classy Disco. Loaded with 70’s strings and a bouncy bassline, this is the one for the mirrorball lit dancefloors. Oh, and cowbell, lots and lots of cowbell. Cowbell like a brain worm. Nine Lives himself adds to the line up with his ‘Cat Funk’ reMix, which pulls things back into a smooth, laid back place with thick, warm synths and heavy production. This new single hold a reMix for every mood, well worth checking out.

♫ Nine Lives (Feat. Jaki Graham) – 1985 (Casio Social Club ‘Back To 85’ reMix)

♫ Nine Lives (Feat. Jaki Graham) – 1985 (Drop Out Orchestra reMix)

♫ Nine Lives (Feat. Jaki Graham) – 1985 (Nine Lives ‘Cat Funk’ Edit)

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Casio Social Club’s ‘Nordic Nights’


Here we have the new single from Justin Winks, A.K.A. Casio Social Club. This time not on his own (and pretty awesome) Mullet Records imprint but as part of the first in a series of double A-side released from Eskimo Recordings. CSC shares this release with Djuma Soundsystem Vs. Kolombo, who’s downtempo Disco has got a good groove, but unsurprisingly Casio steals the show.

Mr. Winks has been quietly dropping a sting of ace tunes recently, ‘Rock The Discotheque’ is still regularly played round electronic rumors towers. ‘Nordic Nights’, Casio Social Clubs contribution to the double A-side, is a nice pumping, but quite deep, dancefloor tune that draws on both Disco and House influences and wraps them up in Casio Social Clubs‘ nostalgic Electro Boogie. Riding on a deep synthetic bassline and bright, shimmering, chords ‘Nordic Nights’ does seem to capture a bit of a Scandinavian flavour alongside keeping it retro with big electro tom rolls and even bringing a beach part vibe with some Tropical percussion. Casio Social Club has dropped yet another track destined to move the dancefloor with his rolling retro sound.

♫ Casio Social Club – Nordic Nights

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Bastian’s Happy Flight’s ‘EOP01’

Bastian's Happy Flight

One of our favourite labels, the awesome Mullet Records is celebrating it’s 50th release, Bastian’s Happy Flight’s ‘EP01’ with a free download to promote the amazing reMix package it has in store.

‘EP01, the début EP from this Australian five piece is crammed full with eight tracks. Four Originals and four reMixes, all blissed out funky ElectroPop with a Disco twist. The lead track, ‘It’s OK’, is pure summer anthem material. A slick Indie-Electro backing for some seriously lush Dreamwave synths with rousing vocals and building layers of sound giving the tune an eipc quality. Of remaining the original tracks our favourite is ‘In My Mind’, a laid back slice of Disco laden soulful ElectroPop with synth bass and piano working together to create a sunrise vibe. The signature of the original tracks are funky electronic and powerful, emotive vocals, which proved an excellent jump off point for the reMixes. Amongst which are Dublin Aunts deep ‘90’s House take on ‘It’s OK’, with it’s hammering House piano, which managers to inject a little Disco into it’s retro club sound and Mullet head honcho Casio Social Club’s ‘Heavy Disco Edit’, which does exactly what it says on the tin. expect big bouncy synth bass and wicked Disco licks.

Bastian’s Happy Flight – It’s OK (Radio Edit)

♫ Bastian’s Happy Flight -In My Mind

♫ Bastian’s Happy Flight – It’s OK (Dublin Aunts reMix)

♫ Bastian’s Happy Flight – You Keep Dancin’ (Casio Social Club Heavy Disco Edit)

‘EP01’ is out via Juno on 4th April and everywhere else on the 11th.

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