Goin’ Old School: Michael Jackson, Rockwell, Skinny Puppy

Goin’ Old School isn’t a trip down music memory lane, it’s a mugging in the dark alleyway of nostalgia:

We start a trio of Halloween tunes with the don. it’s Quincy Jones’, oh and Michael Jackson’s, Thriller from 1982.

From 1984 Rockwell’s hit Someone’s Watching Me.

Skinny Puppy’s 1989 track Warlock. Probably the nicest tune the ever made.

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Venice Beach take on Rockwell

In the continuing saga of Edit/reMix confusion Venice Beach’s latest ‘reMix’ shows us exactly how an Edit should be done with their take on the Dub version of Rockwell’s classic ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’.

At their core, edits should just be pretty much the original track but with the parts that work best on the dancefloor accentuated. They used to be things DJs made from themselves or their friends, taking a track they loved and, cutting and pasting it, bringing the bits that worked better in the Disco to the front. They were closely guarded as the DJ’s secret weapons. These days of people selling Edits and uploading theme everywhere the questions of “what is an Edit really?” and “should you credit an edit as your own work?” are hot topics right now. So, if an Edit is taking a track and making it all about the best bits of groove then Venice Beach have made a perfect Edit here. It’s all about the bassline and the wicked synth solo here. This is Nu-Disco Synth Funk gold. Something so simple as dropping some bits and looping others turn it into a completely different track, and one that completely rocks!

Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me (Dub (Venice Beach reMix))

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