[Audio] Chvrches’ ‘Leave A Trace’



So. Here’s the first single from Glaswegian ElectroPop geniuses Chvrches’ forthcoming sophomore album. Scary, huh? The trio’s début record, The Bones Of What You Believe, is one of our favourite records of the decade, if not of all time. But we’ve been burnt before. How often does some ElectroPop shining star come along with a mind blowing première release only to follow that up, after a little success, with a more ‘authentic’ Indie-Folk second album or whatnot. ElectroPop isn’t a stepping stone people! Every Open Eye is due out in September and Leave A Trace is out first hint of what to expect. And it’s good!

You can all stop holding your breath now. Leave A Trace is pure ElectroPop. Pure Chvrches. And top quality Chvrches too, this track sees them on top of their game and sounding slightly more eclectic while still sitting comfortably within the Chvrches we know and love. Maybe there’s a bit more of a swing in it’s step. Maybe the sing-a-long chorus is a tad more rabble rousing this time. There’s something a little different in Leave A Trace amongst the more-of-the-same. Oh yes, the sparking synths, machine beats and Lauren’s heart well and truly on her sleeve are all present and correct here. In short: phew. Also, excited.

♫ Chvrches – Leave A Trace

Chvrches’ second album Every Open Eye is released 25th September.

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[Video] John Carpenter’s ‘Night’


John Carpenter  Night   Official Music Video    YouTube

Night is one of the many highlights of director and Horror synth legend John Carpenter’s recent, and first, full musical album; Lost Themes. A pulsating and brooding soundtrack to a film never made.

This new video for the track was directed by Gavin Hignight and Ben Verhulst and features the man himself experimenting with a virtual reality retro future world.

John Carpenter’s Lost Themes is out now.

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[Audio] MG (Martin Gore)’s ‘Europa Hymn’


Martin Gore

Depeche Mode driving force, Techno enthusiast and one of our generations greatest songwriters, Martin Gore, has just announced a brand new electronic instrumental album, due out next month. The sixteen track record will be released under the MG moniker and titled the same; it was recorded post-Mode’s 2013 tour with Gore wanting to “keep the music very electronic, very filmic, and give it an almost Sci-Fi like quality,”. Check out the first taste of MG below in the form of Europa Hymn.

Europa Hymn is an evocative machine symphony. A track that combines Vangelis-esque synth swells with factors industrial percussion. Rather that this electronic experiment being harsh and moody, Europa Hymn is actually a bright and optimistic track. Gore conveys heaps of emotion in his use of dewdrop melodies and rising keys. We kinda’ wish modern Depeche Mode albums sounded more like this.

♫ MG – Europa Hymn

MG’s MG is released 27 April.

Check out more from MG on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Starcadian reMixes John Carpenter’s ‘Vortex’



As synth and soundtrack fans will do doubt be aware, horror mastermind and creepy synth noodler John Carpenter as about to release an album. His first non-soundtrack solo work, the album, Lost Themes is a collection of scores to imaginary movies. No stranger to the odd imaginary movie himself, Brooklyn synthesizer warrior Starcadian has taken on Lost Themes’ teaser single Vortex and dominated it with his own brand of Electro-Funk. Check it out.

Featuring additional vocals by the Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet (‘cos that baby can sing!), Starcadian’s Vortex workout is an expansive Electro powerhouse loaded with emotional beats. Revolving around a chugging bassline, this is Starcadian when he’s got one foot in the world of Electro-House, one in Nu-Disco and his eyes to the stars. Cosmic wonder with a chainsaw grind. Gritty and majestic. Let Starcadian’s reMix of Vortex inspire you into the weekend.

♫ John Carpenter – Vortex: Night Of The Comet (Starcadian reMix)

John Carpenter’s Lost Themes is released 3rd February.

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[Audio] Chvrches’ ‘Dead Air’



So remember that new Chvrches track that they’ve been performing live under the moniker of various American comedians? ‘Gene Wilder’, ‘Eddie Murphy’, ‘Richard Pryor’ etc…? Well it’s actually called Dead Air, and it’s taken from the soundtrack of the new The Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay Part 1, which also features the likes of Charli XCX, Haim and Bats For Lashes. Takes a listen to it in it’s full, not-live, glory below.

Alongside their other new, also soundtrack based, track, Get Away, Dead Air is a massive sigh of relief. All too often bands use ElectroPop to get a bit of recognition and then proceed to make a Folk or Indie follow up (naming-no-names, you know who you are). SynthPop’s not just for X-mas! Thankfully Chvrches seem to be living and breathing synths as their new tune shows off the icy keys and skippy beats we have come to love them for. Tempering the sharp sounds Lauren turns-in another heartfelt performance that rises to anthemic euphoria.

♫ Chvrches – Dead Air

Chvrches début full length record, The Bones Of What You Believe, is out now.

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[Audio] Chvrches’ ‘Get Away’



The last week or so has been a bit of a treat in regards to new material from Glaswegian ElectroPoppers Chvrches. This evening Zane Lowe premièred new tune Get Away on his Radio 1 show. Get Away is taken from a Lowe curated new, alternate, soundtrack to 2011 “oh look everybody, there’s this thing called SynthWave!” movie Drive. The new version of the film will be shown on BBC3 on 30th October with the option (fingers on the Red Button!) to switch between soundtracks; which, for all our Drive-themed cynicism, is actually pretty neat.

Get Away puts to bed any fears that Chvrches (like so many before them) will abandon ElectroPop after their first record. It’s a swirling synth epic that nicely nods in the general direction of it’s Dreamwave predecessors. A particularly pounding beat of subby kicks and snappy snares underpins a fog of rich pads and Chvrches now-trademark razor sharp leads while Lauren’s typically heartfelt performance dominates the song. Very nice indeed.

♫ Chvrches – Get Away

While you’re here, check out another new Chvrches tune. As yet formally untitled, the band have been announcing it under the guises of various US comedians. So far it’s been reported to have the titles of ‘Gene Wilder’, ‘Eddie Murphy’; and in this instance (lifted from Austin City Limits Music Festival) ‘Richard Pryor’.

♫ Chvrches – ‘Richard Pryor’ (Live)

Chvrches début full length record, The Bones Of What You Believe, is out now.

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[Audio] Pilotpriest’s ‘The Last Goodbye’



Amazing synthesizer wizard Pilotpriest has been releasing a sting of sweet single recently, his latest, The Last Goodbye, is a thing of beauty. This is really one you should paly through some decent headphones and let the sound absorb you. As with most of Pilotpriest’s output, it’s a blissful soundtrack piece that will carry you to far off places and wrap you in it’s synthetic depths. It’s been quite some time since Pilotpriest’s stunning Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album; he;s lost none of his touch.

Clocking in at nearly six minutes, The Last Goodbye really does take the listening on a musical journey. Easing you into it’s world with gentle pads and a vinyl crackle, the tune slowly builds itself up with undulating vintage synths and a punchy bassline. After the no-quite-melancholic-but-subdued build of the track’s first half, an appreciated breakdown heralds Pilotpriest launching into a rousing and energized finalize. It’s spine tingling, emotional stuff. Get involved.

♫ Pilotpriest – The Last Goodbye

Pilotpriest’s The Last Goodbye is out now.

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[Audio] Mild Peril’s ‘The Duel’


Mild Peril

London’s Italo and SpaceSynth master Mild Peril this week unleashes a new collection of tracks on digital download or cassette. Teaming up with Telefuture for the release, Mild Peril neatly packages a few tracks we’ve heard before with one or two new surprises in a cheeky tape form. The mini-album, titled Matter,  features the likes of Excalibur and Galatine alongside new tunes such as Paladin’s Theme and The Duel.

Paladin’s Theme is the releases opener, and sets the tone nicely. Revelling in Mild Peril’s recently acquired Medieval overtones, Paladin’s Theme creates an epic mood but pairs that with some sweet orchestral hits (you know how much we love out orchestral hits!) and luxurious synths. The end result is not to dissimilar to a theme from an 80s sword and sorcery movie, it also gives Mild Peril free rein to delivers some truly soaring solo work that really makes this nine minute electronic oddessy something special. The Duel is more full on power-Italo, six minutes of driving apreggios underpinning some superbly rousing synthesizer melodies. Mild Peril guides you through the highs and lows of a music narrative that at times is genuinely exciting. The whole EP is well worth your attention whether you’ve heard  Mild Peril before or not.

♫ Mild Peril – Paladin’s Theme

♫ Mild Peril – The Duel

Mild Peril’s Matter is out now and available here.

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[Download] Mild Peril’s ‘Excalibur’ EP


Mild Peril

London’s finest purveyor of Italo and Space Synth Mild Peril with a new three track EP is cosmic, electronic, voyages. Serving as a precursor to his forthoming second album, Excalibur delivers three tracks of what Mild Peril called “Mediaeval Synth”, and we’d call beautiful, funky, synthetic dreams. Strap in.

The EP’s title track serves up a platter of pounding Industrial beats and blissful vintage synths. The mixture of punchy sounds and hazy, sweeping keys that we’ve come to expect from Mild Peril is present and correct. Rich and emotive, Excalibur is just he first part of this journey, but one that completely enthrals over it’s seven minute length. As Excalibur  is a reworking of Sequence 1, Galatine re-treads ground covered by Sequence 2 sending it into strange magical places backed with a stomping EBM beat, peppering it with zippy synths and a bouncy European basslines, all leading up to a soaring and involving solo. First featuring on his Themes EP Mild Peril’s cover of the Game Of Thrones theme, Throne Of Swords, is given a dark ages danceable tweak with this new version, a track to surprise and delight seedy Italo dancefloors. We can’t recommend Mild Peril enough for serious synthesizer music fans.

Mild Peril – Excalibur

Mild Peril – Galatine

Mild Peril – Throne Of Swords (Red Wedding Dance)

Mild Peril’s Excalibur EP is out now at Bandcamp.

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[Download] Mild Peril’ ‘Themes’ EP


Mild Peril

We’ve been waiting for this EP to drop for a little while now, a couple of weeks ago London Italomeister Mild Peril unleashed his interpretation of the Doctor Who theme tune to coincide with the shows 50th Anniversary with hints that a whole EP of TV themes was to come. Well, here it is, three tracks of synthesizer bliss with enough nostalgia to put a smile on your face.

There’s three tracks on the EP, we’re going to present two here and let you discover the third, Mild Peril’s rework of the A Game Of Thrones theme tune, for yourself. Of the other two one is a pure revelation. Would we ever in a million years think Aled Jones’ Walking In The Air from the Raymond Briggs cartoon The Snowman would make an amazing dark Italo song? That’ll be a no. But y’know what? It really does. Mild Peril gently lays down washes of electronic, atmospheric sound and building arpeggios until when that instantly recognisable refrain emerges all thoughts of Welsh chiorboys has gone from your mind and your just left with a pulsating synthetic soundscape and one of the richest riffs we’ve heard in a while and some beautiful playing. Who’s There?, obviously the Doctor Who theme, opens with some dialogue form the shows very first episode, and proceeds to have fun with the tune. Whipping the theme’s lead line into an Italo frenzy, Mild Peril layers twisting snyths against a shuffling beat and the cultural icon that is the track’s bassline really capturing mood the show’s 80s years. You should all definitely check out this EP, producing TV theme cover version without producing extra helping of cheese is quite a feat, but Mild Peril pulls it off with style.

Mild Peril – Airwalking/The Snow Man

Mild Peril – Who’s There?

Mild Peril’s Themes EP is out now, grab a copy on Bandcamp.

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