Future Unlimited’s ‘Haunted Love’

Future unlimited

Future Unlimited, those awesome Nashville purveyors of deep ElectroPop, they were never going to let us down on Halloween, were they? Well, sort of, whilst not strictly a Halloween song (thankfully) it has the word ‘Haunted’ in the title and brooding synths. So we can all be really shallow and just call it our generations Monster Mash, at least for today.

Seriously though, Haunted Love is a staggeringly beautiful tale of obsession set to a moody, romantic, electronic backing. With distant vocals that shift around the track like smoke, giving the song a Shoegaze feel to it, and warm, rich synths that rise and fall, ebb and flow, like a living thing. Drums pulsating a slow, steady heartbeat, chords filtering in and out like breathing, Haunted Love is an organic beast. Just with there were some creepy dance moves to go along with it.

Future Unlimited – Haunted Love

Future Unlimited’s album is due out soon.

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MiGHty mOUse’s ‘August Mixtape’ and Future Unlimited Dub

MiGHty mOUse

MiGHty mOUse – August 2012 Mixtape = It’s MiGHty mOUse mixtape time again! This one drops over an hour of some of the best Nu-Disco and House from the past couple of months. This one goes quite deep, but it’s a definite party starter, it just gets bigger and bigger toward the end!

MiGHty mOUse – August 2012 Mixtape

The tracklist:

01. Pressure Drop – You’re Mine
02. Hal Incandenza – Ventura (Original Mix)
03. Solid Light – El Deporto
04. White Shadow – If You Like It (Rick Rude reMix)
05. Rüfüs – This Summer (JBAG reMix)
06. Tony Betties – You & I (Saalim reMix)
07. Kraver & NSFW – Starstruck (Drop out Orchestra reMix)
08. Daniel Solar – Say What (Original Mix)
09. Ivan The Terrible – My Love (Original Mix)
10. Jonas Rathsman – Since I Don’t Have You
11. Music Lovers – (Keep On) Dancin’ (Original Mix)
12. Bit Funk – It’s My Love
13. Solomun – Cloud Dancer (Kraak & Smaak reMix)
14. The Egg – Catch (The C90’s reMix)
15. Future Unlimited – Golden (MiGHty mOUse Dub reMix)

While you’re here, MiGHty mOUse is giving away the Dub version of his fantastic reMix of Future Unlimited’s Golden. We featured the track last week and loved it, now you can have that infectious melody all on it’s own for soaring Disco House epicness.

Future Unlimited – Golden (MiGHty mOUse Dub reMix)

MiGHty mOUse’s ‘Disco Battle Weapons (Volume 2) is out now on Cheap Thrills

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MiGHty mOUse reMixes Future Unlimited


We do love a bit of Nashville ElectroPop duo Future Unlimited ‘round these parts. Particularly their track Golden, which, having graced these pages more than once, is one of our tunes of the year so far. So imagine our excitement then, when, from out of no-where, our favourite London cosmic Disco peddler MiGHty mOUse drops this massive new reMix of the tune. There may have been a “get in!” fist pump.

MiGHty mOUse’s take on the track is dancefloor gold. Mixing up a little Tropical percussion with some Sci-Fi synths and House piano kinda’ covers all the basses, and as he covers all the bases, he does it with style and flair. You can always tell a MiGHty mOUse tune over most Nu-Disco productions. Aside from the obvious studio skill, there’s a lot more going on in an MM track than you’d normally find, a lot more eclectic elements too. MiGHty mOUse seems to write what feels right, rather than what the scene demands, and whereas most producers would claim a similar notion, MM’s track always feel refreshing. Take this tune, there’s actually quite a Dubby sound going on in the background, a few echoes, deep basses, that give it another unique twist, along with an infectious as hell percussive lead line. MiGHty mOUse’s intelligent Disco in combination with Golden’s anthemic vocals works even better than we’d hoped.

Future Unlimited – Golden (MiGHty mOUse Vocal reMix)

Golden is taken from Future Unlimited’s EP, out now.

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Future Unlimited’s new track


Future Unlimited are a Nashville based Indie-Electro, verging in ElectroPop, with a Chillwave outlook, duo who we’ve written about a few times in these inches. Their EP, EP, released earlier this year was a masterclass in floaty retro Dreampop and now the twosome is back with a new tune, Lightweight Eyes, that further cements their reputation as purveyors of vintage emotional dance greatness.

Lightweight Eyes is probably up their with their best track to date, Golden, a multi-layered, swirling track. A Dreamwavey retro ElectroPop track washed with Chillwave’s reverb sounds more contemporary that you’d think. This tune shines, everything about it is shimmering and bright, but in soft focus. The hazy synths blend and evolve together like a nostalgic dream, instantly confortable but somehow distant,  while the vocals dance around, weaving in and out of the song. There’s an almost shoegaze quality to this track, except it’s far too dancefloor friendly to be truly ‘gazey. This, more Electro direction,  definitely has us eager for more from Future Unlimited.

Future Unlimited – Lightweight Eyes

You can download Lightweight Eyes for free miniscule price of a tweet here. Cheap!

Future Unlimited’s EP is out now.

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Future Unlimited cover The Comsat Angels


Nashville based Indie-ElectroPoppers Future Unlimited, released one of the surprise EPs of the year. The highlight of their EP, EP, being Golden, an uplifting ElectroPop anthem that got lots of play ‘round these parts. While we are waiting for a new release the guys have recorded a cover version of Sheffield Post-Punk band The Comsat Angels’ 1981 classic  Sleep No More.

Future Unlimited’s take on the tune is a breezy Dreamwave opus. Rich and spacious, Sleep No More retains a little of the Post-Punk feel to it, and a hint of darkness, but wraps it up in powerful and warm retro synth work. Only the occasional burst of jagged guitar betrays the songs roots while Future Unlimited make it their own.

♫ Future Unlimited – Sleep No More (The Comsat Angels Cover)

Future Unlimited’s EP is out now.

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The New Division reMix Future Unlimited

Future Unlimited

Nashville Indie-Electro band Future Unlimited’s ‘Golden’ was the highlight of their recent EP, a lush sing-a-long ElectroPop epic full of rousing chords and heartfelt vocals. Well the best on the EP just got a little bit better with a reMix from southern Californian ElectroPop four piece The New Division.

the New Division bring a little more groove and a little more synth goodness to their reMix. ‘Golden’ was pretty anthemic to begin with, but The New Division take it to uplifting new places, places where it’s constantly sunrise. Giving the track a bit of a House makeover and adding some truly euphoric synths give the track some goosebump inducing moments. Dipping and rising from gritty basslines, softly sung verses to massive Poptastic choruses, this reMix has got hooks, both vocally and melodically, in all the right places.

Future Unlimited – Golden (The New Division reMix)

♫ Future Unlimited – Golden

Download Future Unlimited’s EP for free here.

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