[Download] Alison Valentine’s ‘Curious’ reMixed by Chrome Sparks



Today is pretty much Alison Valentine’s day, so we’ll leave you with her latest tune. It’s a reMix of her recent Chrome Canyon produced single, Curious, from fellow Brooklyn resident Chrome Sparks; who gets his Disco groove on and pumps up the bass,

With a real vintage approach, Chrome Sparks wades deep in analog synth warbles and galactic Sci-Fi sounds while keeping it warm and groove. Ally V’s vocals sweep through the track, gliding over rich Disco beats and an enigmatic bass. Those retro synths really get going when it comes to solo time, sparing to stratospheric heights and playing against Ally’s grounded voice. Sweet stuff. 

Alison Valentine- Curious (Chrome Sparks Disco reMix)

Alison Valentine’s Curious is available to download now on her own label (and, apparently, florist) 11 x 11.

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[Mixtape] Chrome Canyon’s ‘CC Mix Tape Vol. 5’


Chrome Canyon

Chrome Canyon – CC Mix Tape Vol. 5 – The latest mixtape from New York’s synthesizer wizard Chrome Canyon is an upfront collection of some of the freshest House and Nu-Disco around, with a leaning toward vocal track, this hour long will keep you going all week.

Chrome Canyon – CC Mix Tape Vol. 5

The tracklist:
01. Disclosure – Voices (Le Youth reMix)
02. Kimbra – Posse (Ghosts Of Venice reMix)
03. Donna Summer – Bad Girls (Gigamesh reMix)
04. Blende – Rikki
05. Soft Touch – Swim In The Night (Chrome Canyon reMix)
06. Empire Of The Sun – DNA (Yuksek Remix)
07. LBCK – Give & Take
08. Chordashian – Keep On (In Flagranti Extended Mix)
09. Blood Orange – On the Line (Star Slinger Edit)
10. Eumig & Chinon – CRASH
11. Rogue Vogue – Until The Dawn (Cyclist reMix)
12. Bee Gees – Tragedy (Forever Kids reMix)
13. Chromeo – Night By Night (Oliver Nelson reMix)
14. Genuine – Pony (Viceroy reMix)

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[Download] Alison Valentine’s ‘Curious’


Alison Valentine

Curious is the new one from one of New York’s finest Indie-ElectroPop exports Alison Valentine. We last saw Ally V being featured on a Kitsuné compilation with Circles And Triangles; since then she’s teamed up with one of today’s great unsung analog synth wizards, Chrome Canyon, to produce this lush slice of summery Pop on a vintage Disco meets über-cool IndiePop tip.

Curious is an intoxicating meeting of Allison’s sweet voice and penchant for roller-rink jams with the swooshing, Sci-Fi Disco sounds of Chrome Canyon. Laid back keys ease the song into your heart before introducing warm, funky, bass and a feel-good groove. Warbling synths drag this tune straight out of the 70’s into 2014 with a tune that primed for the summer. Amongst the relaxed poolside sounds Allison’s vocals make the track. A hazy dream; the song is like a wave of catchiness that gets well stuck in your head.

Alison Valentine – Curious (Produced By Chrome Canyon)

Alison Valentine’s Curious is available to download now on her own label (and, apparently, florist) 11 x 11.

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[Audio] Chrome Canyon reMixed by Freak You



Brooklyn synth wizard Chrome Canyon’s reMix is is finally out this week. the album is a collection of reMixes of tracks from his, frankly, amazing album Elemental Themes. We’ve already had a peek at versions from Chateau Marmont and ATTAR!, so next up is On The Fruit label boss Freak You, who takes on the albums lead single, and dystopian Sci-Fi monster, Generations.

Freak You ups the tempo somewhat and goes nuts with arpeggiated synth craziness. Keeping a Disco groove, but not letting that stand in the way of him wigging out, Freak You revels in an intoxicating pallet of electronic sounds. More Terminator than the original’s BladeRunner, albeit with a massive does of Cosmic Disco, this is one to please any fans of synthetic soundtracks. Part SynthWave, part galactic Funk, part brap, this is a classy reMix.

♫ Chrome Canyon – Generations (Freak You reMix)

Chrome Canyon’s Elemental reMixes is out now on Stones Throw Records.

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[Audio] Chrome Canyon reMixed by ATTAR!


Chrome Canyon

Here’s the next track from the reMix companion to Brooklyn synth wizard Chrome Canyon’s utterly amazing album Elemental Themes. Elemental reMixes is out next week and having heard the Chateau Marmont reMix of Elemental Themes big single Generations, we can now wrap our ears around this version of the mind warping Memories Of A Scientist by Belgium’s finest ATTAR!.

The track is a really interesting blend of ATTAR!’s robo-Disco House sound and Chrome Canyon’s proggy synth excursions. If fact, we’d go so far as to say that ATTAR! leans somewhat toward the latter for his adventures in 70s synth music. With all the drama of majestic SynthWave the reMix builds and builds, both musically and the tension, before launching into a Moroder-esque late 70s electronic Disco workout. Taking Chrome Canyon’s flair for vintage synth opuses and running with it, taking the originals Sci-Fi mystery straight to the dancefloor, and the result is stunning. Part vintage synth Disco, part 70s Sci-Fi TV theme, part prog rock solo, we’d be quite happy if all electronic music sounded like this.

♫ Chrome Canyon – Memories Of A Scientist (ATTAR! reMix)

Chrome Canyon’s Elemental reMixes is released 9th April on Stones Throw Records.

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[MP3] Chrome Canyon reMixed by Chateau Marmont

Chrome Canyon

Last month we raved about Brooklyn synth magician Chrome Canyon new video for Generations which is taken from his jaw droppingly good album of last year Elemental Themes. It’s a gorgeous slice of Sci-Fi synth work that has now been given an eclectic workout by French analog adventurers Chateau Marmont. The meeting of these two yields an amazing, nostalgic, evocative synthesizer excursion.

To be released on Chrome Canyon’s forthcoming Elemental reMixes EP, which, as you can probably guess, holds some killer reMixes of tracks from Elemental Themes. Including this one. Imagine the BladeRunner melody from Generations, paired with eccentric percussion and, just a revelling in analog synths. Injecting the original with an exotic edge only highlights the culture mashing Dystopian feel to the track. The EP will also include work from Peaking Lights, Tomas Barfod, Gavin Rusom, Mike Simonetti, ATTAR!, Matthewdavid, Airbird, Eclectic Method, Saarid and Freak You

Chrome Canyon – Generation (Chateau Marmont reMix)

Chrome Canyon’s Elemental Themes album is out now.

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[Video] Chrome Canyon’s ‘Generations’


Chrome Canyon, Brooklyn’s resident analog synth wizard, has just released a new video. this one is for his track Generations, which is taken from the amazing Chrome canyon album Elemental Themes.

Accompanying the cosmic electronics is a rich, moody, narrative courtesy of director Ace Norton and features ballet dancer Amanda Wells. It’s not the BladeRunner dystopia you might expect from the track, but lovely nonetheless.

The track is taken from his Elemental Themes album, out now.

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[Video] Chrome Canyon’s ‘Pulze’

Brooklyn vintage synth wizard Chrome Canyon has just débuted his new video, for a particularly Cosmic track called Pulze. A synth prog-fest that is pure epic.

The video, directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford, is just as retro-trippy as the track, essential viewing (and listening)

The track is taken from his Elemental Themes album, out now.

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Chrome Canyon editing John Carpenter


Chrome Canyon, one of Brooklyn’s finest purveyors of vintage synth Boogie, has taken it upon himself to spice up your Halloween with a funky little re-edit of legendary master of horror, and synthesizer wizard John Carpenter’s theme from his 1978 slash-fest Halloween.

Carpenter is the undisputed king of horror synth. Halloween, Escape From New York, Assault On Precinct 13, all synth classics, with Halloween obviously being the most creepified. So what can you do with that instantly recognisable, flesh-crawling piano line and chords of dread? Well, Chrome Canyon musters up all his electronic trickery to drop a shuffling beat and cuts the track up into dancefloor sized chunks. Building and building a robotic tension until the big Disco synths drop for the finale and the track goes manic, or should that be maniac?

John Carpenter –  Halloween Theme (Chrome Canyon Re-Edit)

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Chrome Canyon’s ‘Memories Of A Scientist’ video

The awesome Chrome Canyon, now on Stone’s Throw, has a new single and album incoming. Memories Of A Scientist is the second track to be taken form the forthcoming Elemental Themes album.

The video, self-directed by Chrome Canyon/Morgan Z and casts himself as an electronic music mad scientist set amidst the heavy synthesizer Disco of the track.

Elemental Themes is released 9th October.

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