[Audio] Tommy’s new EP



French atmospheric SynthWave producer extraordinaire Tommy has signed on with that staple of retro synth music Girlfriend Records. We can’t think of a better match. GFR have long been on the front-line of SynthWave and have carved a name out for themselves that demands you pay attention to their releases, and Tommy, being one of the leading lights of the SynthWave scene, is a perfect addition to their stable.

The new release, High Fidelity, is five tracks of soaring synthetic goodness. The EP show a versatility to Tommy’s work, with tracks ranging from pure soundtrack Outrun Electro, to more groovy SynthWave, to luscious electronic ballads. The track on the release feel like a maturing of Tommy sound post-Outer Space Adventurer. There something a little more thoughtful, and a little more encompassing of a wider range of influences and emotional moods on this record. Amongst the EP’s flowing journey, highlights include the opener, Tommy’s Theme, which is a tour-de-force in melodic soloing. If you like your epic synth solos then this tune will make you very happy indeed. Set to a swirling synthetic mood, Tommy lets rip and teats us to an evolving electronic conversation. The EP’s title track, High Fidelity, is Tommy at his driving best. An arpeggio fuelled monster that lulls you into a false sense of Outrun security before launching a barrage of emotional chords and melodies at you. With a little Disco swing introduced at the mid-point, High Fidelity is the EPs energetic pinnacle, and Test Drive, a track that is such pure SynthWave as to set the bar for those that follow. With a Kavinsky flavour, Test Drive, growls it;s way though four minutes of asphalt churning, melodic madness. Tommy has really delivered the goods with his new EP, making him, more than ever, one to watch.

♫ Tommy – High Fidelity

♫ Tommy – Tommy’s Theme

♫ Tommy – Test Drive

Tommy’s High Fidelity EP is out now.

Buy Tommy’s music from:

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