[MP3] Patrick Baker’s ‘This Love (Higher)’

Patrick Baker

Not one to sit and musically procrastinate, Retro Pop superstar Patrick Baker is slowly edging out of the 80s, into the early 90s with his latest work, This Love (Higher). The beshaded one injects a little Swingbeat into his sound, rolling up with a deeply groovy slice of Electronic Soul.

I was going to attempt to write this article without using the phrase ‘New Jack Swing’, but I can’t, so there. This Love (Higher)’s pretty damn New Jack Swing, well on the way there at least, like a smoothed out, slightly SynthWave version of New Jack Swing. I’m now going to say ‘swing’ another couple of times, just so you know. This Love (Higher)’s got the swing bassline that it couples with some really silky late 80s R&B drums and Baker’s husky vocals resulting in a tune that will just flow out of your speaker like water. I said I’d say ‘swing’ twice, right? That was the other time. Excellent tune.

Patrick Baker – This Love (Higher)

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