[Audio] Betamaxx’s ‘Dreamer’



It’s nearly time for the release of the new album from Pittsburgh based SynthWaver Betamaxx. The new full length records, titled Plug & Play, is due out later this month via Telefuture Records and promises some gloriously vintage synth sounds if this just unleashed teaser is anything to go by. Featuring vocal work from Rat Rios, check out album track Dreamer.

Kicking off with an authentically 80s synth riff, Dreamer bodes well for the forthcoming album. A warm and catchy track in which Betamaxx’s lush retro SynthPop is perfectly paired with Rat Rio’s particularly 80s sounding vocal arrangement. Driving and energetic, the track builds and builds toward it choruses which explode in a cascade of energy. An absolute must for SynthPop lovers. We can’t wait for the LP.

♫ Betamaxx (Feat. Rat Rios) – Dreamer

Betamaxx’s Plug & Play album is released 12th March.

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[Movie] Rage



Right, are you sitting down? There’s a lot of information to take-in in this post so pay attention. We’re going multi-media crazy and a worthy cause is gonna’ need your help. Pay attention. Our good friend and top SynthWaver Arcade High is not only one of the most original retro-synth producers around, he’s also a talented filmmaker. Currently in his final year at film school, Ryan is attempting to put together a short movie, written and directed by himself and highly influenced by the 80s flicks he loves. The film is called Rage, about a man who returns from the dead and embarks on a bloody quest to rescue his girlfriend. The film will expand upon a blood soaked test scene filmed earlier this year. Check it out.

So, here’s where things get really interesting, not only are the looking to fans and enthusiasts to fund the movie over on IndieGoGo for special perks, but they are also already selling the soundtrack. Out on Telefuture, the album is a thirteen track compilation featuring tracks from some of the best and brightest in the SynthWave scene, including, but not limited to, Silenx, Arcade High himself, Betamaxx, Tommy​, Final DJs and Protector 101. The soundtrack costs $10, with all of the cash going toward the films budget. It’s a great funding strategy, and everybody wins. Check out some of the tracks, the release is loaded with top quality, ominous, pounding and pulsating synthesizer soundtrack music and relentless Italo beats. The soundtrack is on Bandcamp right now, and you can find out more about Rage and the crew involved in making it, along with donation options on their IndieGoGo page. Get involved!

♫ Tommy – Kurt’s Revenge

♫ Silenx – Rogue Vindicator

♫ Arcade High – Rise From Your Grave

♫ Betamaxx – Retaliation

♫ Protector 101 – Empty Shells

The Rage soundtrack is out now, all proceeds go towards the movies production budget. Get it here.

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[Audio] Betamaxx’s ‘Sophisticated Technology’ album



We’ve got to be honest, two albums in one year always raises alarm bells for us. There’s a big danger of quantity over quality with such a packed release schedule, and the feeling that there’s no self-editing going on at the production end. In a day and age where everyone just throws up every single thing the do on the internet, for artists trying to create a buzz there’s a strong chance that releases become so commonplace that no excitement exists anymore. That said, we are big fans of Pittsburgh based SynthWaver Betamaxx, who album Interface from January this year we are still loving, and he has just released a new full length record, titled Sophisticated Technology, on Telefuture.

We were pleasantly surprise to find that Betamaxx has kept up his high quality productions throughout 2013 next 13 tracks. The album launches itself on a collaboration with French synth wizard Tommy, Breakthrough, a track that wears it’s more robotic side of the 80s influences on it’s sleeve. A cavalcade of tweaking arpeggios and laser beam synth lines that, whilst futuristic, leans on the side of the optimistic. Dolby Dance and Zenith are next, a chilled Beach vibe slice of retrowave and a hyperactive Italo Pop tune respectively, both showing off slick arrangements but featuring a slightly out of place muted guitar. Maxximum gets things back on track, a pulsating slab of instrumental RoboPop that is as emotionally resonant as it is playful with it’s twisting lead lines. When Redlining 6th kicks off there’s a slight feeling that it;s all over the place, but that soon reveals itself to be organised chaos as the track descends into pinpoint precision, multi layered, driving SynthWave with a hypnotic solo. The enigmatic synthesizer squeaks of Inside Information lead us to Reel To Reel, featuring Mike McG. A heavy Synth Funk tune that pairs B-Boy beats with ghostly vocoded vocals and a storming lead line, sprinkled with just the right amount of metal dance to give it a machine groove. Chrominance and Memorex Discotheque are both frantic, Outrun style tunes that drive the album toward it’s conclusion of the synthesizer relaxation of New Horizons and hopeful euphoric mood of the album’s final, cinematic, track, Remembrance. Overall Betamaxx has beat the odds and delivered a second amazing album in one year, sure there are some really jarring guitars here and there on the record that largely feel tacked on, and some of the hi-octane tunes are a tad by-the-numbers, but on the whole Sophisticated Technology is more killer than filler and well worth your investigation.

♫  Betamaxx (Feat. Mike McG) – Reel To Real

♫ Betamaxx (Feat. Tommy) – Breakthrough

♫ Betamaxx – Maxximum

♫ Betamaxx – Redlining 6th

Betamaxx’s Sophisticated Technology is out now.

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[Audio] Betamaxx’s ‘Interface’ album


Pittsburgh based SynthWave producer Betamaxx has just dropped his début album, Interface. We’ve been following Nick Morey tunes for a while now, and as far as the current crop of emerging SynthWave artists go, he’s up there with the best. He’s also not afraid to go off track either, injecting his work with sometimes surprising elements.

Interface kicks off with You Can’t Catch Me, a pseudo-Intro piece before launching into the album proper with Contra. Contra sets the tone for the record with its jackhammer Italo beats that play against bright pads and starlight leads. Betamaxx goes further down the path of melody with this release, each track, rather than a collection of layered arpeggios, delivers intertwining melodies, beautiful moods and a surprising array of influences. Of course, there’s your typical ‘80’s movie soundtrack inspired pieces like East Coast Summers and The Sure Thing, but there’s a smattering of Electro-Funk on Betamaxx’s ode to Yamaha’s DX7. DHHeaven and Nu-NRG of Silicon Dreams. On the whole what impresses the most about this album is the musicality of it, just check out Adrenaline Lust for some seriously deft fingered soloing. Not just for lovers of 80s revival music, but for all synth music fans, this album should definitely be investigated. If there’s one criticism I could apply to Betamaxx, it’s this, and to be honest this doesn’t just apply to Betamaxx, but the current SynthWave scene at large. Interface comes just four months after Betamaxx’s last album, Lost Formats. These two albums could have really been cherry picked and merged into one truly stunning piece of work. And that happens a lot on the SynthWave scene, people releasing albums of everything they do every five minutes. I guess the message is, you don’t need to release every single track you write, exercise extreme quality control and only release the best of your best, and give your releases time to breathe. One album a year is a lot for most artists. Right now the SynthWave scene is descending into a by producers for other producers mind-set, which is great fun and all very nerdy, but for the scene to gain the wider recognition it so badly deserves. Still, Betamaxx’s Interface is an excellent example of forward thinking SynthWave right now.

♫ Betamaxx – Contra

♫ Betamaxx – DXHeaven

♫ Betamaxx – East Coast Summers

♫ Betamaxx – Adrenaline Lust

Betamaxx’s Interface is out now.

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Betamaxx new tune


Here’s a new one from Pittsburgh SynthWaver Betamaxx. It’s been a few months since we last featured Nick Morey’s 80s sounds, but this new track has a sweet vocal from Dana Jean Phoenix, which definitely got out attention.

The Sure Thing is a little rough around the edges, but that seems to be part of it’s charm. It’s a warm, nostalgic slice of retro Pop. We knew Betamaxx was highly skilled in the production of vintage sounding synth music, and this track is full of bright chords and arpeggiated basslines dong the job, but Dana Jean’s vocals are also amazingly 80s sounding. Both in performance and arrangement, the vocal line of The Sure Thing exudes a authentically mid-80s cool. Hopefully Betamaxx will get round to a new EP sometimes soon.

Betamaxx (Feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) – The Sure Thing

Check out more from Betamaxx on SoundCloud.



Betamaxx is a one-man project hailing from Pittsburgh. Producer Nick Morey explores his love of synths and retro sounds to it’s fullest. What you get in his music is an amazing mix of analog Disco, ‘80’s movie soundtracks and floor shaking Electro. There’s definitely some big sounds coming out of the US version of The Steel City (the real Steel City, of course, being home of The Human League, Heaven 17 and Cabaret Voltaire, Sheffield).

We’ve got two tracks here for you to sample. today. Fist up is Syntax Analysis, a track that kicks off with deep robot synths and a B-Boy beat tempered with soaring analog leads and the track soon descend into a full-on retro synth love-in.  Betamaxx’s production is top quality, which is a good job because his tracks are pretty intricately crafted and multi layered, in the hands of a less deft producer things could get muddy, but Betamaxx handles everything with ease, allowing each element of the music to breathe and letting the listener soak up the nostalgic synthesizer sounds. Pittsburgh Nights adds a little Electro Boogie into the mix with a frantic, punchy, synth bassline, and rapid-fire rhythms. As with Syntax Analysis, Betamaxx juxtaposes the manic with the beautiful, in the form of blissful, and funky, electronic melodies. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Betamaxx from now on.

Betamaxx – Syntax Analysis (First Cut)

Betamaxx – Pittsburgh Nights (First Cut)

Check out more from Betamaxx on SoundCloud.