[Audio] Patrick Baker’s new single

Patrick Baker

Amazing Retro Pop artist Patrick Baker is gearing up for the release of his début single. Released next month, Get 2 Know U is actually the first track of Patrick’s we featured on electronic rumors, back in June last year, and now it’s getting a proper release, backed with a pretty special reMix package, in anticipation of Baker’s album release later this year.  Televisor Jolie Cherie

You’ve probably heard Get 2 Know U by now, it’s a lush slice of 80s Americana. when we first wrote about it we commented that Patrick baker is to American 80s Pop what Kid Kasio is to British 80s Pop, and that’s true. Patrick authentically creates a nostalgic vision of the US charts in the great decade. Get 2 Know U is a catchy, upbeat slab of ElectroPop. Fun and funky, what more could you want? reMixes come from Robots With Rayguns with a deep, west coast, Pop mix, Televisor, who inject the track with a summery, beach-party, vibe and lends Get 2 Know U some Nu-Disco flair, and France’s Jolie Cherie, who turn in a relaxed, spacey, Disco tinged ElectroPop mix that has a nice warm sound to round of the single. We’re so pleased Patrick is starting to release stuff properly and predict big things from this guy.

♫ Patrick Baker – Get 2 Know U (Original Mix)

♫ Patrick Baker – Get 2 Know U (Televisor reMix)

♫ Patrick Baker – Get 2 Know U (Jolie Cherie reMix)

Patrick Baker’s Get 2 Know U is released 18th February.

Check out more from Patrick Baker on SoundCloud.

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