[Audio] Tommy & Sally Shapiro’s ‘Why Did I Say Goodbye?’


Sally Shapiro

Top-of-his-game SynthWave producer Tommy is gearing up for the release of his new album, Frequency Modulations, due out next month on Girlfriend Records. Taking the plunge into the waters of ElectroPop, Tommy has collaborated with rad ScandiPop duo Sally Shapiro on one of the album tracks, Why Did I Say Goodbye? is a true meeting of minds.

Somewhere in the middle between Sally Shapiro’s lilting SynthPop and Tommy’s driving, emotional, SynthWave sounds, Why Did I Say Goodbye? powers along on an energetic arpeggio and evolving snyth melodies, tempered by Sally’s sweet vocal. Both haunting and frantic, the dichotomy of the track really does express the styles of the collaborators. Can;t wait for the album.

♫ Tommy (Feat. Sally Shapiro) – Why Did I Say Goodbye?

Tommy’s Frequency Modulations is released in March.

Buy Tommy’s music from:

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