[Audio] Tommy’s new EP



French atmospheric SynthWave producer extraordinaire Tommy has signed on with that staple of retro synth music Girlfriend Records. We can’t think of a better match. GFR have long been on the front-line of SynthWave and have carved a name out for themselves that demands you pay attention to their releases, and Tommy, being one of the leading lights of the SynthWave scene, is a perfect addition to their stable.

The new release, High Fidelity, is five tracks of soaring synthetic goodness. The EP show a versatility to Tommy’s work, with tracks ranging from pure soundtrack Outrun Electro, to more groovy SynthWave, to luscious electronic ballads. The track on the release feel like a maturing of Tommy sound post-Outer Space Adventurer. There something a little more thoughtful, and a little more encompassing of a wider range of influences and emotional moods on this record. Amongst the EP’s flowing journey, highlights include the opener, Tommy’s Theme, which is a tour-de-force in melodic soloing. If you like your epic synth solos then this tune will make you very happy indeed. Set to a swirling synthetic mood, Tommy lets rip and teats us to an evolving electronic conversation. The EP’s title track, High Fidelity, is Tommy at his driving best. An arpeggio fuelled monster that lulls you into a false sense of Outrun security before launching a barrage of emotional chords and melodies at you. With a little Disco swing introduced at the mid-point, High Fidelity is the EPs energetic pinnacle, and Test Drive, a track that is such pure SynthWave as to set the bar for those that follow. With a Kavinsky flavour, Test Drive, growls it;s way though four minutes of asphalt churning, melodic madness. Tommy has really delivered the goods with his new EP, making him, more than ever, one to watch.

♫ Tommy – High Fidelity

♫ Tommy – Tommy’s Theme

♫ Tommy – Test Drive

Tommy’s High Fidelity EP is out now.

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[Audio] Rex Ronan’s début EP


Rex Ronan

Rex Ronan is the latest signing to the always excellent Girlfriend Records. This Coventry based producer is an ex-live player of Martin Bowes’ avant-garde Electro Industrial outfit Attrition (ahhh Acid Tongue!) whos been producing solo for a while now, but recently got together with GFR to release his début EP, Beyond, which out released next Tuesday.

The EP kicks off with Incoming, which gently sets up the EP without dropping you straight into some of the frantic, high-octane tracks that appear later. Incoming works a range of breezy buzzing riffs and ringing synths over a storming beat for a driving, but uplifting result. Coastal continues the same pace, but injects a little groove into it’s bassline giving that track a breezy, laid back, Disco side to it. This one is definitely one of the EP’s highlights and could do well in any DJ’s crate. Up next is Beyond, a pumping Electro-House track that blends in a little bitcrushed grittiness and a little big room flavour. Where Ronan shies is his chord progressions and epic melodies, bring a wave of emotional resonance into a huge dance track. The EP plays out on Spell, a sidechaned-to-all-hell tune that combines the worlds of SynthWave and French Touch to make you feel likes it’s 2007 again. Electro on! The only problem with the EP we found was in a few of the tracks, most noticeably Incoming and Beyond, Rex has a tendency to drop in little DJ flourishes, which you don’t really want on original tunes, it makes it sound a bit like you’re listening to a good track on some kid’s YouTube DJ mix wondering why he can’t leave the Flanger alone, it’s a small gripe though, and doesn’t really detract from how good an EP this really is.

♫ Rex Ronan – Coastal

♫ Rex Ronan – Spell

Rex Ronan’s Beyond EP is out 26th March.

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Le Prix’s ‘Cosmonova’

le prix

We feel like we’ve been waiting for this single to drop for ever! Finally sees the long awaited (around here certainly) ‘Cosmonova’, the new single from Le Prix and the first commercial release from Girlfriend Records. Girlfriend have, of course, have a good few years of supplying us with the best in Dreamwave and SynthWave for free, so let’s all show them some support as the move into this new phase.

‘Cosmonova’ is a piece of cosmic SynthWave that is pure bliss. Built around a rolling late ‘80’s House beat, it’s a ten minute journey to other galaxies. Worth of Vangelis’ more spacey work, Le Prix takes his time, building an otherworldly synthetic atmosphere. With an infection lead riff, one that will seriously stick in your head, and layers upon layers of Sci-Fi synths Le Prix has delivered what con only be described as a interplanetary SynthWave masterpiece. reMixes come from FM Attack, who turns in a killer retro synth Disco track with strong Italo overtones. It’s a beautiful, haunting dance track with a hint of Pet Shop Boys about it. The main thing to take away from this reMix is that FM Attack truly is a master at what he does and we don;t hear nearly enough from him. Meanwhile Johnatron keeps the space age riff in place and applies tit to a thick, warping, Disco groove before bring in some Acidic synth action and some late night dancefloor chaos. The ‘Cosmonova’ package was worth the wait, and a stunning entrance into the world music market for Girlfriend.

♫ Le Prix – Cosmonova

♫ Le Prix – Cosmonova (FM Attack reMix)

♫ Le Prix – Cosmonova (Johnatron reMix)

While we’re hear let’s take another look at the awesome trailer for ‘Comosnova’, apparently it was planned to be turned into a full length video, but timing constrains on animator Kilian Eng prohibited that. Even at 43 seconds though, it’s spectacular.

Le Prix’s ‘Cosmonova’ is out right now on Girlfriend Records.

Buy Le Prix’s music from:

Le Prix’s ‘Five Miles (On The River) Mixtape’ and new single news

le prix

Le Prix – Five Miles (On The River) Mixtape = Le Prix have the honour of their forthcoming new single ‘Cosmonova’ being the first commercial release by the awesome Girlfriend Records, who, let’s face it, have given us so much great music for free it’s about time they started seeing some of the benefit. I’m sure we’ll all support them as they go forward. To celebrate the news, Le Prix has put together an eclectic 45 mins of electronic sounds with a Disco and ElectroPop flavour.

Le Prix – Five Miles (On The River) Mixtape

Girlfriend Records will be releasing Le Prix’s ‘Cosmonova’ early 2012, check out the teaser video here.

Buy Le Prix’s music from:

Toque’s ‘Xtro’

Coming up next on the awesome Girlfriend Records is a three track EP from Toque, a side project from HR.

With just the right combination of ElectroPop, Disco and Electro-Funk, Toque’s ‘Xtro’ is dark of content but funky of beats. Like ‘Thriller’,  ‘Xtro’ is quality, retro, DancePop with a horror movie theme. The juxtaposition between the get-up-and-dance music and the dark, though I expect tounge-in-cheek, lyrics is actually pretty fun. The thing I like most about this track though, is the prefect combination of 80’s sounding SynthPop and B-boy Electro, two of my greatest loves. One the one hand you’ve got the 808 claps, orchestral hits, Moog-esq funk synths, and some dark, heavily effected, MCing, and on the other shimmering lead lines and sweet as hell vocals. Definatly looking forward to this EP.

Toque – Xtro

The ‘Xtro’ EP is out next Friday on Girlfriend Records, HR is also working hard on her second EP under that moniker.

Also incoming this summer is a Girlfriend Records compilation that they say is their ‘biggest project yet’ which should feature the whole Girlfriend family and some new faces. Defiantly something to be looking forward to!

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The Sleeps reMixed

We dropped The Sleeps knowledge on you this time last week. This Indie-Electro trio from Cleveland have just released their first EP on the constantly quality Girlfriend Records label.

Well, the EP is out now, you can check the title track in our original post, it’s catchy, energetic and has got some massive synth work in amongst the gangly guitars, it’s everything you want on an Indie-Electro dancefloor . The EP is backed with reMixes from Gossip Culture and this mix from Norway’s HR, who turns the track into a chilled sunrise moment with a lot of feeling to it.

The Sleeps – Fuse (HR reMix)

The Sleeps’ ‘Fuse’ is out now, it’s probably the last of Girlfriend Records free releases and well worth it to check out the Gossip Culture reMix too. Go check out some of Girlfriend’s other free releases too, you’ll really dig them and they’ll need our support for future releases.

The Sleeps @ Girlfriend Records

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The Sleeps

The Sleeps are the latest edition to the Girlfriend Records stable. GFR are a mark of good taste in 80’s influenced electronic music and their newest members fill the Indie-Electro slot their line up.

This Cleveland based trio mix up retro sounding ElectroPop with 80’s rock riffs and catchy songwriting to create a sound that will defiantly have them standing out from the Indie-Electro crowd. Unlike many of their contemporaries, The Sleeps’ guitar work never overpowers the electronic, more the two blend together quite seamlessly with riffs and synth lines weaving in and out of one another giving the tracks a certain drive that has been missing in music since the heyday of big 80’s synth-rock movie themes. Their début for Girlfriend, ‘The Fuse’ is a perfect example of their work, a guitar and Electro mash up that occasionally veers into New York style Indie-Electro, occasionally veers into Dreamwave territory and occasionally sounds like early 90’s British Indie but makes a unique and infectious whole.

♫ The Sleeps – Fuse

The Sleeps’ ‘Fuse’ is out 1st April

The Sleeps @ Girlfriend Records

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Girlfriend Records release Le Prix’s new single

You’ve gotta’ love Girlfriend Records, not only are they consistent in putting out some of the finest 80’s inspired Electro around, but they tend to do it for free too!

Their latest release come courtesy of Le Prix, who’s ‘Eyelash OK’ single is full of everything you want from a Dreamwave tune. ‘Eyelash OK’ is all about the melody, a melodic bassline reminiscing of late 80’s Pet Shop Boys rides the Disco drums leaving the rest of the track to be dominated by the interweaving melodies of the lead lines. This is inner-city ElectroPop, the soundtrack to the lives and loves of night dwellers and insomniacs everywhere. Nightdrive Electro, both optimistic and pensive at the same time the combination of FM bass and reverby leads carrying you through your late night adventures.

Le Prix – Eyelash OK

You can get the ‘Eyelash OK’ single here, for free!

Le Prix @ Beatport

Le Prix @ Girlfriend

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