[MP3] Patrick Baker’s ‘Control’



Just when you thought you had a rest, the man Patrick Baker is back, and he’s more New Jack Swing than ever. His new single, Control, is proof (if you needed it) that Baker has now fully transitioned from 80s SynthWave superstar to 90s Swingbeat crooner. And it’s a transition we welcome, especially during the summer, it sets Patrick apart from the pack and gives him a uniqueness. Also, he’s very very good at it.

Control is the prefect example of that. Laid back summery R&B grooves with a 90s Swing (sorry, it;s really hard to write about it without saying ‘swing’ 100 times) Control just makes you want to slip the shades on and ride around in an open to jeep, possible in a very over saturated world, wearing a gold chain. Yeah, you know what I mean. Both from a production and a vocal point of view, Patrick Baker is killing it right now.

Patrick Baker – Control

Patrick Baker’s Control is out now as a free download.

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[Audio] Patrick Baker’s ‘Slip Away’



Another day, another post about Patrick Baker. Anytime this guy want to take a holiday is fine, he must be knackered. Having seen out the end of last year with his Televisor and Hot Hot Hawk collaborations, so far 2013 has seen a single and a new track from the man himself and his vocals leant to tracks from 5 Reasons and Silent Gloves and now he;s bringing it back with another new single, Slip Away.

Bringing it back to the ElectroPop after his excursion on New Jack Swing, Patrick once again show us why no-one does 80s American Pop music quite like him. With a Breakin’ beat and punchy synths this track announces itself from the first bar. Add a sprinkling of Pop guitar and Patricks epic Pop voice and you have another catchy slice of nostalgia from the man out of time. reMixes come from DigitalNativeDance and this opus from French SynthWaver Tommy. Tommy bring it energetic and upbeat, with phasing drums and a driving arpeggiated bassline, in case you felt like bringing it to the dancefloor. Top stuff!

♫ Patrick Baker – Slip Away (Original Mix)

♫ Patrick Baker – Slip Away (Tommy reMix)

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[MP3] Patrick Baker’s ‘This Love (Higher)’

Patrick Baker

Not one to sit and musically procrastinate, Retro Pop superstar Patrick Baker is slowly edging out of the 80s, into the early 90s with his latest work, This Love (Higher). The beshaded one injects a little Swingbeat into his sound, rolling up with a deeply groovy slice of Electronic Soul.

I was going to attempt to write this article without using the phrase ‘New Jack Swing’, but I can’t, so there. This Love (Higher)’s pretty damn New Jack Swing, well on the way there at least, like a smoothed out, slightly SynthWave version of New Jack Swing. I’m now going to say ‘swing’ another couple of times, just so you know. This Love (Higher)’s got the swing bassline that it couples with some really silky late 80s R&B drums and Baker’s husky vocals resulting in a tune that will just flow out of your speaker like water. I said I’d say ‘swing’ twice, right? That was the other time. Excellent tune.

Patrick Baker – This Love (Higher)

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[MP3] Cut Slack reworks Midnight Star

Midnight Star

Here’s Portuguese outfit Cut Slack with a brand new track. This time it’s ‘80s electro Soul outfit Midnight Star that gets Cut Slack’s attention with their reworking of their 1986 classic Midas Touch.

Rather than a reMix, this track is a masterclass in how Edits should be done. Cut Slack have completely stripped back the vocals, leaving only a faint, processed, trace of the song to haunt the beats. then by highlighting the tunes dancefloor qualities, Cut Slack turn the track into the prefect Synth Disco groove. This track is full of the best in nostalgic electronic Disco. Big stabs, twisting synth riffs, a boogie down beat and load of head nodding attitude. One of the middle of the dancefloor.

Midnight Star – Midas Touch (Cut Slack Rework)

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