Televisor featuring Patrick Baker


Check out the kind of awesome things that happen when two massive talents get together. We’ve previously shown love to both British/Dutch Nu-Disco collaboration Televisor and awesome retro ElectroPop artist Patrick Baker. What happens? Pure funky vintage Pop is what happens!

Run Away, the result of this meeting of minds, is a summery Pop gem, loaded with Televisior’s synth Funk and Baker’s Pop sensibilities it’s a track that you can’t help but smile to. Dominated by massive retro synths and Baker’s classic Pop croon it’s an easy-breezy song, but once the sax solo hits, it;s taken to the next level.

♫ Televisor (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Run Away

Check out more from Televisor on SoundCloud.

2 comments on “Televisor featuring Patrick Baker

  1. great song great blog ! i guess i could never feel better listening to closer (from televisor too), so much talent.
    that said, great job on the blog !

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