[Download] Cassette Club’s ‘Collide’


Cassette Club

With the recent flow of awesome tracks from Ben Macklin, it’s not hard to forget that the man’s day job is being one half of amazing Nu-DiscoPop duo Cassette Club. The guys returned this weekend with what feels like their first new tune in ages. But fear not, it was well worth the wait. Hold tight for a huge soulful summer jam.

There’s a reMix package coming soon via Modal, but for now grab the limited free download of this massive tune. Fromm the moment the big fat synth bass on Collide makes it presence felt the track is hard to ignore. We defy anyone not to be compelled to move to this one. A slinky, easy groove loaded with big whooshing pads and filtered keys pair with a cheeky Disco lick to lay the groundwork for a smooth and soulful vocal. One for late night dancefloors.

Cassette Club – Collide

Cassette Club’s Collide is out soon.

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