[Audio] Sally Shapiro reMixed by Com Truise

Sally Shapiro

This is one of those track that just reading the title gets you excited.  Sally Shapiro reMixed by Com Truise! If ears watered with appetite, like your mouth, then the thought of  Sally and Johan Agebjörn’s blissful ElectroPop reworked by the master of SynthWave would leave drool on our lobes. Which is a pretty gross analogy, so let’s just say it’s a pretty exciting thought. OK.

The track is ace, Com’s reMix of the new Shapiro single, What Can I Do?, takes a funky 80s stab at the track. the Truise way, which is Boogie fuelled beats and basslines mixed with more cosmic, esoteric synth work is very much present here with a digital bass powering the track giving the rest of Com’s sound pallet free reign to swirl in and out of Sally’s vocals. The contrast between the thick Electro Funk and the ominous vocal manipulation & atmospheric synths make for a track destined for both the feet and the head.  Amazing retro synth goodness.

♫ Sally Shapiro – What Can I Do? (Com Truise reMix)

Sally Shapiro’s What Can I Do? is released November 20th on Paper Bag Records followed by the new album, Somewhere Else 26th February next year with contributions from Anoraak, Le Prix and Electric Youth.

Buy Sally Shapiro’s music from:

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