[Audio] Silent Gloves & Patrick Baker


Silent Gloves

Out this week is the début proper release from Dayton SynthWave Silent Gloves. Long-time staple of the SynthWave scene ‘Gloves has roped in Disco’s current vocal darling and ElectroPop trailblazer in his own right Patrick Baker to Pop up his SynthWave and between the two of the they deliver So Real, a massive slice of classic Pop.

So Real is as close to perfect American 80s Pop music as is probably humanly possible to get. It’s one of those track you just have to listen to, there’s no way we could explain the energy and excitement of So Real, the rolling arpeggiated bassline, the lush, authentically 80s synths, Patrick’s sweeping vocal. It’s pitch perfect nostalgic Pop, totally evocative of the mid-80s and catchy as hell to boot. With a track like this you really do have to rope in the big guns for reMix duties, and the SynthWave scenes heavy hitters are on board. Outrun pioneer Miami Nights 1984’s take on the track delivers a high octane rendition of the original. The bassline more driven, the synth more stabby and the groove more street, MN84 turn in the montage version of So Real. the king of soundtrack Electro Mitch Murder brings his FM dreamscapes to the single package with a reMix that channels the best 80s electronic ballads and proves one again, that whatever mood Mitch turns his hand to he makes his own. Simple question. Do you like retro electronic music? If you answered that question with a ‘yes’, then you need to buy this whole single package right now.

♫ Silent Gloves (Feat. Patrick Baker) – So Real (Original Mix)

♫ Silent Gloves (Feat. Patrick Baker) – So Real (Miami Nights 1984 reMix)

♫ Silent Gloves (Feat. Patrick Baker) – So Real (Mitch Murder reMix)

Silent Gloves & Patrick Baker’s So Real is out now.

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