[Audio] Silenx’s ‘Hexocity’



It’s been a while since we’ve had a new original tune from out favourite Portuguese export; Silenx. The man is kicking off the new year in style with this soundtrack to an imaginary movie. Silenx’s blurb for the track makes for compelling reading: “The year is 1981. The place, a parallel universe in which singularity is already a reality. Humans are enslaved by a network of artificial beings whose sole purpose is to migrate their collective consciousness to humanity, thereby reprogramming them to Eden state. However, a hidden mercenary group, helped by a rival faction of other artificial beings known as S.T.O.P (Singularity Termination Operation Plan) is determined not to let that happen.
Their base of operations: Hexocity.
”. The track is as bombastic as it makes itself out to be.

We’re secretly big fans of gun-cocking sounds used as purcussion, so we were pleased to find, amongst the otherworldly synths, a little gun-cock drum fill. this tune is pure cinematic Electro, brimming with growling sounds and ominous tones topped with rich emotional patterns. If the idea of a soundtrack is to convey the emotional tone and excitement of a movie, then we wanna’ see this move right now!

♫ Silenx – Hexocity

Silenx’s Hexocity is out now, pick it up here.

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[Movie] Rage



Right, are you sitting down? There’s a lot of information to take-in in this post so pay attention. We’re going multi-media crazy and a worthy cause is gonna’ need your help. Pay attention. Our good friend and top SynthWaver Arcade High is not only one of the most original retro-synth producers around, he’s also a talented filmmaker. Currently in his final year at film school, Ryan is attempting to put together a short movie, written and directed by himself and highly influenced by the 80s flicks he loves. The film is called Rage, about a man who returns from the dead and embarks on a bloody quest to rescue his girlfriend. The film will expand upon a blood soaked test scene filmed earlier this year. Check it out.

So, here’s where things get really interesting, not only are the looking to fans and enthusiasts to fund the movie over on IndieGoGo for special perks, but they are also already selling the soundtrack. Out on Telefuture, the album is a thirteen track compilation featuring tracks from some of the best and brightest in the SynthWave scene, including, but not limited to, Silenx, Arcade High himself, Betamaxx, Tommy​, Final DJs and Protector 101. The soundtrack costs $10, with all of the cash going toward the films budget. It’s a great funding strategy, and everybody wins. Check out some of the tracks, the release is loaded with top quality, ominous, pounding and pulsating synthesizer soundtrack music and relentless Italo beats. The soundtrack is on Bandcamp right now, and you can find out more about Rage and the crew involved in making it, along with donation options on their IndieGoGo page. Get involved!

♫ Tommy – Kurt’s Revenge

♫ Silenx – Rogue Vindicator

♫ Arcade High – Rise From Your Grave

♫ Betamaxx – Retaliation

♫ Protector 101 – Empty Shells

The Rage soundtrack is out now, all proceeds go towards the movies production budget. Get it here.

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[Audio] Silenx reMixes Phunktastike



Mid-last year Argentinian producer Phunktastike delivered his excellent single, Love In The 80s. Now that track is getting a full-on reMix package courtesy of Logical Records and amongst the packed nine track release sits this gem from our friend Silenx. Once again Silenx brings something a little different to the table and washes it in Sci-Fi synths.

Occupying a similar post-Italo territory to the likes of Cinnamon Chasers, Silenx’s mix of Love In The 80s brings an Italo arrangement right up to date with slick production. This is one of Silenx’s best to date, and that’s saying something as the man has an impressive catalogue. It’s got a smooth retro feel, but with enough dancefloor kick to keep Disco lovers happy. Layers with rich, emotional, progressions the song really strikes a chord layering a resonant track with intricate melodies and leads. Beautiful space age noise.

♫ Phunktastike – Love In The 80’s (Silenx reMix)

Phunktastike’s Love In The 80’s: The reMixes is out now.

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[Audio] Silenx’s ‘Connections’


Our favourite Portuguese export, SynthWaver extraordinaire Silenx, recently released a brand new single. Connections is something a little more laid back, a little more chilled, from this usually upbeat producer. Prepare yourself of some synthesizer bliss.

With shining chimes and lazy melodies, Silenx conjures a smooth vibe. Laying down a crawling bassline to underpin the track, Silenx uses layers of gentle tones and half-heard hooks to create a dreamlike haze of pleasing sounds with a no-problems 80s groove. A bit different from his usual stuff, but if you’re having a bad day, this will soothe you.

♫ Silenx – Connections

Silenx’s Connections is out now.

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[Audio] Silenx’s ‘Space Love’ reMix EP


Earlier this year Silhouette Music put out the Space Love EP from our friend SynthWaver Silenx. A collection of some of his finest tunes from around that time, the EP held four track worth of massive funky, space age Electro. Now it’s time to revisit Space Love, with a brand new reMix EP holding work from some of the top names on the scene.

Brooklyn synth heads Follow Me kick off the proceedings with a bouncy Italo version of the title track that delivers punchy beats and bass while managing to keep the Sci-Fi tone intact. Germany’s finest, Final DJs, bring a wonderful combination of soaring synths and infectious digital slap bass for their take on Far Far Away. Injecting the EP with an overdose of Disco, Final DJs work up a track that is electronically complex as it is soulful. 80s Stallone’s vintage 80s dancefloor workout version of Long Lost Love brings the core essence of SynthWave to the EP with wobbly chords and digital horns over an addictive Italo-esque groove. The EP leads off with a reMix of Stellar Kiss from Keenhouse. As you would expect, Keenhouse gets emotional and psychedelic with his synths, crafting a futuristic soundscape with a Jazzy twist and delivers the prefect EP closer. Easing the listener out of the heave retro beats with a glorious galactic voyage of swirling synthetic sounds.

♫ Silenx – Far Far Away (Final DJs reMix)

♫ Silenx – Stellar Kiss (Keenhouse reMix)

Silenx’s Space Love: The reMixes is released 17th December.

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New from Silenx


Here’s the brand new one from Portuguese SynthWave wonder Silenx. Hold on to your hate, it’s a full-on, post-Italo, night drive juggernaut. Rocking though the night, cops on his tail, Silenx soundtracks the most high energy of chase scenes, and keeps it dancefloor friendly too.

We get the feeling that this track is kinda’ built off of Silenx’s reMix of Talk To Me by She’s The Queen, the bassline and key changes are very similar. here, he’s taken the essence of that track, and distilled it down to it’s pulsating Disco core. Punchy Italo bass and sweeping retro chords deliver an energetic dance track what stays full of emotion and soul. The production is top-notch too, Silenx always brings his A-game with his production. Clean, well mixed tracks that put many of his contemporaries to shame. Always a pleasure.

Silenx – The Chase

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Silenx’s ‘Hyperion’


A new track from from Portuguese funky retro SynthWave guru Silenx is always cause for celebration, and Friday is just when we like them, it;s something to funk out way into the weekend with. So today is Friday, and Silenx has released this little synthetic groove monster, prefect timing.

Hyperion warbles along on a spikey, rolling Moogy bassline full of funk flourishes laying the groundwork for a cosmic array of ringing chimes and inspiring chords. Silenx has dropped another one of his galactic Disco tunes, once again soundtracking a wondrous journey through deep space. Everything in this track is Sci-Fi evocative. The grumbling bassline the ships engines, the resonant chords the depth of space and the twinkling melodies…well, you can guess where we’re going with this. Silenx always manages to make his tunes both funky as hell and dreamily atmospheric. That’s no mean feat and we salute him for it.

♫ Silenx – Hyperion

Hyperion is out now at Silenx’s Bandcamp.

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New track from Silenx


Our favourite Portuguese producer off all things Funky and SynthWavey, Silenx, is back with a brand new tune, ‘Sun Express’. And it does exactly what it says on the tin. You want a smooth, feel good track loaded with retch synths and delicate piano?

‘Sun Express’ really is a sunrise in musical form. Silenx has captured the calm majesty, the understated awesomeness of a sunrise and reflected that in his synth work. Lush sounds played with gentle precision, echoing around the track lending a slightly magical quality to this Funky retro SynthWave track. There’s enough Disco in here to keep most people happy, but the track’s real strengths lie in it’s relaxed, Balearic groove, it’s synth nostalgia and it’s carefree vibe.

♫ Silenx – Sun Express

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Silenx’s new tune


Portuguese SynthWave producer Silenx’s new tune, ‘Space Love’ is an almost perfect slice of epic Nu-Italo.

There’s so much going on in this tune, it’s like a Russian doll, once you’ve absorbed one layer there is more to get out of it. Silenx is easily one of the best retro synth producers out there right now and ‘Space Love’ is a perfect example of why. It’s a deep , emotional groove that carries you along with it’s story, from the Italo bassline to the sweeping, involving pads the track has something to say. I can’t wait for a whole album of Silenx tunes!

Silenx – Space Love

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Silenx goes lunar


Portuguese Synthwave producer Silenx creates something truly otherworldly with his latest track, ‘Lunar Landing’.

An atmospheric, ambient peice which is an ode to, and a soundtrack to, the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing. Silenx  crafts a mood with is both Sci-Fi-esque and majestic, capturing not only the technological achievement but also a moment that made history with big sweeping chords that play against echoing arpeggios that conjure a feeling of loneliness. Silenx really bring the moment alive, musically.

♫ Silenx – Lunar Landing

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