[MP3] Nightcrawler’s ‘Road Blaster’

Spanish SynthWave producer Nightcrawler released his Road Blaster single this week. Not only has he delivered a stormingly powerful slice of retro synth music, but he’s collected some of the top talent in the scene to contribute reMixes to the release. Miami Nights 1984, Tommy, Dynatron, Protector 101 and 80s Stallone all put in an appearance, which reads like a whos-who of the cream of the scene. It;s almost impossible to pick favourites here.

The original version of Road Blaster is a driving example of atmospheric instrumental Italo. Fuelled by  rich, dark synths and a stomping beat, Road Burner offsets it’s ominous tone with playful melodies and an exciting tone. Miami Nights 1984 reMix injects the tune with a little vintage electronic Funk, bringing out a bouncing bassline to give the track some groove, whilst layering his thick 80s chords with some of the most beautiful piano work and soloing we’ve heard in a SynthWave track for a long time. MN84’s reMix is truly epic. Frenchman Tommy’s take on the track is suitably Sci-Fi. Utilising waves of cosmic synths to wrap the listener in a wash of electronic wonder. For a darker, more dystopian, vision of Road Blaster Protector 101 dials back the tempo and works his was around haunting and sometimes oppressive sounds but with an air of optimism throughout.  The whole is EP an excellent excursion in nostalgic soundtrack Italo and well worthy of your attention. It’s free too.

Nightcrawler – Road Blaster

Nightcrawler – Road Blaster (Miami Nights 1984 reMix)

Nightcrawler – Road Blaster (Tommy reMix)

Nightcrawler – Road Blaster (Protector 101 reMix)

Pick up the whole EP right now, for free, on Nightcrawler’s Bandcamp.

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Tommy’s ‘Discover’


French SynthWave master Tommy is back in business. What has he been putting his talents to since the release of his Outer Space Adventurer album of earlier this year? Well if his new tune is anything to go by, some seriously atmospheric post-Italo BladeRunner beats.

Discover starts of in the best Vangelis tradition. Rich, evolving, synth stings and futuristic tones move and build into the track proper, uneasily giving way to a emotive arpeggio and a vintage Electro beat. From then on in, Discover, his all the right Sci-Fi Italo beats. Silky smooth synth sounds, warm rhythms, ringing lead lines. It’s all totally evolving, enthralling, electronic music. Tommy at his best.

Tommy – Discover

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Tommy’s ‘Outer Space Adventurer’


Yesterday Frenchman Tommy, one of the leading lights of the second wave of SynthWave producers, and hands down one of the best SynthWave producers out there, released his début full length album, Outer Space Adventurer. With a handful if singles and EPs behind him, Tommy’s body of work has always impressed and seen this prolific producer rise above his contemporises both in terms of musicality and production.Now his album is here we are glad to report, it was worth the wait.

The soundtrack to an imaginary space opera epic, Outer Space Adventurer is a musical journey, one track flowing effortlessly to the next, sliding from one mood to the next, as it lays out a narrative of interstellar exploration. Did we mention it was long too? Twenty tracks of blissed out Sci-Fi SynthWave ranging from high energy Italo workouts to dreamy introspective mood pieces. The whole album is quite the masterpiece, there’s far too much awesomeness to catalogue it all right here, so hear are four of our favourites from Outer Space Adventurer. Blast Off Into Space is the first proper track on the album and where the Italo vibe really gets going. Punchy arpeggios create a rock solid groove for Tommy’s shimmering space age synth line to dance atop. The combination of the rhythm section, steady and mechanical and the keys exuding a sense of wonder realty sets the scene for the album’s story. Destination Ultime is the kind of track where Tommy let’s his Vangelis-esque side shine. A beautifully atmospheric piece, layers of synthesizer goodness and soaring lead lines convey a total futuristic fascination. The Hour Has Come To Fight is, I suppose, the albums action set piece. Far from brutal though, The Hour Has Come To Fight is a bright slab of retro ElectroPop. Energetic and euphoric it really feels like the album’s kinetic high point. The duelling square and sine lead lines are pure synth joy. Fugitives And Hunters is another of Tommy’s more introspective works. Pounding ‘80’s drums and an ominous ambience are tempered with some optimistic sounding keys that seem to soar over the lush tonal pallet below. If you are at all a fan of synth music, of ‘80’s sounds, or even Sci-Fi, then Tommy’s Outer Space Adventurer is an essential album, and a benchmark for the new breed of SynthWave.

♫ Tommy – Blast Off Into Space

♫ Tommy – Destination Ultime

♫ Tommy – The Hour Has Come To Fight

♫ Tommy – Fugitives And Hunters

Tommy’s Outer Space Adventurer is out now,

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Pilotpriest reMixed by Tommy


Canada’s soundtrack wizard Pilotpriest and the French SynthWave master Tommy. Could you ask for a better combination. Here we have two of our favourite producers of the last year, one reMixing the other as Tommy takes on Streets Of Fire, from Pilotpriest’s Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album.

Tommy takes the best of the original, the brooding intensity, the sense of foreboding and apprehension, and adds to that a nice ‘80’s pop cultural element. Heavy pounding drums, washed with reverb, hammer out a new level of drama in the track while haunting guitar and evocative synths  play out the narrative of the track. Tommy has crated a flip side tot he original Streets Of Fire, a different part of the same soundtrack. Streets Of Fire sets the scene, Tommy’s reMix raises the stakes.

♫ Pilotpriest – Streets Of Fire (Tommy reMix)

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Tommy’s Outer Space Adventure with Jordan F & MegaDrive


The new album from leading light of the third wave of SynthWave, Tommy, is due for release in September. Outer Space Adventurer bills itself as a ‘Soundtrack for a Science-Fiction story’  and it certainly lives up to that premise as Tommy pulls out all his synthesizer wizardry brings Jordan F  and MegaDrive along for the ride.

Bringing his best Vangelis game to the table with the album’s title track Outer Space Adventurer, Tommy crafts a cosmic oddessy, a sumptuous tide of futuristic, rich synths set against the backdrop of a pounding mid-paced Italo rhythm section. Really capturing something magical and wondrous, Tommy takes the listener on a remarkable audio voyage through distant galaxies. A track to spark the imagination. Already Jordan F and MegaDrive have stepped up to the plate to work their reMix goodness on the track. Jordan, unsurprisingly, totally nails it. Keeping the mood but enhancing it with an air of romanticism with his beautiful, shimmering, melodies. The otherworldly sense of awe remains, but touched with something more emotionally human. MegaDrive gives the track a driving kick in the ass. Drawing out the tracks Italo side, MegaDrive even adds a little Acid into the mix, letting those sparkling leads play out over a grittier Electro groove. When Tommy’s Outer Space Adventurer album drops, you can bet it’ll be some of the best SynthWave you’ve heard all year.

♫ Tommy – Outer Space Adventurer

Tommy – Outer Space Adventurer (Jordan F reMix)

Tommy – Outer Space Adventurer (MegaDrive reMix)

Tommy’s Outer Space Adventurer is released 3rd September.

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Sébastien Tellier reMixed by Tommy

Sébastien Tellier

So, as we heave shut the storm door against the lashing out inbox will undoubtedly get from the flood of reMixes of Sébastien Tellier’s Russian Attractions, we’re pretty sure this is the last post we’ll do on these mixes. We’ll probably do a round-up of the best toward the end of the reMix competition, but before that there is just time to sneak in a look at French SynthWave merchant Tommy’s excellent, atmospheric, mix of the track.

Tommy outdoes himself with this one, putting himself way up in the competition rankings. His reMix flows along with a subtle brilliance. With a space age 80’s moody, this mid-paced mix envelopes itself in swirls of warm, thick retro synth sounds and sparking lead lines that perfectly compliment Tellier’s romantic croon. Tommy grasp on brining his SynthWave sound to a Pop song is flawless, with harmonious verses that soar into the lush chords of the chorus with the confidence of the best ElectroPop. Stunning work from Tommy.

♫ Sébastien Tellier – Russian Attractions (Tommy reMix)

Russian Attractions is taken from Sébastien Tellier‘s new album My God Is Blue available now via Record Makers.

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Gossip Culture reMixed by Tommy

Gossip Culture

Hey! It’s one of our favourite Chilly Indie-Electro types, Gossip Culture, reMixed by one of our favourite SynthWave producers Tommy! The Cleveland ElectroPopster is gearing up for a summer release for his new single Just Fine With You, along with a super secret reMix line up. One of those reMixers, however, we can identify as the cream of the French SynthWave scene.

The original track is a fun, rolling summery Indie-electro jam with a Chillwave edge. All floaty, catchy, vocals and washes of reverb. Driven along by a rolling bassline and retro synth stabs, Just Fine With You, captures and optimistic feel good vibe and an effortless Indie cool. And there’s sax, ‘nuff said. Tommy takes that vibe and runs with it, crafting a sweeping nostalgic sound with bright synths and an Italo groove. Slightly switching up the rhythm of the vocals, usually a disaster, works well here, pushing the track forward and making this, more dancefloor oriented version, more urgent feeling. Excellent work from both parties, we can’t wait to see what the rest of the single holds.

♫ Gossip Culture – Just Fine With You (Tommy reMix)

Gossip Culture – Just Fine With You

Just Fine With You is out this summer.

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Kavinsky & Tommy


Despite a resurgence of interest in it after it’s prominence on the ‘Drive ‘soundtrack, Kavinsky’s ‘Nightcall’ is getting on a bit now, so I have to ask, “do we really need any more remixes of it, especially as when it was first released there was a remix competition?” Well SynthWave producer Tommy has answered that question, and surprisingly the answer is “yes!”.

The German SynthWave genius has created possibly the most beautiful reMix of this track we have ever heard. Subtly changing the lead riff and the progression in ways that, at times, make it feel like a brand new song. “A new lease of life” is a phrase that gets thrown around by people talking about reMixes all too often to the point where it becomes meaningless, but Tommy really does give ‘Nightcall’ a new lease of life. The track becomes slightly more uplifting musically, whist retaining the mid-tempo groove, a lot of the originals darkness is replaced with a more optimistic set of chords, which in turn seems to lift the amazing Lovefoxxx‘s vocals to an altogether poppier place. This track is the dawn to Kavinsky’s midnight.

Kavinsky (Feat. Lovefoxxx From CSS) – Nightcall (Tommy reMix)

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Tommy’s new EP


Released this weekend was the new EP from French SynthWaver Tommy. Tommy has slowly been building up a strong reputation in SynthWave circles for pumping Italo influenced tracks with soaring solos and this new EP, titled ‘Tuned Into The Future’, is crammed full of space-age synthesizer heaven. Six tracks to lift your emotions and move your feet.

The whole of ‘Tuned Into The Future’ plays like a complete soundtrack, a full narrative, both thematically and musically. Each track seems to capture a section of a story unfolding and gently ease you into the next. From the intro track, ‘Highway Heat’, whose driven Electro beats and cosmic Vangelis-esque lead lines set you up for the coming EP experience to the gentle  synthesized ebb and flow of ‘Plage Bleue’, each peice is quite separate, yet feels part of a whole. this is an EP that should be experienced, on headphones, from start to finish. As the tone shifts from the contemplative ‘Endless Desolation’ to the energized soundtrack of ‘A Town In Chaos’ you, as the listener, just tend to go with it, allowing your emotional journey to be led by Tommy’s expressive playing. It’s difficult to single out individual tracks within the ‘Tuned Into The Future’ EP, suffice to say the EP ends on the title track, which is a majestic synth epic that really sees the collection off on a high.

♫ Tommy – Highway Heat

♫ Tommy – A Town In Chaos

♫ Tommy – Plage Bleue

♫ Tommy – Tuned Into The Future

Tommy’s ‘Tuned Into The Future’ EP is out now.

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Awkoder’s ‘Nightrain’ reMixes


We featured Awkoder’s moody ‘Nightrain’ earlier in the month, a evocative, atmospheric Italo tinged SynthWave tune.

Now there’s three reMixes of the track for you to relive the stormy highs of two weeks ago. Frenchman Tommy ramps up the excitement factor with driving drums and laser blast synths. Tommy’s attention grabbing reimagining of the track is full of nervous energy and makes the perfect partner for the brooding original. Protector101’s mix brings things back to the dark clouds vibe of the original but adds a touch of his own deep synth work with some particularly bright lead lines and twisting, amazing, solos playing against the dark moods of the track. Michael Brun’s Lueur Verte project takes the tune straight to that strange place where retro synth music and hair metal meet at the movies for a ‘Fuck Yeah’ moment of fist pumping.

Awkoder – Nightrain (Tommy reMix)

Awkoder – Nightrain (Protector 101 reMix)

Awkoder – Nightrain (Lueur Verte reMix)

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