[Audio] Figure Of 8 reMixes Hylo’s ‘Never Be Lonely’



Dublin’s finest, Figure Of 8, is back with a brand new reMix! this time the bearded-one is turning his attention to fellow Irishmen Hylo and their Our Krypton Son featuring Never Be Lonely. Released as part of a mixed media art project called Dreamscape, for the time being the track will only be downloadable through scanning a QR code that is part of the accompanying artwork at the Culturetech Festival in Derry between 9/11 and 17/11, to be released on Figure Of 8’s DreamQuest label at a later date.

Musically, their reMixes DNA can be tracked right back through Techno to early EBM and electronic experimentalists such as Test Dept. and Cabaret Voltaire. Abrasive percussive synths and growling, hypnotic arpeggios serve as a nice counterpoint to the stomping dance beat and haunting, yet soulful, vocals. This is one for darken rooms with the strobe light on just a little too long. Intense stuff.

♫ Hylo (Feat. Our Krypton Son) – Never Be Lonely (Figure of 8 reMix)

Check out more from Hylo on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Echoes reMix B.E.F. & Kim Wilde’s ‘Every Time I See You I Go Wild’


Kim Wilde

In a surprising turn of evens, because they release tunes so very rarely, our friends Echoes have dropped this official reMix for Heaven 17’s Martyn Ware’s legendary B.E.F. and a track of their recent collaboration loaded album Music Of Quality & Distinction Volume 3. The track gets a single release this week, it’s the Kim Wilde featuring Every Time I See You I Go Wild.

Echoes go hard on this one. Channelling 90’s Techno and a heavy dose of modern EBM, the guys let the arpeggios fly amidst a pounding Industrial beat. The gritty, unrelenting electronic makes for a nice juxtaposition with Kim;’s soulful vocals and a light tough of strings. This is one for black clad clubbers on European dancefloors. There’s an eight minute version of the track too, if you think you can handle it.

♫ B.E.F. (Feat. Kim Wilde) – Every Time I See You I Go Wild (Echoes Remix Edit)

B.E.F.’s Every Time I See You I Go Wild is out now.

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[Audio] digitalfoxglove reMixes The Knocks & St. Lucia’s ‘Modern Hearts’


the knocks

digitalfoxglove tunes. Like busses, if you’ll excuse the cliché. You wait for ages for one then two come along at once. Pulling up to the rear of yesterday’s Daytona comes DFG’s ReDub of The Knocks and St. Lucia’s awesome recent single Modern Hearts. Take your Disco hat off though, this one is going to get deep.

Italo Dub, if you will (and we do!), this reMix get under your skin with a relentless hypnotic groove. Quite Techno in places, the synthetic arpeggios and machine drums pounding out a mid-paced rhythm create an unwavering core for the track. Heavily modulated snatches of the original’s vocal float in and out of the track alongside Dub-like effects bringing a slightly unsettling vibe to the track. It’s no-less compellingly funky though.

♫ The Knocks (Feat. St. Lucia) – Modern Hearts (digitalfoxglove ReDub)

The Knocks’ Modern Hearts is out now.

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[MP3] Starsmith’s ‘Clockwork’



Stop the press, there’s a new Starsmith track in town! It’s been what seems like an age since the man’s last single (around this time last year for the free track Zeroes), which is far too long for one of the UK’s finest production talents. Luckily, this new tune, Clockwork (another free download), more than makes up for the absence. Bring it on!

Clockwork is just full-on driving dance music. Pretty ecclectic in it’s instrumentation and arrangement, it;s fun tune and, dare we say it, a bit madcap. Like a cosmic House adventure, there’s a different sound or hook around every corner, but it all ties together nicely in a robo-funk, hands-in-the-air, big room tune. We expect this one is going to get quite a bit of play out.

Starsmith – Clockwork

Starsmith’s Clockwork is out now.

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[Audio] Mark Reeder reMixes Westbam & Bernard Sumner’s ‘She Wants’



It’s been  while since we heard from our friend Mark Reeder, but the Electro pioneer has been keeping himself busy. Once again getting all up in German Techno legend Westbam’s business, Reeder works his classic SynthPop magic on She Wants, a track of Westbam’s featruing vocal duties from Mr. Bernard Sumner of New Order.

Taken from Westbam’s star studded current album Götterstrasse, She Wants sees Sumner in full-on New Order evocative mode. Mark Redder serves up a beautifully produced timeless SynthPop backing, sumptuously rich in it’s sound, that fits Sumner perfectly. There’s even hints of New Order in the reMix, alongside an Acid squelch and early 80s machine beat. Like an 1984 Pop tune arranged by a mid-90s Techno producer by way of the second wave of EBM, Reeder makes this reMix and exciting dancefloor proposition that feels both new and old.

♫ Westbam & Bernard Sumner – She Wants (Mark Reeder’s Oldschool Radio reMix)

Westbam’s Götterstrasse is out now.

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[Audio] Kaiserdisco’s ‘Night & Day’



Pete Tong’s essential new tune on his Radio 1 show last Friday was this dreamy tune. it’s the lead track from Hamburg Electronica outfit Kaiserdisco’s new album, Meet Me On The Floor. Titled Night & Day, the track is sure to provide the soundtrack to your next few hundred sunrises.

Mixing up some squelchy synth riffs with a loose House flavour, Night & Day delivers Balearic vibes throughout. With a hypnotic hook underpinning the whole track, it’s easy to get lost in this one, it’s Deep House flavour becoming all encompassing only tempered with it’s optimistic streak. It’s easy to fall for the slight BladeRunner-esque chords of this track. A classic early hours tune.

♫ Kaiserdisco – Night & Day (Radio Rip)

Kaiserdisco’s Meet Me On The Floor is out now.

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[Video] Gesaffelstein’s ‘Pursuit’


GESAFFELSTEIN   PURSUIT  Official Video    YouTube

One of the best videos we’ve seen in a while comes from courtesy of the EBM Electro beats of Gesaffelstein’s Pursuit. With abrasive Germanic synths like this could the video have been any less militaristic?

Directed by Fleur & Manu, the video, well, just watch it, it’s awesome.

Gesaffelstein’s Pursuit is out now.

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[Audio] Pet Shop Boys reMixed by Boys Noize


Photograph by John Wright

We’re  not going to lie, we were quite worried about this tune. Apart from the odd tune, Boys Noize have not been impressing of late, the last album, Out Of The Black, was more filler than killer, so the thought of Ridha getting his hand on Pet Shop Boys didn’t fill us with optimism. Imagine out relief then when, after a Mixmag première, it turns out that Boys Noize reMix of Axis isn’t too shabby at all.

The original of Axis is pretty amazing Stuart Price produced Italo gold and whilst Boys Noize reMix doesn’t hit those crazy highs, it does deliver a fairly storming hard dancefloor juggernaut. With a whole pallet of spiky synths, this reMix if Axis really does build up an infectious groove that it’s pretty hard not to get into, and serves up quite a nostalgic old school flavour. An out of place 2007 middle-eight aside, this a high octane killer of a tune.

♫ Pet Shop Boys – Axis (Boys Noize reMix)

Pet Shop Bot’s Electric album is due out in June.

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[Audio] Rex The Dog’s ‘Bonn’


Rex The Dog

This is Bonn, Rex The Dog’s Record Store Day opus. Released on the auspicious day in a limited quantity of 300 12”s with hand etched sleeves, Bonn will (thankfully, for those who missed out) also see a digital release next month via Southern Fried Records. Rex really is the don when it comes to funky analog workouts and Bonn exemplifies this.

Bonn is a huge dancefloor monster. At times Poppy, at times Acidic, at times dirty Electro. During the course of it’s seven minute length it keeps quite a strong Minimal Synth feel, but applies these sensibilities to a dark dancefloor groove. A grinding, hypnotic, synthetic juggernaut that is relentless in delivering it’s mesmerising hooks. Also, sounds like it was a hell of a lot of fun to produce too, which is nice.

♫ Rex The Dog – Bonn

Rex The Dog’s Bonn is released 6th May.

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[Audio] Alpha Rhythm


Alpha Rhythm

We know absolutely nothing about newcomer Alpha Rhythm. he hit us up on SoundCloud, from which we can discern his real name is Jimmy Hansson and he’s from Sweden. So there you go, that’s all the information we’ve got, but really do you need more? just check out the music and you’ll soon be taken in by this guys synthetic, space-age Technoid Disco.

The six minute epic that is Moon Chaser is his most recent tune.A Kraftwerkian oddessy with a storming disco grove. Decked out in electronic blips and deep warping bassline, Moon Chaser straddles a weird line between Cosmic Disco, House, Techno and Electro but usually manages to take the best from all of them and wraps them up in a dreamy SynthWave vibe. there’s a touch of the Balearic to the track too, a definite sunrise feel beneath the machine beats. Laika is more SynthWave leaning, with a strong emotional core played out  with a troupe of rich synth tones and intertwining melodies. Don;t be fooled by it’s heartfelt content though, there’s still a grinding bassline underneath it all. The other track on alpha Rhythm’s SoundCloud is Chrome Sunset, an arpeggio fuelled car chase in music form, or maybe that should be starship chase? The tracks driving rhythm section is complimented by some seriously galactic keys and is one again, reminiscent of the Robots reMixed. For three début tracks, Alpha Rhythm has really delivered the goods, if you like you electronic music with a touch of an Italo grove and a Sci-Fi mood, then you should check this out.

♫ Alpha Rhythm – Moon Chaser

♫ Alpha Rhythm –  Laika

♫ Alpha Rhythm – Chrome Sunset

Check out more from Alpha Rhythm on SoundCloud.