[Download] Figure Of 8 reMixes Christobel’s ‘White Ring’



Here’s a tasty new track from our Northern Irish homie Figure Of 8. We never know what we’re going to get with a Figure Of 8 reMix, he’s got this knack of keeping a classic Dance music core while getting pretty experimental with his tunes, and this new one of no different. It’s a reMix of Australian signer Christobel’s White Right, and it’s pretty damn absorbing.

Taking Christolbel’s already haunting vocal, Figure Of 8 crafts a moody and enigmatic tune. Powered by a solid House beat and some deft Acid riffing, the vibe of the track allows Figure Of 8 to play around with some quite evocative sounds. From the brooding electric piano to the Industrial purcussion, it really feels like a musical narrative; there’s so much going on and with so much feeling. Atmospheric vocal House at it’s finest.

Christobel – White Ring (Figure Of 8 reMix)

Check out more from Christobel on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Figure Of 8 reMixes Unique 3’s ‘Feels All Good’


We’ll be honest, we didn’t even know UK House pioneers Unique 3 were still going. We’re big fans of their classic tunes, like 1989’s The Theme, that whole sound conjures a very special time in dance music for us. So when our good friend Figure Of 8 drew our attention to his latest reMix we had to ask, “the same Unique 3???”, apparently the answer is yes. Back to the 808s then.

Coincidentally, we’re not sure whether intentional or not, Figure Of 8 actually captures some of the early House sound. Bassy and mysterious, slightly Sci-Fi and fit for a darkened warehouse. The combination of deep deep bass, bright otherworldly melodies and modulated vocals would be really fitting for the late 80s/early 90s, yet Figure Of 8 manages to make the combination sound bang up to date with only a hint of nostalgia. Pure enigmatic House, and dangerously enthralling, it’s a tune that really does make you want to loose yourself to dance.

♫ Unique 3 – Feels All Good (Figure Of 8 reMix)

Unique 3’s Feels All Good is released in October.

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[Audio] Figure Of 8 reMixes Hylo’s ‘Never Be Lonely’



Dublin’s finest, Figure Of 8, is back with a brand new reMix! this time the bearded-one is turning his attention to fellow Irishmen Hylo and their Our Krypton Son featuring Never Be Lonely. Released as part of a mixed media art project called Dreamscape, for the time being the track will only be downloadable through scanning a QR code that is part of the accompanying artwork at the Culturetech Festival in Derry between 9/11 and 17/11, to be released on Figure Of 8’s DreamQuest label at a later date.

Musically, their reMixes DNA can be tracked right back through Techno to early EBM and electronic experimentalists such as Test Dept. and Cabaret Voltaire. Abrasive percussive synths and growling, hypnotic arpeggios serve as a nice counterpoint to the stomping dance beat and haunting, yet soulful, vocals. This is one for darken rooms with the strobe light on just a little too long. Intense stuff.

♫ Hylo (Feat. Our Krypton Son) – Never Be Lonely (Figure of 8 reMix)

Check out more from Hylo on SoundCloud.

[MP3] Figure Of 8 reMixes Shit Robot’s ‘Feels Real’


Shit Robot

Here’s the latest reMix from Irish electronic music renaissance man Figure Of 8. Turning his attention to fellow Irishmen, DFA’s Shit Robot and their single of earlier this year, Feels Good, Figure Of 8 takes the spaced out New York Disco of the original and injects it with a little Boogie, perfect for hot summer nights.

The instant thing about this reMix is the combination of the beat and the bassline, that emphasis the bassline puts on certain kicks really powers the tune along and also makes it irresistibly compelling. The grumbling synth bassline is like a relentless Boogie juggernaut, dominating you listening experience, but providing a rump shaking backing for Shit Robots falsetto croon. A brilliant return to the Funk from Figure Of 8.

Shit Robot – Feels Real (Figure Of 8 reMix)

Shit Robot’s Feels Real is out now.

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[Audio] Figure Of 8’s new EP


Figure Of 8

Belfast’s finest son, Figure Of 8, has just released a brand new EP. Not only is it the mans first proper release since last year’s acclaimed Bittersweet, but the EP also has the honour of being the inaugural release on Figure Of 8’s newly launched record label, DreamQuest. Promoting some of the best electronic music from Ireland, it;s only fitting that the 001 accolade goes to it’s founder.

The Regenerate EP delivers four tracks of spacey dance music. Figure Of 8’s tunes always have a timeless, genre-less quality to the. With one foot in Disco and the other in House, the rest of Figure Of 8 mills around in places like Acid and Dub. Being Figure Of 8’s first EP, rather than a single, you get a nice scope of styles held within. From the opener, Something In The Trees, with it’s ringing Balearic Minimal groove and warehouse bassline to the Cosmic Italo meets Chicago Beats stylings of The Shining Path the EP wraps the listener in deep electronic soundscapes and shuffling retro rhythms. The moody, pulsating ElectroPop of the Our Krypton Son featuring Fountain Of Youth is one of the EPs highlights, drifting out of the speakers like synthetic smoke. Intricate in it’s crafting, it’s a track that illuminates a new element with every listen. Playing out with the Dubby Garage vibes of Never To Be Seen Again, the Regenerate EP is something that any fan of classic dance music, or electronic music in general should be looking into.

♫ Figure Of 8 – Something In The Trees

♫ Figure Of 8 (Feat.Our Krypton Son) – Fountain Of Youth

♫ Figure Of 8 – The Shining Path

Figure Of 8’s Regenerate EP is out now, you can pick it up here.

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[MP3] Figure Of 8 reMixes Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey

Here’s another slice of enigmatic, emotional, Dance from Belfast’s creative don Figure Of 8. His latest groove is a reMix of Lana Del Ray’s cover of the classic Blue Velvet, and, atmospherically, owes as much to the David Lynch film of the same name as it does Del Rey’s original. Prepare for some mysterious, edgy, and uncomfortably confortable sounds.

Inviting the listener into a warm, encompassing, field of sound that becomes increasingly loaded with nervous tension, Figure Of 8 commands the dancefloor with mesmerizing beats and synth bass, ensuring that no-one shy’s from the knifelike synths and haunting vocal. For a dance track, it’s brimming over with drama and mood new new secret contained within it’s intricate arrangement on every new listen.

Lana Del Rey – Blue Velvet (Figure Of 8 reMix)

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[MP3] Figure Of 8 covers Joy Division



OK, so we know Figure Of 8 has been in Game Of Thrones, so obviously he’s got some experience with battles and weapons and all kinds of ‘deeds’, but jeeez, nothing prepared us for the kind of bravery it takes to go near Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart. That takes big brass balls. Many before him have tried and failed. When you play the game of covering-Joy-Division’s-most-recognisable-song-and-a-beloved-classic, you win or you die.

So don’t expect classic riffs and sing-a-long moments here. Figure Of 8 wisely stays away from trying to ape the original. Instead we are treated to more of a homage, a deep, Acid tinged House tune. Haunting and hypnotic, this one draws you into it’s strobe light groove threatening to keep you on the edge of it’s hook forever until finally breaking out with some warm pads and pinprick snyths. As the ♥ Will Tear Us Apart marches toward it’s finale, layers of sound wash over the track pushing it toward it’s euphoric high point. Figure Of 8 has this uncanny knack of making classic, almost timeless, sounding Dance music, and once again he’s delivered the goods.

♫ Figure Of 8 – ♥ Will Tear Us Apart

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[Audio] Figure Of 8 reMixes Sophie Sparken

Sophie Sparken

Here’s a new one from our Belfastian friend Figure Of 8 (if Belfastian isn’t a word it should be. That’s out gift to the people of Belfast, they can have that for free). this morning he dropped by the electronic rumors Inbox to deliver this deceptively complex remix of his friend, Northampton based Folk singer Sophie Sparken, and her tune Trouble.

Folk song may begin to grate with their acoustic guitar endlessness, but they make perfect fodder for intricate, spacey, electronic reMixes. And Sophie’s Trouble has a particularly nice, lilting vocal that seems almost dreamlike over Figure Of 8’s Acid tinged synths and and shuffling percussion. The beauty of this reMix is that is sounds really simple, really sparse, until you peel back the layers and find it’s meticulously crafted core. Making complexity sound effortless? That’s production! Figure Of 8’s continues his quest to deliver classy, and classic sounding, Dance tracks. Timeless and easy on the ears.

♫ Sophie Sparken – Trouble (Figure Of 8 reMix)

Check out more from Sophie Sparken on SoundCloud.

[MP3] MNDR reMixed by Figure Of 8 and Box Of Wolves


Yeah, yeah. We know. reMix competitions… You all know where we stand on reMix competitions, that’s stance being that they are mostly tedious. However, how can we say no to our favourite raw ElectroPop duo MNDR reMixed by two of our favourite producers, Figure Of 8 and Box Of Wolves? We couldn’t, and are just going to have to swallow out ‘reMix competition’ pride to bring you these two jams.

And they both take a very different tact too. Belfast’s Figure Of 8 whips up a deep Housey track with a strong warehouse vibe. Loaded with pulsating synths and robotic beats, Figure Of 8’s mix dips in and out of a 90s House sound whilst spending the rest of it’s time delivering a synthetic club track that contrasts strongly, but works amazingly well, with Amanda’s vocals. Chillwaver Box Of Wolves’ take on the track is typically warm and enveloping. Hinting at a 90’s R&B groove amongst the waves of blissed-out synths, Box Of Wolves crafts something that is both dreamlike and funky. Again, it’s not the kind of track we’re used to hearing Amanda singing on, but as with Figure Of 8’s mix, it works so well. Two top entries, if one of them doesn’t win we’ll be calling “foul”!

MNDR – Feed Me Diamonds (Figure Of 8 reMix)

♫  MNDR – Feed Me Diamonds (Box Of Wolves reMix)

MNDR’s Feed Me Diamonds is out now.

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[MP3] Figure Of 8 covers Sonic Youth

Figure Of 8

Belfast’s finest export Figure Of 8 has been busy holed up in some dark studio somewhere working on his forthcoming album. Actually, it could be a really brightly lit studio for all we know, we’re just paining a mental picture here, he could even be recording al fresco. Anyway, in between putting the finishing touches to the new record he’s snuck in this cheeky cover version of Sonic Youth’s Dirty Boots with Irish acoustic crooner Our Krypton Son.

The cover is insanely deep, groovy and pretty unrecognisable for the original. It’s actually pretty hard to produce an electronic version of a guitar track without sounding cheesy, but Figure Of 8 pulls it off with style. I think he makes it work by not trying to substitute the guitar, rather working around a low down bass riff and shuffling beat and keeping this pretty spacey and cosmic. A nice Musical interlude from Figure Of 8.

Figure Of 8 (Feat. Our Krypton Son) – Dirty Boots (Sonic Youth Cover)

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