[Audio] Alpha Rhythm


Alpha Rhythm

We know absolutely nothing about newcomer Alpha Rhythm. he hit us up on SoundCloud, from which we can discern his real name is Jimmy Hansson and he’s from Sweden. So there you go, that’s all the information we’ve got, but really do you need more? just check out the music and you’ll soon be taken in by this guys synthetic, space-age Technoid Disco.

The six minute epic that is Moon Chaser is his most recent tune.A Kraftwerkian oddessy with a storming disco grove. Decked out in electronic blips and deep warping bassline, Moon Chaser straddles a weird line between Cosmic Disco, House, Techno and Electro but usually manages to take the best from all of them and wraps them up in a dreamy SynthWave vibe. there’s a touch of the Balearic to the track too, a definite sunrise feel beneath the machine beats. Laika is more SynthWave leaning, with a strong emotional core played out  with a troupe of rich synth tones and intertwining melodies. Don;t be fooled by it’s heartfelt content though, there’s still a grinding bassline underneath it all. The other track on alpha Rhythm’s SoundCloud is Chrome Sunset, an arpeggio fuelled car chase in music form, or maybe that should be starship chase? The tracks driving rhythm section is complimented by some seriously galactic keys and is one again, reminiscent of the Robots reMixed. For three début tracks, Alpha Rhythm has really delivered the goods, if you like you electronic music with a touch of an Italo grove and a Sci-Fi mood, then you should check this out.

♫ Alpha Rhythm – Moon Chaser

♫ Alpha Rhythm –  Laika

♫ Alpha Rhythm – Chrome Sunset

Check out more from Alpha Rhythm on SoundCloud.

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