[Video] Gesaffelstein’s ‘Hate Or Glory’


Gesaffelstein    Hate or Glory   Official Music Video    YouTube

Time to face facts, you can dress it up with platitudes like ‘Techno’ or ‘Electro’ all you want, but Gesaffelstein is an EBM producer. Fact. His tunes take everything EBM was good at, regains everything EBM lost, ditches the crap and makes EBM good again. His latest Acid soaked single, Hate Or Glory (how EBM a title is that?) exemplifies this.

Check out another boundary pushing video from Gesaffelstein. Directed by Fleur & Manu it’s dark, weird and violent.

Gesaffelstein’s album, Aleph is released 28th October.

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[Video] Gesaffelstein’s ‘Pursuit’


GESAFFELSTEIN   PURSUIT  Official Video    YouTube

One of the best videos we’ve seen in a while comes from courtesy of the EBM Electro beats of Gesaffelstein’s Pursuit. With abrasive Germanic synths like this could the video have been any less militaristic?

Directed by Fleur & Manu, the video, well, just watch it, it’s awesome.

Gesaffelstein’s Pursuit is out now.

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Gesaffelstein’s new single


Incoming is the fourth release on Bromance is the latest double A-Side single from French deep  and dark groove merchant Gesaffelstein. Collectively they call the two tracks the Rise Of Depravity EP, but really, there’s noting ‘extended’ about two tracks, it’s a double A-side single to the rest of us.

The lead track is the dark rave juggernaut Depravity. Easing you in with woozy synths the track soon becomes a hammering dystopian Techno track, relentless in it’s sonic dancefloor assault. The highlight, though, is the flipside, ‘Belgium’. It’s a dark, heavy, Techno track that is completely without mercy. A tune that will make you dance and scare the shit out of you at the same time, with a build so intense that at one point you really don’t know if it’s going to end. I’d make sure there are no hard surfaces or sharp corners around when you stick this tune on.

♫ Gesaffelstein – Belgium

Gesaffelstein’s Rise Of Depravity is released 9th July.

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Gesaffelstein’s ‘Viol’ & Ghostriders video

Deep electronic groove merchant Gesaffelstein’s new EP, ‘Conspiracy Vol. 2’ dropped this week.

The lead tracks ‘Viol’ has been used as the soundtrack for a film by Ghostriders, which serves as the tracks clip. Ghostriders are a bunch of hipsters riding fixed-gears at night. Yeah, I know, but it does make for quite a nice video, and the track is ace.

‘Conspiracy Vol. 2’ is out now,

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