[Audio] Rex The Dog’s ‘Bonn’


Rex The Dog

This is Bonn, Rex The Dog’s Record Store Day opus. Released on the auspicious day in a limited quantity of 300 12”s with hand etched sleeves, Bonn will (thankfully, for those who missed out) also see a digital release next month via Southern Fried Records. Rex really is the don when it comes to funky analog workouts and Bonn exemplifies this.

Bonn is a huge dancefloor monster. At times Poppy, at times Acidic, at times dirty Electro. During the course of it’s seven minute length it keeps quite a strong Minimal Synth feel, but applies these sensibilities to a dark dancefloor groove. A grinding, hypnotic, synthetic juggernaut that is relentless in delivering it’s mesmerising hooks. Also, sounds like it was a hell of a lot of fun to produce too, which is nice.

♫ Rex The Dog – Bonn

Rex The Dog’s Bonn is released 6th May.

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