[MP3] Starsmith’s ‘Clockwork’



Stop the press, there’s a new Starsmith track in town! It’s been what seems like an age since the man’s last single (around this time last year for the free track Zeroes), which is far too long for one of the UK’s finest production talents. Luckily, this new tune, Clockwork (another free download), more than makes up for the absence. Bring it on!

Clockwork is just full-on driving dance music. Pretty ecclectic in it’s instrumentation and arrangement, it;s fun tune and, dare we say it, a bit madcap. Like a cosmic House adventure, there’s a different sound or hook around every corner, but it all ties together nicely in a robo-funk, hands-in-the-air, big room tune. We expect this one is going to get quite a bit of play out.

Starsmith – Clockwork

Starsmith’s Clockwork is out now.

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