[Audio] ATTAR! reMixes Coma Coast’s ‘1989’


Coma Coast

Belgian drum machine master ATTAR!’s latest reMix is released this week. As part of the reMix package for Coma Coast 1989/The Ritual double A-side, Renaud Deru injects a little strobe-light vibe into the ElectroPop release. Get ready for a hypnotic club stormer.

Going deep into the roots of House, ATTAR! serves up a little Chicago and a little Detroit in this warehouse collision. the machine beauty of early Techno meets the hedonistic groove of early House, replete with pulsating Bleep House basslines and doomy vocals. Taking the tunes title literally, this reMix perfectly conjures an underground late 80s mood, when the beats were raw and the bass heavy.

♫ Coma Coast – 1989 (ATTAR! reMix)

Coma Coast’s 1989/The Ritual is out now.

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[Audio] Sharooz’s ‘Terminvs’



Terminvs is London based TurboFunk producer Sharooz’s foray into post-EBM, post-Gesaffelstein Techno. All the cool kids are doing it these days, so why not. While the tunes might not be as intoxicating and dirty Disco, it can be a lot more fun to make, if you like brapping out with synths that is. And from the sound of Terminvs, Sharooz definitely does.

Amidst the ringing, occasionally dissonant, electronic mayhem, Sharooz actually lays down an utterly infectious Teutonic groove. A 242-esque bassline and some old school House drums keep the track more than interesting, giving the track a late 80s Acid House undercurrent. If fact, if you tune out the Industrial purcussion and synth brap you’re left with quite a classic sounding warehouse jam. A tune with a surprising number of levels.

♫ Sharooz – Terminvs

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[Audio] Nightly’s ‘Build One’



So, it seems like everyone is jumping on that Gesaffelstein Nu-EBM, Techno train these days. Making that mad Powernoise cash, yo!  Next up is Nightly, new alter-ego of German Disco dude Christian Strobe, who releases a double A-side single this week consisting of Build One and Build Two. Also, we can’t be the only ones geeky enough to see the words ‘Nightly’ and ‘Build’ together and have our minds immediately go to software release schedules? Yes? Oh well…carry on.

To be fair to Mr. Strobe, he does inject a fair amount of Groove into his pulsating, grinding Techno. Set among a relentless onslaught of Industrial purcussion, siren screams, Electro zap and drone synths, there sits a little bit of Funk that gives the track an unusual swing. There’s a bright lead line that is strangely reminiscent to Russ Chimes’ Never Look Back that elevates the track above the noise. The upshot of all this contradiction if a song that is forcefully powerful, a dancefloor destroyer, but one that will stand out for the Teutonic Techno pack.

♫ Nightly – Build One (Original Mix)

Nightly’s Build One/Build Two is out now.

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[Audio] Goose’s ‘Falling’



We’ve alluded to it before, but we now think it’s about time that someone sat down with the current crop of post-Electro Techno producers and explained to them, that they are just making EBM. The only difference between a lot of modern EBM and Eleccy Teccy producers is the publications they get written about in and the venues they are booked to play. Case in point, Belgian Electroheads Goose, who, admittedly, have always had Electro-Rock leanings and always been more than a little EBM anyway, but who now are primed to jump on board with the likes of Gesaffelstein in gruff arpeggio world-domination.

Check out their latest single, released next week. Falling’s open-hi-hat-on–beat 4/4 rhythm is pure Industrial stomp and it’s juggernaut arpeggiated hook is dancefloor twisted 242 magic. The track was mixed by French legend Alex Gopher and sets it’s self apart from the crowd not in it’s beats or basslines, but in it’s mastery of energy. The gradually rising, simplistic, vocals become a mantra guiding you through the highs and depths of the track. It’s a deceptively minimal tune that is always in complete control. More sophisticated than 99.9% of modern EBM? Yes definitely, but sonically right in the same boat.

♫ Goose – Falling

Goose’s Falling is released 12th November.

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[Audio] Maya Jane Coles reMixes Tiga Vs. Audion’s ‘Let’s Go Dancing’



Check out Maya Jane Coles’ reMix of Tiga Vs. Audition (Matthew Dear)’s hype inducing Let’s Go Dancing. Tiga’s most explosive track for al long while, Let’s Go Dancing caused a bit of a stir when it was released a couple of months ago, now with the release of the reMix EP looming we can wrap out ears around this, the one we were most looking forward to.

Maya takes things Deep and Techy with this one. Six minutes of hypnotic warehouse sounds with a fantasy twist. With a seeming nod to early Warp Bleep House Maya playfully skims magical melodies and psychedelic synths over to surface of a pounding House groove. The growling vocal refrain only adds to the enigmatic flavour of Maya’s mix. This one is going to get a serious club pounding, expect to be looing all sense of time on the dancefloor to this one very soon.

♫ Tiga Vs. Audion – Let’s Go Dancing (Maya Jane Coles Dancing In The Dark reMix)

Tiga Vs. Audion’s Let’s Go Dancing reMix package is coming 10th November and includes remixes from Maya Jane Coles, Breach, Solomun and joeFarr.

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[Audio] Disclosure’s ‘Apollo’



London duo Disclosure’s acclaimed début album, Settle, is less than six months old and they are already dropping brand new tracks. You would have thought the commercial success of Settle would have seen the guys coasting for a while, but no, they’ve been back in the studio and Apollo is the result.

There’s no vocals here, no collaboration, this a raw, undiluted Disclosure. In a way Apollo feels like Disclosure going back to their roots somewhat. There’s a definite leaning toward the dancefloor of darkened warehouses and strobe lit late night clubs that Radio 1 Roadshows. Hypnotic and ethereal, Apollo, blends a little House, a little Acid, a little Rave, a little Techno and even a little Psy Trance, into one undulating monster. Unrelentingly groovy, this really is one to loose yourself in.

♫ Disclosure – Apollo

Disclosure’s Settle is out now.

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[Video] Gesaffelstein’s ‘Hate Or Glory’


Gesaffelstein    Hate or Glory   Official Music Video    YouTube

Time to face facts, you can dress it up with platitudes like ‘Techno’ or ‘Electro’ all you want, but Gesaffelstein is an EBM producer. Fact. His tunes take everything EBM was good at, regains everything EBM lost, ditches the crap and makes EBM good again. His latest Acid soaked single, Hate Or Glory (how EBM a title is that?) exemplifies this.

Check out another boundary pushing video from Gesaffelstein. Directed by Fleur & Manu it’s dark, weird and violent.

Gesaffelstein’s album, Aleph is released 28th October.

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[Audio] L-SEDITION’s ‘You Pay’



Sadly, our favourite Minimal Synth duo Violet Tremors are no more. While Jessica continues to explore dark minimalism with noNViolet, Lorene is taking an altogether more epic approach with her new outfit L-SEDITION. What we’ve heard so far we’d probably call something like Cryptic Cinematic Techno, if we wanted to call it something, which we don’t, so just ignore that bit.

L-SEDITION’s first tune is called You Pay, and it’s a sprawling six minutes of Sci-Fi synthetics. Layered with burbling arpeggios and growling synths, You Pay carries the listener along on a hypnotic journey, occasionally interchanging the chainsaw stabs with lush, rousing strings. Complex and intricate rhythms hail the robotic march of the tracks groove as the whole delivers something that is both machine like and very human. A good start we think.

♫ L-SEDITION – You Pay

Check out more from L-SEDITION on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Tiga Vs. Audion’s ‘Let’s Go Dancing’


Tiga Vs. Audion

The new single from ElectroClash pioneer and Techno legend Tiga hit the internet this weekend in it’s full form. Let’s Go Dancing is a collaboration with Audition (an alter ego of Matthew Dear) that first appeared in clip for in August that got a lot of tongues wagging. This past weekend Annie Mac premiered the full eight minutes of the finished mastered track immediately before it’s SoundCloud and iTunes releases.

The tune is nearly ten minutes of hypnotic Techno. Deep House influenced vibes wash the tune, that is build nor nothing less than hours under a strobe light. A slow creeping juggernaut of pulsating synth sounds and vintage drum machine beats. Utterly intoxicating, the track draws you in with each bar as it ever so gradually builds and builds it;s abrasive groove. We don;t think you’re going to be able to escape this tune in the club over the coming months. Let’s Go Dancing will also be available as a full reMix package in November, with work from the likes of Solomun, Maya Jane Coles and Breach.

♫ Tiga Vs. Audion – Let’s Go Dancing

Tiga Vs. Audion’s Let’s Go Dancing is out now with the reMix package coming 10th November.

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[Audio] autoKratz’s ‘Midnight Hearts’



There a new single from London Techno loving ElectroPop duo autoKratz! It’s been 16 months since their last record, and we always worry that they are going to disappear into Techno obscurity when they don;t release new tune, but fear not, this new single has enough ElectroPop at it;s heart, and amongst the machine beats, to keep us all happy.

The A-side, Midnight Hearts, works a prober Deep House groove and sweeping 80s SynthPop vocals. Strange bedfellows? Maybe, but autoKratz make it work perfectly, combing the best of nostalgia and London’s current club scene, with a dash of Tropical, for a serious floorfiller. That bassline alone is infectious as hell. The B-side, takes things even deeper. Mysterious synths and retro-futuristic beats couple with whispered vocals to deliver an early Detroit, by way of Gary Numan, vibe. An excellent return to form for these two.

♫ autoKratz – Midnight Hearts

♫ autoKratz – Cracked City

autoKratz’s ‘Midnight Hearts is out soon.

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