[Audio] The Knocks & St. Lucia


The Knocks

We’ve been looking forward to hearing this one ever since we first heard rumbles that New York Disco duo The Knocks were doing a track with one of our favourite ElectroPop artists St. Lucia. The result, The Knocks new single, Modern Hearts, is released later this month. Which, after a few listens is far too long to wait, it’s one of the jump-up DiscoPop tracks of the year.

Modern Hearts is a track that give you a rush. Combining the best of summery Disco sounds with a superbly written Pop anthem. A stomping beat pins the track down, giving free rein to thick synth stabs and playful arpeggios to ride a rolling bassline. Alongside St. Lucia’s soaring vocal, it all makes up one of those tracks that just makes you smile, you can’t help it, which is what makes it the perfect track for drinking and dancing in the sun. This one’s being added to our festival season playlist.

♫ The Knocks (Feat. St. Lucia) – Modern Hearts

The Knocks’ Modern Hearts is released 16th April.

Buy The Knocks’ music from:

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