[Audio] Starsmith’s ‘Now I Feel Good’



Premièred on Radio 1 by Pete Tong on Friday, here’s the new single from producer extraordinaire Starsmith. This is his second single of the year, which is a lot for Starsmith! To be fair to him though he does divide his time between writing music and producing some of the biggest and best ElectroPop acts on the planet. Now I Feel Good features the vocal talents of the generally amazing Clare Maguire and you can check out the tasty Club Mix below.

This tune has got all the hallmarks of a big Starsmith production, the big beats, the punch basslines, the layers of rich keys; with the added bonus of Maguire’s impassioned delivery. The rising, euphoric, synth lines really power the track along, razor sharp in their production and provide a nice ride for the ultimately optimistic vocals travel on. We can’t work out if this is perfect Pop, or perfect Big Room. Probably both.

♫ Starsmith (Feat. Clare Maguire) – Now I Feel Good (Club Edit)

Starsmith’s Now I Feel Good is out soon on Ministry Of Sound

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[Audio] Starsmith’s ‘Be Me Love’



Fresh from producing the new single by Py, one of Britain’s finest ElectroPop masterminds Starsmith today premières his brand new solo single. It’s been a while since Starsmith’s last single, Clockwork and this new one; Be My Love, due out next month, has the vibe of a man who’s been holed up producing perfect Pop.

Featuring the voice of South London soul singer Tawiah, Be My Love combines growling, moody synths with a passionate vocal performance into one swirling whole. Whilst the whole affair is a mature, complex Pop song, there still a hint of the hands-in-the-air dance tracks Starsmith’s solo career has brought forth so far in the luscious chorus riff. An rich and decadent tune that demands repeated listening.

♫ Starsmith (Feat. Tawiah) – Be My Love

Starsmith’s Be Me Love is released 10th March.

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[Video] Py’s ‘Swimming Slow’


Py   Swimming Slow   YouTube

Swimming Slow is the new single from London songstress Py, a deep and powerful ElectroPop tune co-written and produced by Starsmith.

Check out the classy video for the track, full of catharsis and night mystery.

Py’s Swimming Slow is released 10th March.

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[Download] Starsmith reMixes Betty Who’s ‘Somebody Loves You’


Betty Who

So, what’s Starsmith been up to since Clockwork? Well, amongst other things, one of the UK’s finest producers have turned-in this shockingly good reMix of Australian New York resident Betty Who’s track Somebody Loves You, from her recent The Movement EP. The rising Pop star already had a strong line in catchy tunes, the addition of Starsmith’s dancefloor friendly sounds makes is a combination hard to resist.

We’ve previously seem a whole collection of reMixes of Somebody Loves You, including a storming mix from FM Attack. Whereas FM Attack went straight for the 80s jugular, Starsmith comes down of his version with the full force of Disco. An energetic, upbeat, cavalcade of grinding synth bass, sparking keys, and Betty’s chameleon vocals that seem to lend themselves perfectly to whatever music is playing, in this case take on the guise of a big dancefloor anthem. Starsmith’s production is, as ever, impeccable. Which is why he’s off producing famous types these days, we love his floorfillers though.

Betty Who – Somebody Loves You (Starsmith reMix)

Betty Who’s The Movement EP is out now.

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[MP3] Starsmith’s ‘Clockwork’



Stop the press, there’s a new Starsmith track in town! It’s been what seems like an age since the man’s last single (around this time last year for the free track Zeroes), which is far too long for one of the UK’s finest production talents. Luckily, this new tune, Clockwork (another free download), more than makes up for the absence. Bring it on!

Clockwork is just full-on driving dance music. Pretty ecclectic in it’s instrumentation and arrangement, it;s fun tune and, dare we say it, a bit madcap. Like a cosmic House adventure, there’s a different sound or hook around every corner, but it all ties together nicely in a robo-funk, hands-in-the-air, big room tune. We expect this one is going to get quite a bit of play out.

Starsmith – Clockwork

Starsmith’s Clockwork is out now.

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[Mixtape] Starsmith’s ‘The Third Movement’ Mixtape



Starsmith – The Third Movement = Looks like Starsmith is back in the game. This storming mixtape runs a gauntlet of synthetic dancefloor sounds and features one or new new productions from the man himself. Let’s hope a new EP is on the way.

Starsmith – The Third Movement

The tracklist:

01. Starsmith – Pegasus
02. Villa – Mint
03. Bondax – Gold (Moon Boots reMix)
04. Marcus Marr – The Music (Starsmith Edit)
05. Jonas Rathsman – Since I Don’t Have You
06. Crazy P – Heartbreaker (Huxley reMix)
07. DEVolution – If You Believe
08. Anna Lunoe & Touch Sensitive – Real Talk (Cassian reMix)
09. Russ Chimes – Turn Me Out
10. Ed Drewett – Drunk Dial (Starsmith Remix)
11. Alex Metric – Ilium
12. Ali Love (Feat. Kali) – Emperor (Maceo Plex Last Disco reMix)
13. Chris Malinchak – If U Got It
14. The Gossip – Move In The Right Direction (Classixx reMix)
15. Moe Turk – Sittin’ On Top
16. J Wiltshire – Take It Off My Mind

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Starsmith’s ‘Zeroes’


Fin is back in the house! And about time too! The UK’s finest ElectroPop producer Starsmith has dropped his first new original tune since Lesson One, this time last year, with only a couple of reMixes in-between. Sure he’s probably hunkered down in the studio with the next big thing in Pop, but since his album is in some kind of ridiculous limbo we should be happy we’re getting at lease something form it.

Zeroes is the big tune you expect it is. With a rolling synth bassline this track is pure Starsmith. Just the kind of thing you could imagine him putting together in one of those studio videos he used to do. All the trademarks of his style are present. The dense layering, the attention to detail, the command of a repeating, hypnotic, funky riff. Building and building toward the finale, Zeroes has so many awesome, intertwining, synth riffs you want to listen to it over and over again to hear every detail.

Starsmith – Zeroes

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Starsmith reMixes St. Lucia

St. Lucia

Hey! What’s Starsmith been up to? Probably bust producing someone famous, or holed up with Ellie writing her next album? It’s been too long since he treated us to a track though. So it is with great excitement that we hear Fin’s reMix of St. Lucia’s ‘We Got It Wrong’.

Taken from St. Lucia’s forthcoming Neon Gold Records EP, released in March with a an album following later in the year, ‘We Got It Wrong’ is to have a reMix 12” all of it’s own in the lead up to the EP’s release, and that’s where the might talents of Starsmith come into play. Slick and silky Dreamwavey ElectroPop is the man’s forté, no-one does it quite like him, and with his rework of ‘We Got It Wrong’ he crafts a warm, immediately familiar feeling, Nu-Disco tune loaded with bright synths and lush pads. This is one I definitely can’t wait to play out, the kind of track that’ll make the dancefloor move as one. Also, around the 1m32m mark it’s got that sumptuous Starsmith drop that makes you instantly lost in the tune. The reMix 12” also includes work from a current favourite of ours,Lenno, and Xaphoon Jones, it’s gonna’ be well worth a look.

St. Lucia – We Got It Wrong (Starsmith reMix)

The ‘We Got It Wrong’ 12” is released 14th February as a pre-cursor to March’s EP.

Check out more from St. Lucia on SoundCloud.

Marina And The Diamonds’ new single reMixed by Starsmith


Marina And The Diamonds’s forthcoming single ‘Radioactive’ is a weird one. It’s a good song, let down by dated production from Stargate. As we said in our post fearing the video we were excited to hear some of the reMixes. In our view there is no better way to kick thing off than with ElectroPop/Nu-Disco producer extraordinaire Starsmith.

Bewilderingly, this reMix won’t be featured on the single (someone is making bad decisions for our Marina), in fact the decision is made all the more strange by the fact that Starsmith’s version of the track feels and sounds like a more well rounded, contemporary and relevant single that the Stargate produced original. This is how the track should have sounded all along. This is Marina back on the top of the quirky ElectroPop pile. Thank you Starsmith.

♫ Marina And The Diamonds – Radioactive (Starsmith Rework)

‘Radioactive’ is released 3rd October’

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Starsmith: and on to the B-side


The last few days have been Starsmithtastic! New single, new video and now the flip side to ‘Lesson One’, ‘Champion’.

I sat flip side ‘cos the release will be a double A-side. Alan Braxe, who’s Vulture Music will be putting out the single, recently dropped a teaser of this track at Social Club in Paris and the resultant YouTube video has us all in a frenzy. ‘Campion’ sees Starsmith layering up the smooth electronic Funk of ‘Lesson One’ with a more synthesized feel. The lead lines alone are worth buying this release for, behind a couple of tires of synths and a mixing desk Starsmith really is at the top of his game. Keeping the  Hopefully Starsmith finding a home at Vulture will mean his album gets to see the light of day.

♫ Starsmith – Champion

‘Lesson One’/ ‘Champion’ drops 22nd August.

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