[Audio] Pet Shop Boys reMixed by Boys Noize


Photograph by John Wright

We’re  not going to lie, we were quite worried about this tune. Apart from the odd tune, Boys Noize have not been impressing of late, the last album, Out Of The Black, was more filler than killer, so the thought of Ridha getting his hand on Pet Shop Boys didn’t fill us with optimism. Imagine out relief then when, after a Mixmag première, it turns out that Boys Noize reMix of Axis isn’t too shabby at all.

The original of Axis is pretty amazing Stuart Price produced Italo gold and whilst Boys Noize reMix doesn’t hit those crazy highs, it does deliver a fairly storming hard dancefloor juggernaut. With a whole pallet of spiky synths, this reMix if Axis really does build up an infectious groove that it’s pretty hard not to get into, and serves up quite a nostalgic old school flavour. An out of place 2007 middle-eight aside, this a high octane killer of a tune.

♫ Pet Shop Boys – Axis (Boys Noize reMix)

Pet Shop Bot’s Electric album is due out in June.

Buy Pet Shop Boys’ music from:

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