[Audio] Miles Prower’s ‘Outatime’



Bristolian SynthWave outfit Miles Prower are set to follow up on April’s Pneumatic EP with a new release in the coming months. The new EP is titled Outatime, which we can only hope is a Back To The Future reference, if not it should be, and the title track sees the Prowers once again teaming up with Substatic’s Colleen Quinn for a little vocal spice.

Miles Prower lay down a driving Italo, slightly EBM groove here, all flying arpeggios and a gritty dark future mood. As with a couple of the tracks on their début EP, there’s a slight Trance influence going on here too, it’s all very rousing hands-in-the-sir stuff. Helped in part by Colleen’s moody performance that breaks into epicness in the choruses. Boosted by a multi layered arrangement, both musically and vocally, this is probably Miles Prower’s biggest song to date. We’re intrigued to hear the rest of the EP.

♫  Miles Prower (Feat. Colleen Quinn) – Outatime

Miles Prower’s Outatime EP is out soon.

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