Substatic’s début EP


Well, they said their début EP would be out in May and, bizarrely for a band, it will be out in May. If nothing else we can, at least, say that Substatic are punctual!

I’m not going to go on again about how impressed I was with this Bristol based Electro act, you can read what I wrote about them in my previous post, but I will say how they managed to improve on tracks that didn’t need improving for the release of the ‘Days Go On’ EP. Listening to the original, demo, versions (check the prior post for mp3s) I would have said they were easily of release quality but, production wise, Substatic have really outdone themselves this time around. The sound is more separated, everything sits together better. the drums kick, the basses rumble and there are some additional synth and guitar flourishes that are now allowed room in the mix, but it’s the vocal production that really stands out from the demos. Again, I wouldn’t have said there was anything wrong with the vocal production first time round, but now the vocals really shine. All-in-all these new recording really showcase Substatic’s unique blend of modern Electro, Breakbeat and songwriting talent.

There are four tracks on the EP. New versions of ‘Wild Horses’ and ‘Triplet’, which we featured formerly. Both tracks have had some radio play, ‘Wild Horses’ being a Electro Breakbeat epic and ‘Triplet’ being an edgy, bass laden, Indie-electro tune with some Dubstep overtones. Either would be worthy of a single release. My personal favourite track on ‘Days Go On’ is ‘Edge Of Your Love’, an Electro-House/Nu-Disco stomper with a touch of (a more ballsy) Goldfrapp about it. As with tracks one and two, ‘Edge Of Your Love’ could easily carry a single release on it’s own. The EP draws to a close with ‘Closer’, a deep, bass heavy , emotional journey and a perfect end to the EP with a finale that layers strings and sparkling synths to almost spine-tingling effect. I know I mentioned it in my previous write up, but there really is something of the dramatic to Substatic’s songs. Whether it is in Alex and Steve’s intricate, driving, music or Colleen’s passionate vocal delivery, as a listener you really do feel a depth of emotion and a sense of urgency to the tracks.

♫ Substatic – Edge Of Your Love

If you want to pick up the full quality release (and you do!), ‘Days Go On’ drops 31st May but can be pre-ordered right now!

Substatic @ 7Digital

Substatic @ Amazon

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