[Audio] Miles Prower’s ‘These Waves Between Us’ and ‘Lock And Load’


Miles Prower

Bristol’s finest SynthWave export Miles Prower is back in business with two new tracks. Both recently revealed tune are taken from the forthcoming new Prower EP, Azurea. Azurea is due to drop this spring, but you can check out these two track, These Waves Between Us and the Dana Jean Phoenix featuring Local And Load right now. Check ‘em out.

These Waves Between Us is a departure from Prowers previous 80s-influenced sounds into something that sound pretty authentic. A lot of SynthWave has the 80s heavily in it’s DNA, but by no means actually sounds like something from that decade, These Waves Between Us starts to creep slowly in that direction. It’s got that 90s Trance arrangement that seems to be central to the SynthWave sound, but makes it more organic with Electro Soul beats and a Boogie bassline. However, the Prower is at it’s best with vocals and Lock And Load puts Dana Jean Phoenix’s voice to work hard for a dramatic and haunting electronic excursion. A theatrical tune that brings together 80s Sci-Fi soundtracks and 90s Pop to keep the listener enchanted.

♫ Miles Prower – These Waves Between Us

♫ Miles Prower (Feat Dana Jean Phoenix) – Local And Load

Miles Prower’s Azurea EP is out this Spring.

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[Audio] Miles Prower’s ‘These Days’



Bristol SynthWavers Miles Prower go all power-balled with their latest tune, These Days. Taken (again) from their forthcoming new EP, Virtually Reality, this one enlists the help of SynthWave vocalist du’jour Dana Jean Phoenix and brings down the tempo a bit to serve up something for your soul rather than your feet.

These Days actually marks a distinct shift in Miles Prowers music, one we’ve suspected coming for a while now. whist Dana Jean Phoenix’s nostalgic vocals and the songs arrangement are pure 80s power ballad fare, the sound and production itself are about as far away from the 80s as you can get. Mire akin to mid-90s EBM or the more avant-guard end of that era’s SynthPop, Miles Prower invoke a raw production style and modern abrasive digital synth sounds. This makes a for a really nice contrast, caustic music with sweet vocals, and makes the track more interesting than many of it’s contemporaries. Roll on the EP!

♫ Miles Prower (Feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) – These Days

Miles Prower’s Virtually Reality is due out this summer.

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[Audio] Miles Prower’s ‘Who Needs Real Life, Anyway?’


Miles Prower

Bristol SynthWavers Miles Prower are back with another new tune. Taken from their forthcoming new EP, titled Virtually Reality, the new track is an Italo infused instrumental that goes by the name of Who Needs Real Life, Anyway? and we’re guessing it’s the euphoric high-point of the release. 

Keeping things sparkly and shimmering, Miles Prower deliver three minutes of synthesizer love, awash with bright melodies and starlight keys that drift over a sea of rapid fire arpeggio basslines. Taking it’s time to build up to full steam, Who Needs Real Life, Anyway? eases you into it’s optimistic groove before launching into it’s high-octane SynthWave cavalcade. The EP should be a good ‘un.

♫ Miles Prower – Who Needs Real Life, Anyway?

Miles Prower’s Virtually Reality is due out this summer.

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[Audio] Miles Prower’s ‘Virtually Reality’


Miles Prower

Here’s the latest tune from Bristol SynthWavers Miles Prower. Once again enlisting the help of Coralie Kate for vocal duties they present Virtually Reality. The title track of their forthcoming new EP, due out in summer, the track bodes well for a release packed with nostalgic flair.

This one’s got a classic sound, with just a hint of that Euphoric Trance vibe that Mile Prower tend to inject their tracks with. Leading in with some slick Italo bass sounds and the kind of dreamy keys that the French arm of the SynthWave massive are so well known for, the track soon introduces Coralie’s sweet vocals and waves of lush synths. As the tune progresses the synths build leaving the 80s for a full-on 90s hands-in-the-air moment.

♫ Miles Prower (Feat. Coralie Kate) – Virtually Reality

Miles Prower’s Virtually Reality is due out this summer.

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[Audio] Miles Prower’s ‘Outatime’ EP


Miles Prower

This week Bristolian SynthWave outfit Miles Prower dropped their sophomore EP on Future City Records. With a nod to Back To The Future in it’s title, the Outatime EP serves up five tracks that see the Prowers move slightly away from a retro 80s sound into something s little cleaner, a little more digital with hints of Euphoric Trance and Progressive House in the mix.

Kicking off with the pulsating, undulating, synthetic soundscape of Tokyo, the Outatime EP contains a few tracks we’ve heard before, and a few new tunes.The EP’s title track, starring Substatic’s Colleen Quinn on vocals, we featured back in July with it’s EBM-like drive slides into Summer Song 2.1, the most traditional SynthWave tune on the EP. All the SynthWave elements are present here, arpeggiated bassline, shimmering leads, elements with are slowed down somewhat for the emotionally charged, Jarre-esque, Devices. The EP plays out on Data Streams (Into The Void). Another vocal track, featuring Coralie Kate on vocal duties, it;s a track that mixed vintage synth melodies with modern electronic sounds and late 90s Trance beats in a swirling whirlwind of sound. Another solid EP from these guts.

♫ Miles Prower (Feat. Colleen Quinn) – Outatime

♫ Miles Prower (Feat. Coralie Kate) – Data Streams (Into The Ocean)

Miles Prower’s Outatime EP is out now.

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[Audio] Miles Prower’s ‘Outatime’



Bristolian SynthWave outfit Miles Prower are set to follow up on April’s Pneumatic EP with a new release in the coming months. The new EP is titled Outatime, which we can only hope is a Back To The Future reference, if not it should be, and the title track sees the Prowers once again teaming up with Substatic’s Colleen Quinn for a little vocal spice.

Miles Prower lay down a driving Italo, slightly EBM groove here, all flying arpeggios and a gritty dark future mood. As with a couple of the tracks on their début EP, there’s a slight Trance influence going on here too, it’s all very rousing hands-in-the-sir stuff. Helped in part by Colleen’s moody performance that breaks into epicness in the choruses. Boosted by a multi layered arrangement, both musically and vocally, this is probably Miles Prower’s biggest song to date. We’re intrigued to hear the rest of the EP.

♫  Miles Prower (Feat. Colleen Quinn) – Outatime

Miles Prower’s Outatime EP is out soon.

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[Audio] More from Miles Prower



Bristol based SynthWavers Miles Prower have unleashed two more tracks from their forthcoming Pneumatic EP, which makes five now, which is high time the EP was released if you ask us. These guys continue to make their decidedly British mark on the SynthWave scene with Italo influenced grooves and bright Saturday morning melodies.

This World Wont Let Me Down is a rich, emotionally resonant tune in a classic Dreamwave mould. With a tiny bit of a Tropical vibe this time around, Miles Prower deliver punchy basslines to carry the weight while layers of starlight melodies play out over the top.Starlight Burning up’s the tempo somewhat, maybe a little too much. When not descending a suspicious amount into Happy Hardcore territory, it’s actually a pretty uplifting, euphoric track with some epic vocals from Alice Maria Sparey, we’re just a bit concerned that putting a donk on anything is never a good idea. It’s a nice enough tune though, and sees Miles Prower set to turn-in a top EP.

♫ Miles Prower (Feat. Alice Maria Sparey)- Starlight Burning’

♫ Miles Prower – This World Wont Let Me Down

Check out more from Miles Prower on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Miles Prower’s ‘San Francisco Nights’

Miles Prower

San Francisco Nights is the new tune from Bristol based SynthWave act Miles Prower. Despite the name, the track feels like a decidedly British take on SynthWave, owing as much to 80s SynthPop and kid’s TV shows as it does to Jan Hammer’s Miami vice soundtrack.

Driven by an arpeggiated bassline, San Francisco Nights delivers a cornucopia of bright snyths and lush, ringing, melodies. At times sounding like the theme to a Saturday tea-time Sci-Fi show, this is a tune that revels in multiple, intertwining delayed leads and a nostalgic simple feel. With some wonderful chord progressions, San Francisco Nights is a classy piece of relaxing Italo.

♫ Miles Prower – San Francisco Nights

Check out more from Miles Prower on SoundCloud.

Substatic’s Colleen guests for Miles Prower

Miles Prower

Apparently Cyberpunk is a thing again. At least it is in the world of Miles Prower who have roped in Substatic chanteuse Colleen Quinn for this gynoid SynthPop ballad Pneumatic.

Miles Prower (we presume, named after Sonic The Hedgehog’s mate) is a side-project from Bristol Electro-Rock outfit Nova Robotics (we presume, named after the company that built Johnny Five) that sees the duo put down their wall-of-noise guitars in favour of bouncy ‘90’s synths, and a fine job of it they do too. It’s a little rough around the edges, it could do with a production makeover, but it definitely shows promise. Miles Prower have mixed up a classic SynthPop sound with a little Italo groove to create a sound the futurists would have been proud of. Colleen’s vocals are as good as ever, taking on a new tone within the confines of a narrative. It’s in appealing début for this project, it’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here.

♫ Miles Prower (Feat. Colleen Quinn) – Pneumatic

Check out more from Miles Prower on SoundCloud.