Substatic’s Colleen guests for Miles Prower

Miles Prower

Apparently Cyberpunk is a thing again. At least it is in the world of Miles Prower who have roped in Substatic chanteuse Colleen Quinn for this gynoid SynthPop ballad Pneumatic.

Miles Prower (we presume, named after Sonic The Hedgehog’s mate) is a side-project from Bristol Electro-Rock outfit Nova Robotics (we presume, named after the company that built Johnny Five) that sees the duo put down their wall-of-noise guitars in favour of bouncy ‘90’s synths, and a fine job of it they do too. It’s a little rough around the edges, it could do with a production makeover, but it definitely shows promise. Miles Prower have mixed up a classic SynthPop sound with a little Italo groove to create a sound the futurists would have been proud of. Colleen’s vocals are as good as ever, taking on a new tone within the confines of a narrative. It’s in appealing début for this project, it’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here.

♫ Miles Prower (Feat. Colleen Quinn) – Pneumatic

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