New Substatic tunes


It’s Substatic update time! When last we left out heroes they were knocking around on ‘electronic rumors Volume 1’ and playing a blinding set at the album launch party. That set showcased not only their new, leaner, line up but also a plethora of new material and, dare I say it, a new ‘sound’, one with a tad more Funk.

Here’s two new tracks to get your aural juices flowing. ‘iMake Noise’ is a bass fuelled steamroller of a track, the don’t-call-it-Dubstep bassline slowly grinding against your brain makes for the perfect accompaniment to Colleen’s sultry, dangerous, vocals. It’s a track with a sense of urgency, a nervous energy that threatens to break at any moment amidst the chiming lead lines. There’s definitely something cinematic about ‘iMake Noise’. ‘Arcadia’ is an instrumental track and, I presume, a tribute to the giant, travelling robo-stage of the same name. Last year at Bestival I was camped literally right next to Arcadia and whilst this track doesn’t quite capture the 5:30am ground shaking, can’t sleep, bass, what it does instead is make you wanna’ jump up with it’s shuffling beats and dirty, funk fuelled synth grind. Capturing the best of those times you can loose yourself on the dancefloor, ‘Arcadia’ should be played at peak time in a field with 30,000 other nutters!

♫ Substatic – iMakeNoise

♫ Substatic – Arcadia

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