I’ve been meaning to write about this band  for a couple of months now, but things have been pretty disorganized here at electronic rumors towers since I relocated from Camden back to my home town of Bristol (after six years away). I will now remedy this!

Long time readers will remember in the early, less focused, days of ER that I used to harp on about how much I missed Bristol, so if there’s one thing I like better than discovering new talented Electro artists, it’s discovering new talented Electro artists from Bristol.

Enter Substatic!

Without wanting to sound like an idiot, or incredibly literal, this is what contemporary Electro would sound like if it was being made in Bristol…which it is…so it does.

I’ll try and make more sense now. Substatic have got the big dirty synths, 8-bit sounds and raw electronics of Electro but they couple that with a Breakbeat flavour and Drum & Bass basslines that adds a powerful driving force beyond your typical Electro fare. More Electro than your standard ‘Bristol beat’ act and more ‘Bristol beat’ than your standard Electro act, Substatic have carved out a unique slice of the Electro musical landscape for themselves which they supplement with live instrumentation, a splash of guitar and the inclusion of live violin, which you would think would send the music down a folksy road but instead it adds that little bit of orchestration which in turn adds drama to the songs.

I’ve not even mentioned Colleen’s vocals yet! Powerful, dramatic, sultry, seductive with a hint of danger, the perfect piece of the puzzle that ties everything together. Equally devastating on the dancefloor as in the headphones, Substatic’s dynamic and compelling take on Electro is sure to propel them to great heights.

I could have just said “Substatic are a live Electro band turned up to 11”! Check it out:

Substatic – Triplet (zShare) (MediaFire)

Substatic – Wild Horses (zShare) (MediaFire)

Having already played a few high profile shows and gained exposure on BBC 6Music (#saveBBC6music BTW!), Substatic are defiantly one to keep an eye on in 2010!

The band are constantly gigging up and down the UK (their next show is 27th March @ The Junction, Bristol) and their reMix of Leisure Allstars ‘How We Roll’ is available here:

Leisure Allstars ‘How We Roll’ (Inc. Substatic reMix) @ 7Digital

Leisure Allstars ‘How We Roll’ (Inc. Substatic reMix) @ Amazon

The band are planning to release their début EP in May, until then show them some MySpace love:

Substatic @ MySpace

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