[Audio] Sohight & Cheevy’s ‘Night Ride’


Sohight & Cheevy

Taken from their, as yet unannounced, forthcoming new EP, Night Ride is the new tune from Russian Nu-Disco duo Sohight & Cheevy. These guys have been quietly tearing up the Nu-Disco scene for a while now, definitely on the radar of those in the know (as much of the Russian’s Nu-Disco and Dreamwave output is). Bringing a little classic late 70s DiscoPop vibe back to modern Disco dancefloors, Sohight & Cheevy’s new tune is set to be an instant hit with retro groove fans.

Raised up an a heady mix of old synths, smooth saxophone and Cheevy’s genre perfect (and occasionally Bee Gees) vocals, Night Ride is an immediately catchy slice of nostalgic Disco goodness. The quality of the songwriting and production is right up there with the best in the field. These guys are true underground competitors to the likes of Chromeo and Tesla Boy , the music is just that good. If you like your Disco with a slick vocal, an irresistible bassline and waves of fluid vintage synth lines then you definitely need to check out Sohight & Cheevy’s new one.

♫ Sohight & Cheevy – Night Ride

Sohight & Cheevy’s new EP is out soon.

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Earl Grey reMixes Sohight


Russian Disco master Sohight’s On The Fruit Records single Fonk is release this week, and whist we’ve been really digging the track, we’ve also been keen to hear the Earl Grey reMix, so now we can. Earl Grey is, of course, Danny Ashenden, better know as one half of The C90s, here with his third solo track. It doesn’t disappoint.

Ashenden delivers a squelchy, vintage Disco track. Equal parts Cosmic and Deep, the track rides on a low-down, but bouncy, synth bass, slightly Italo in it’s pattern, which weaves in an out of spacey stabs and echoes, snatches of the vocal and big lush strings. The reMix even keeps some of the scratching from he original in there, but echoes them out to almost Dub-like effect. All this Disco business is topped off with a twisted lead line that is so infectious you won’t be able to resist it. It’s a great start for Earl Grey, definitely a name to keep an eye, or ear,  on.

♫ Sohight – Fonk (Earl Grey reMix)

Sohight’s Fonk is out now.

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Sohight’s ‘Fonk’


Russia is bringing the funk once again! After a crop of awesome SynthWave releases with his partner Cheevy, On The Fruit Records have snapped up the new solo offering from St. Petersburg resident Sohight. Fonk is the place where Sohight drops the Electro Boogie, hard.

There just isn’t enough turntablism in Nu-Disco and Boogie these days, we truly believe that, and Sohight redresses the balance with some retro cutting throughout Fonk. the scratching provides  a sweet rhythmic, sampled, accompaniment to Sohight’s thick Moog Funk and soaring synth solos. Fonk ends up being a heroic Frankenstein’s monster made of pieces of Disco, Funk , SynthWave and B-Boy Electro. A boogie monster that’s going to be slaying retro dancefloors.

♫ Sohight – Fonk (Original mix)

Sohight’s Fonk is released 22nd October.

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Sohight’s ‘Get It Right’

Keiz Beats are once again releasing the new record from the Russia team up of Sohight  and Cheevy. Sohight has been killing it with every release me drops recently, especially when teamed up with Cheevy’s vocals and this new tune, Get It Right, is no exception.

Following on from their last couple of releases, Get it Right certainly gets synthesizer funk right. It’s a flashy mirrorball tune, packed with emotion and heartfelt passion. Occasionally veering into ElectroPop territory, Get It Right brings twisting Moog Funk, slick Disco, SynthWave chords and a catchy as hell vocal to the mix and spits out a Sohight’s best tune to date. reMixes come in the form of Xtrafunk’s laid back beach party Disco sounds, complete with fantastic synth soloing. Follow Me who turn up the SynthWave for a full on ‘80’s Italo fest and La Zebra piano driven ‘90’s House/Disco hybrid alongside work from Patchwork and Stubbs. The Get It Right single package is full of floorfillers and party starters, you should get involved.

♫ Sohight (Feat. Cheevy) – Get It Right (Original Mix)

♫ Sohight (Feat. Cheevy) – Get It Right (Xtrafunk reMix)

♫ Sohight (Feat. Cheevy) – Get It Right (Follow Me reMix)

♫ Sohight (Feat. Cheevy) – Get It Right (La Zebra reMix)

Get It Right is released 23rd July on Beatport and 08th August everywhere else.

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Sohight reMix Enterprise


Russian duo Sohight are on a roll right now, their couple of releases have been total jams and they are carving a nice little groove for them selves in the Disco tinged retro synth arena. Now they are lending their reMixing skills to Mexican producer Enterprise’s new single ‘Stages’.

‘Stages’ is a huge slice of deep Funk and Disco from Nico Raibak with an absolute killer bassline, a massive analog groove. The kind of bassline that sounds like Optimus Prime and Megatron fighting at Studio 54. Real apocalyptic Disco stuff. Squealing Korg synths and lush retro chords power over the track, it truly is a juggernaut of Disco. Doing anything to it is a tough job, Sohight are brave Dudes! their reMix smoothes things out a little, whilst the original smacks you in the face with Disco, Sohight gently wipes off the blood with their Boogie. Built around a slick Disco lick and some warbling synths. Sohight bring a little sext back to the dancefloor after Enterprise has brutalised it.

Enterprise – Stages (Sohight reMix)

Enterprise – Stages

Free From Entertainment

Check out more from Enterprise on SoundCloud.

Sohight’s new tune


Riding high on the success of their, frankly awesome, ‘High School’ EP for Kiez Beats, Russian duo Sohight has dropped a new free track, ‘My Lovin’’

‘My Lovin’’ is just the kind of top-quality SynthWave with a Disco twist we’ve come to expect from these guys in the past few months. The squelchy bassline just oozes Funk which the shimmering, think, retro synths work their sweet sweet magic. With this track Sohight have managed to fall neatly into a very hard place for producers to reach, that spot with the rousing nostalgia of SynthWave and the dancefloor energy of Electro-House, without falling too far one way or the other and without loosing the groove.

Sohight – My Lovin’

‘High School’ is out 13th April and also includes a reMix from Kreap.

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Sohight’s new EP


We’ve featured Russian producers Sohight a few times before and always loved his tunes, so it;s good to bee Kiez Beats picking them up and dropping this massive single, ‘High School’

For this record they’ve teamed up with single Cheevy to produce one of the largest retro ElectroPop tracks we’ve heard in awhile. This thing is epic. The biggest sounding drums, the fattest synth sounds and passionate vocals belted out all make up the kind of huge nostalgic Dreamwave ElectroPop that we haven’t heard a lot of in the last few months. This’ll more than make up for that! Amongst the reMix package is Final DJs take on the track, which sees them bring that brand of Funky SynthWave to the tune. Their retro synths really capture the mood of the tune and they let loose midway with some killer soloing. Jesse Oliver steps up to reMix too, with an awesome mix that sounds a little like something Fear Of Tigers would come up with.

♫ Sohight (Feat. Cheevy) – High School

♫ Sohight feat. Cheevy – High School (Final DJs School’s Out reMix)

♫ Sohight feat. Cheevy – High School (Jesse Oliver reMix)

‘High School’ is out 13th April and also includes a reMix from Kreap.

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We Are Russians!


We just commented last week about how much good stuff there is coming out of Russia these days, and to prove it website/label/community WeAreRussians have released a free compilation of Russian electronic artists.

The whole eighteen track album is top quality, practically every track is a winner and whilst the collection keeps quite a retro synth feel is spans quite a few styles. Lovinsky, represented here both alone and partnered with Quasars and Sohight are all artists we’ve featured before, highlighting their slick Dreamwave and Nu-Disco sounds and they sit on the album alongside new-to-us acts like Ziroberto and Valotihkuu who bring a more Funky side and some soundtrack atmospheres respectively. From these SynthWave sounds to epic Electro-House and introspective Indie-Electro WeAreRussians volume one just reinforces out opinion that Russia is definitely one of the places to look to for the next big synth acts.

Lovinsky – Dreamcatcher

Quasars And Lovinsky – Made In The 80’s

Sohight – Boys (Original Mix)

Ziroberto – The Future

Valotihkuu – Travelling

You can download the whole album on WeAreRussians’ SoundCloud.

More reMixes of The Tapeaters’ ‘Don’t You Dare’


In addition to the already posted Silenx reMix, Russian ElectroPop duo have dropped a bunch of new reMixes of their track ‘Don’t You Dare’ The Tapeaters.

First up fellow Russians Sohight deliver a funky ‘80’s inspired version with a nice Moog Funk bass and big retro sounds that have The Tapeaters sounding a little like Tesla Boy. There’s some amazing electronic music coming out of Russia right now and Sohight are another name to watch. Spanish producer Nelue’s take on the track starts off as a  slick exercise in Disco Funk but soon evolves into a bright, shimmering, quite classic sounding ElectroPop track with some really emotive synths.

The Tapeaters – Don’t You Dare (Sohight reMix)

The Tapeaters – Don’t You Dare (Nelue reMix)

The Tapeaters’ album ‘Visions’ is out now.

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