[MP3] Rogue Vogue reMix Follow Me



The week before last we introduced you to the new single from Brooklyn’s Follow Me, Somethin’ ‘Bout You. The track has been reMixed by one of our favourite Chicago House (both a Chicago House producer and a House producer from Chicago) Rogue Vogue. Prepare for some organ jackin’ sounds.

Rogue Vogue has got quite a few few top tunes under his belt with reMixes for the likes of Moon Boots, French Horn Rebellion and Radio INK all doing big things. This new track solidifies his reputation as one of the House producers to watch, perfectly capturing the sound of his city’s past. Working the soulful vocals around a woody bassline and blissful organ riff this one really goes off. One for the white gloves and warehouses.

Follow Me – Somethin’ ‘Bout You (Rogue Vogue reMix)

Follow Me Somethin’ ‘Bout You is out now.

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[MP3] New tune from Follow Me


Follow Me

Brooklyn’s Follow Me are back with a brand new track that continues their chameleon like change from a slick Dreamwave outfit into a cool-as-hell retro House outfit. They’ve been hitting us with some storming reMixes recently, most recently their awesome reworking of Soul II Soul’s Back to Life (However Do You Want Me?), but it’s time for them to drop a new original tune, and this one is massive.

Somethin’ ‘Bout You, is a pumping House track with an absolutely killer bassline. Brimming with spaced-out Dubby effects, this track let’s it’s various elements, swirling synths, hazy vocal hook, swim in and out of the track, wrapping themselves around that think, punchy bassline that rides the House groove. Follow Me have really stepped up their game with this one, and instant slice of dance music nostalgia with a modern and ecclectic twist.

Follow Me – Somethin’ ‘Bout You

Follow Me Somethin’ ‘Bout You is out now.

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[Mixtape] Follow Me’s ‘Winter 2013’ mixtape

Follow Me

Follow Me – Winter 2013 = Ready for some beautiful, and sometimes funky, synthesizer love? Follow Me’s new mixtape captures the winter mood perfectly with piercing synth tune throughout, accompanied by warming Disco tunes.

Follow Me – Winter 2013

The tracklist:

01. Mille – Shitstorm
02. The Killers – Runaways (RAC reMix)
03. Joey Chicago – It’s You
04. Lessovsky – Cherish Any Time (Monitor 66 reMix)
05. Benoit & Sergio – Bridge So Far
06. Erkka – Excommunication
07. Marco Darko + Mykel Haze – Computer Love
08. Sonny Fodera – All The Things
09. Moon Boots – No One
10. Follow Me – ???
11. Pool – Flex (Aeroplane reMix)
12. Millennium – ICU
13. Jesse Ware – Sweet Talk (Cyril Hahn reMix)
17. Miguel Campbell – Dedicated Music

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[MP3] Soul II Soul reMixed by Follow Me

Soul II Soul

Let us begin by saying that, for various reasons, Soul II Soul have a big place in our hearts, so we approach reMixes with trepidation. When this version of Back to Life (However Do You Want Me?) landed in out inbox we were hesitant, but the fact that it comes from awesome Brooklyn duo Follow Me piqued our interest.

So, once you’ve got over Back to Life (However Do You Want Me?) without that modified Grand Central Station break (and that’s quite a hurdle to get over) Follow Me do an awesome job bringing the track to modern dancefloors. With a deep, deep bass groove Follow Me walk the line between House and SynthWave bringing a Warehouse vibe but a little of SynthWave’s retro flare. Adding some playful melodies, this duo somehow manage to retain some of the mood of the originals whist aiming it squarely at House parties. Follow Me have treated the original with respect and turned-in a fantastic update, you should check this out.

Soul II Soul (Feat. Caron Wheeler) – Back to Life (However Do You Want Me?) (Follow Me reMix)

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Emeron & Fox’s ‘Nightmares’ single

Emeron & Fox

Brooklyn SynthWave export Emeron & Fox are gearing up for the release of their new single later this month. If’s been a few months since their début, Dopecity, and this new release, Nightmares, sees a maturing of their sound and a massive collection of reMix talent.

Nightmares features American Indie-Pop singer Bit on vocals and is a rich, evocative SynthPop track that gently creeps along on spacious synths and distant cutting analog growls. Bit’s calm, husky voice tempers the eerie soundscape, all ties together with vintage machine drums. There is a ton of reMixes by some of the best producers out the. Swedish Nu-Disco trio Monitor 66 delivers a slow House jam. loaded with smooth laid back vibes and a ton of funk. The Dutch king of Electro Boogie L’Equipe Du Son’s take on the tune is suitably packed with B-Boy basslines. It’s a Nu-Disco stormer with a late ‘80’s electronic Soul feel and a sprinkling of 16-bit sounds for good measure. Follow Me drop a thick retro synth mix with a robotic Disco feel. Germany’s finest Final DJs drop one of the single standouts with an upbeat SynthWave track that keeps it’s energy levels up with wave after wave of sparkling melodies. Nightmares sees a definite advancement of Emeron & Fox’s sound, we can;t wait for the next instalment.

♫ Emeron & Fox – Nightmares

♫ Emeron & Fox – Nightmares (Monitor 66 reMix)

♫ Emeron & Fox – Nightmares (L’Equipe Du Son reMix)

♫ Emeron & Fox – Nightmares (Follow Me reMix)

♫ Emeron & Fox – Nightmares (Final DJs reMix)

Nightmares is released 24th September on Silhouette Music.

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Sohight’s ‘Get It Right’

Keiz Beats are once again releasing the new record from the Russia team up of Sohight  and Cheevy. Sohight has been killing it with every release me drops recently, especially when teamed up with Cheevy’s vocals and this new tune, Get It Right, is no exception.

Following on from their last couple of releases, Get it Right certainly gets synthesizer funk right. It’s a flashy mirrorball tune, packed with emotion and heartfelt passion. Occasionally veering into ElectroPop territory, Get It Right brings twisting Moog Funk, slick Disco, SynthWave chords and a catchy as hell vocal to the mix and spits out a Sohight’s best tune to date. reMixes come in the form of Xtrafunk’s laid back beach party Disco sounds, complete with fantastic synth soloing. Follow Me who turn up the SynthWave for a full on ‘80’s Italo fest and La Zebra piano driven ‘90’s House/Disco hybrid alongside work from Patchwork and Stubbs. The Get It Right single package is full of floorfillers and party starters, you should get involved.

♫ Sohight (Feat. Cheevy) – Get It Right (Original Mix)

♫ Sohight (Feat. Cheevy) – Get It Right (Xtrafunk reMix)

♫ Sohight (Feat. Cheevy) – Get It Right (Follow Me reMix)

♫ Sohight (Feat. Cheevy) – Get It Right (La Zebra reMix)

Get It Right is released 23rd July on Beatport and 08th August everywhere else.

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Emeron & Fox’s début single

Emeron & Fox

‘Dopecity’ is the forthcoming new, and début, single from the awesome Emeron & Fox. Released via Silhouette Music later in the month. We’ve been keeping an eye on these guys for the last few months even since they came onto our radar so we definitely agree that it’s about time for this Brooklyn based duo to start properly releasing stuff and I can’t think of a better partnership that with Silhouette.

‘So what can we expect from ‘Dopecity’? It’s a pretty classic SynthPop track with slight Nu-Disco overtones. Based in bass, the track revolves around it’s undulating and buzzing bassline. Layered on top are some rich retro synths and some haunting female vocals that despite being layered and quite ethereal end up being surprisingly catchy. The track is a nice mix of retro and contemporary and a nice premiere single. reMixes come from The Legendary 1970 Orchestra, L’Equipe Du Son & Follow Me. L’Equipe Du Son’s take on the track  is a deep Disco groove with some nice House topping. Rocking the ring modulator L’Equipe Du Son created a humming synthetic Disco tune with slowly moves along it’s hypnotic vibe to a multi-layered finale. Follow Me’s mix is a sweet, light, SynthWave track that is uplifting and infectious. Full of Funk and sweeping retro synths I think this version is the standout for us.

♫ Emeron & Fox – Dopecity (Original Mix)

♫ Emeron & Fox – Dopecity (L’Equipe Du Son reMix)

♫ Emeron & Fox – Dopecity (Follow Me reMix)

Emeron & Fox’s ‘Dopecity’ is released 21st May on Silhouette Music.

Check out more from Emeron & Fox on SoundCloud.

Follow Me’s ‘Aaliyah’

Follow Me

Follow Me is back with another slice of his smooth SynthWave sounds, this time he’s grabbed a handful of vocals samples and written a track for sunsets.

Grabbing bits of the top-line from Aaliyah’s ‘If Your Girl Only knew’, Follow Me craft a smooth, laid back track that builds up a chilled atmosphere with rounded synths and hollow percussion. This is being-on-a-rooftop-looking-over-the-city-at-night kinda’  track, if that makes sense, which it probably doesn’t. Suffice to say it conjures up an relaxed, night time, urban feel. Follow Me’s cinematic SynthWave works surprisingly well with in an R&B context, or at least takes the R&B context far enough out into it’s own retro synth arena that it seems to fit.

♫ Follow Me – Aaliyah

You can download the track from Follow Me’s Facebook page.

Check out more from Follow Me on SoundCloud.

New track from Follow Me

Follow Me

New York SynthWavers Follow Me are back with another new track, between Follow Me and Guy Zalaxy they’re like a Dreamwave machine these days!

‘Doomsday Device’ is a mid-tempo grinder. Built upon layers and layers of lush synths, it’s an optimistic sounding track but with an undercurrent of adversity in there. The droning synths that make up the bassline acting as a wall of oppression which the shining lead lines lift the track up from. Follow me are doing a good job these days of creating real narrative tunes, and ‘Doomsday Device’ definitely has a story to tell.

♫ Follow Me – Doomsday Device

Check out more from Follow Me on SoundCloud.

Guy Zalaxy and Emeron Kale reMix St. Lucia


Guy Zalaxy is the solo moniker of Joe from Follow Me, who’s teamed up with Emeron & Fox’s  Emeron Kale to drop this awesome deep ElectroPop reMix of St. Lucia’s ‘Closer Than This’.

Recently released on Neon Gold as part of St. Lucia’s self-titled EP the original is a summery beach Pop anthem that Zalaxy and Kale transform into a blissed out analog retro Pop gem. Taking cues from Dreamwave and Nu-Disco, but keeping things ElectroPop, this reMix is the kind of track that you can’t help but smile at. Loaded with big sweeping synths and twinkling melodies riding on top a squelchy analog bassline Zalaxy and Kale up the nostalgia ante and make the chorus sound just that little more epic.

St. Lucia – Closer Than This (Guy Zalaxy and Emeron Kale reMix)

St. Lucia’s self-titled EP is out now.

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