Opus Label Two


LA based boutique Electro label Opus Label are staying true to their word and releasing the next in their ‘Opus Label’ compilation series just a couple of months after the first. ‘Opus Label Two’ continues in their new tradition of delivering well thought out collections of some of the past few years best Indie-Electro, ElectroPop and Nu-Disco.

The line up for the new record is pretty stellar. More than a few electronic rumors alumni feature amongst the twelve tracks, including The Tapeaters’s awesome last single ‘Echo’, Metronomy’s ‘The Look’, Gypsy And the Cat’s modern Indie-Electro classic Jona Vark’,  Jensen Sportag’s Everything Good’, The Whip’s comeback single, ‘Movement’, Jean Tonique reMix of Chateaubriand and Destronics’ ‘The Sunset’, Amtrac’s ‘Distant Heartbreak’, Opus head honchos Miguel Angel Jiménez and Jeremy Wineberg have done an amazing job curating this collection. There’s a definite summer vibe throughout with some of the chilled tunes from the last couple of years featured. As with ‘Opus Label One’ the package comes with a booklet featuring the work of a particular photographer, in the case of ‘Opus Label Two’ it’s Frenchman Yougo Jeberg who contributes his style to the packaging.

The Tapeaters- Echo

♫ Metronomy – The Look

Jensen Sportag – Everything Good

Chateaubriand (Feat. Destronics) – The Sunset (Jean Tonique reMix)

‘Opus Label Two’ is released 10th July.

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The Tapeaters’ new album


So, if you’re a long-time reader you’ll already know that Russian Nu-Disco/ElectroPop outfit The Tapeaters are amongst our favourites. We’ve been writing about them for years and, particularly, the latest crop of single have been pretty rad. Yesterday they released their latest album, which in part collects their recent tunes, and whist we loved the tracks individually when they are packed together in a complete LP it really highlights what an impressive body of work The Tapeaters have amassed.

‘Remembering Next Summer’ is a cleverly apt title for the record, it’s pure forward thinking nostalgia. Combining elements of Disco, Electro, Pop and Indie with some absurdly catchy songwriting, The Tapeaters kinda’ make me think that this is what the excellent Dirty Vegas would have sounded like if they had embraced Disco a little more than deep house. Funky basslines and massive retro synth sounds play against dancefloor beats and softly sung vocals with the occasional Indie guitar lick for good measure. The album kicks off with a new track ‘Umbrella’, which sets the tone for the record with a laid back, beach Disco vibe and an enticing sound which is closely followed by’ ‘Echo’, a track that wears it’s ‘80’s influences on it’s sleeve. That double whammy of Disco and ‘80’s pretty much sums up the album, and that’s two things we love, but it’s The Tapeaters genius songwriting, with their sing-a-long choruses and infectious hooks, that really seal the deal for us. Don’t be surprised if this album reared it’s head in our end-on-year ‘best of’ lists.

♫ The Tapeaters – Umbrella

The Tapeaters – Waiting For a Sign

The Tapeaters – The Real Deal

The Tapeaters – Echo

The Tapeaters’ ‘Remembering Next Summer’ is available right now from a stupidly cheap price. You can pick up the .mp3s from their official website from a tweet or a ‘like’, or pic up lossless copies from their Bandcamp from as little as $1!

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The Tapeaters’ new single

The Tapeaters

One of our favourite Russian ElectroPop acts, The Tapeaters, have just unleashed a brand new single, not only new, but also free! Are you ready for summery retro Pop?

‘Waiting For A Sign’ is pure ‘80’s Pop, of the smooth variety. The kind quaffed haired young dudes in flecked suit jackets would perform on Top Of The Pops around the middle of the decade. It’s a fun, catchy tune with enough groove to get you moving on the dancefloor and enough crooned vocals to be radio friendly. The ‘Luncay Mix’ keeps the ‘80’s feel but chunks up the synths a big, it’s a bit rougher, a bit thicker with a lovely analog lead line. Poetic Disorders’ reMix is euphoric SynthPop, with a rugged synth bassline and a hands-in-the-air House arpeggio. The EP plays out on the Herzinberg mix, which leaves you with a slice of Electro Funk, this is the one on the EP with that space Disco groove we are so tuned into. The reMix is spiced up with some nice Dubby qualities that give it an unusual edge. ‘Waiting For A Sign’ is such a quality EP to be giving away for free, we’ll have to put The Tapeaters on our X-Mas card list.

♫ The Tapeaters – Waiting For A Sign (Single Mix)

♫ The Tapeaters – Waiting For A Sign (Lunacy Mix)

♫ The Tapeaters – Waiting For A Sign (Poetic Disorders reMix)

♫ The Tapeaters – Waiting For A Sign (Herzinberg reMix)

You can get the new single for free for the small price of a Tweet or a Like from here.

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More reMixes of The Tapeaters’ ‘Don’t You Dare’


In addition to the already posted Silenx reMix, Russian ElectroPop duo have dropped a bunch of new reMixes of their track ‘Don’t You Dare’ The Tapeaters.

First up fellow Russians Sohight deliver a funky ‘80’s inspired version with a nice Moog Funk bass and big retro sounds that have The Tapeaters sounding a little like Tesla Boy. There’s some amazing electronic music coming out of Russia right now and Sohight are another name to watch. Spanish producer Nelue’s take on the track starts off as a  slick exercise in Disco Funk but soon evolves into a bright, shimmering, quite classic sounding ElectroPop track with some really emotive synths.

The Tapeaters – Don’t You Dare (Sohight reMix)

The Tapeaters – Don’t You Dare (Nelue reMix)

The Tapeaters’ album ‘Visions’ is out now.

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Silenx reMixes The Tapeaters

The Tapeaters

The Tapeaters and Silenx. Two of the more interesting act to emerge in the last couple of years.

So for Silenx to work his Nu-Disco excellence on The Tapeaters retro DiscoPop is a bit of a treat. The track ‘Don’t You Dare’ is the Russian duo at their ElectroPop finest and Silenx adds his bright synthy sheen to the tune. The track has a smooth, laid back vibe despite being pretty upbeat, the thick , warm sounds that Silenx uses gives his reMix an little soft Funk, even Yacht, flavour in amonget the kickin’ Disco beats.

The Tapeaters – Don’t You Dare (Silenx reMix)

The Tapeaters’ album ‘Visions’ is out now.

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The Tapeaters’ ‘Visions’

If you thought that Russian Nu-Disco & ElectroPop began and ended with Tesla Boy you’d be sorely mistaken!

Enter The Tapeaters, who have just released their début album ‘Visions’, the duo of Vadim Pukhov and Dimitri Kozlow who are producing some of the slickest DiscoPop, not just in Russia, in the world! The album is track after track of dancefloor driving ElectroPop with groove. Matching up the funky basslines of Nu-Disco with 80’s SynthPop melodies and soft spoken, soulful, vocals, The Tapeaters produce a sound that is pretty hard to beat.

The are, of course, comparisons to be made with their countrymen Tesla Boy, but that’s a good thing both play top quality ElectroPop with a hint of 80’s electronic R&B influence but each band manages to carve out it’s own unique sound within the genre, and if this is a trend of bands from Russia with a similar sound then bring it on!

‘Visions’ is defiantly one of the best début albums to be released in recent times!

♫ The Tapeaters – Satellite

♫ The Tapeaters – Moon Shines

♫ The Tapeaters – They Are Coming

the Tapeaters’’Visions’ is out now and the guys will be supporting Cut Copy on their upcoming shows in Russia!

The Tapeaters @ Beatport

The Tapeaters @ Juno

The Tapeaters @ 7Digital

The Tapeaters @ Amazon

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